The Duke of Amitier reached out to me, but was obstructed by his father.

"Don't touch it."


I said with my father's collar in my hand.

"I want to go home, Cipher……."

Since her condition is not normal, there was this wave of Mana, we will send an investigation team to determine the situation in the Imperial and Temple. I don't know what would happen if I were here.

My father nodded and hugged me. While I was returning to his arms, Duke Amitier looked at me with a confused expression.

* * *

When I came back to my father with a whiteness, the mansion turned upside down. Ishaq, Henri, and John, who was on a nursing home, jumped into contemplation.

"Kid! Little brother, doctor! I saw a doctor……!"

When Ishak was puzzled, his father said decisively.

"I'm not a doctor. Call Trigon."

"Why Trigon……. Is it a matter of divine power? Was that the wave that happened at the store involved a kid? Yes?"

My father nodded and Henri and Ishak's face hardened. John was the first to find reason among his brothers.

"Henri, call Trigon."


"Close the door of the mansion immediately. You should not leak a single footing. The institutional forces enter the emergency system. If you come from a temple with a shopside wave, don't think of it as a guest. Be careful."

At John's command, the people moved in unison.

My father hurriedly moved me to his room, and shortly thereafter, Trigon arrived through the movers. I wonder if I heard from Henri. He looked at me right away.

"How is the flow of power? Don't you have earthenware?"

"Oops……. I'm a little tired."

"Give me your wrist for a moment."

When Trigon grabbed my wrist, I felt a warm energy. It was to check the circulation of power within me by magic. Trigon, who had held my wrist for a long time, narrowed his glans.

"What the hell....."

"What? What's going on? Are you serious?"

Ishaq hurriedly bites, and I take a small breath and knock on his back.

"This is insane....."


"Gangna. I'm a little tired. Suddenly, he's using a lot of power."

".... Really, Trigon?"

"I know we need to examine the details, but we don't see any signs of any disruption to life at the moment."

I laughed without strength and said, "It's a bar." I said. Then my brothers sighed.

Ishak shattered my head and said,

"Every time you fall, you don't have to worry."

"I'm healthy."

"You've been down for two weeks, and it's been a while since you woke up."

Then he shook my nose lightly with a cheeky expression. Henri and John kicked his leg at the same time as I killed his lips. While my brothers were struggling, I was locked in my thoughts.

'What the hell was going on at the store?'

I felt the sense of being sacrificed.

The voice that the time has not come.

Blonde mina.

And, uh...


The eyes of Duke Amitier.

Since my dad picked me up, I might have guessed that my identity is LeBlaine Dubled. But, …… but.

'It was like a voice calling me in my first life.'

When the wave of divine power occurred, the memory of the first life came to mind, like a panorama. At that time, Duke Amitier was holding Mina with me, but if he had seen the memory of his first life like me.....

"…… in."


"LeBlaine Dubled!"

I raised my head. My father and brothers were staring at me.

"What do you think?"


"Trigon wants Spinel to have the sacred power. I need to run some more tests."

"Ah…… Ugh."

I think the nesting Trigon empowers my inner spinel.

'Let's not get complicated.'

Leave the rock to Mina, and don't mind Duke Amity. How can you remember my first life?

Even if you remembered, you wouldn't. When I say it's a threat, I accuse him of being an evil child, and he has no proof.

Just because he was just wasn't stupid. If you call me an evil child without proof, you will know that you are the only one who is foolish.

'You can avoid it if you're still rattling. Yeah, yeah. Let's get out of here!'

Getting tears is a little risky, but I need to write a hardbook. I looked at the best lecture book I know, so I looked at my dad and my brothers.

"Listen to the one who brings the tears of Princess Amitier!"

In an instant, the family's eyes were on fire.

* * *

A week later.

Amitier's knight came into the Investigation Group's office with an elongated cough.

"What brings you all the way here to burn?"

The knight who was pouring tears on his nose replied.

"There's a fire nearby and it's suppressing a fire."

"I didn't want to be a bad guy, so something's up."

"Did something else happen?"

"Shouldn't there be a sudden rush of pepper in the dining room, or children poking their eyes out? How bad luck you've been by my side, sir. Isn't that right, sir? …… Sir."

After a few calls, Duke Amitier stares at the article.

"What do you think?"

"It's nothing. What's the deal?"

"The man named Max. He recovered yesterday evening. Interrogating him will catch the goldsmith's tail."


As he muttered, the knights exchanged their gaze with a puzzled expression.

Originally, Duke Amitier was too strict for himself, so he didn't relax at any moment. Recently, however, I have been often distracted.

The Duke of Amitier picks up his jacket while touching his chin with his long fingers.

"Let's go for a while. Interrogation should proceed as scheduled."

"Shall we escort you? Tell me where you're going, sir! Sir!"

I heard the voice of the knight behind my back, but Duke Amitier walked. The destination was Dubled Me.

When Dubled came to the front, the guard who saw Duke Amitier looked embarrassed.

"Please stop coming. Dublin, how many times have I not told you that I have no children?"

It was only the third day that Duke Amitier Dubled came to me. The landlord asked Theodore for an invitation, but he was ignored, and now he can't even see his face. Javelin and the Dukes of Dublin did the same.

"Deliver it to the Dubled Younger."

"I kept telling you that you are in spirituality, sir."

"If we avoid this, there will be no progress in the investigation of the golden age."

"I'm only moving as I've been told. External envoy, tell only the truth. The president cannot enter the mansion, and the children and the young lady are not at the mansion."

"The forge worker who was connecting with the goldsmith found his mind. There will be an interrogation soon. I will ask you during the interrogation, 'Is it Theodore Dubled who casts the gold in the mock?'"

It was the same as saying that Duke Dubled would be guilty. The guard's complexion became pale. He frowned and pondered for a long time, and only opened his mouth a little later.

"Sir and Master aren't really home. Today is the day of the congregation of the Central Tower (Noble High Voting Authority) and the family."

"Do it."

"…… I will tell Count Arije the words of the President."

The guard groans and enters the mansion.

* * *

I frowned when I read Mina's performance report for a few days.

"Is it true that Amitier Gonzalez mentioned his father in his interrogation?"

The Chairman nods as he hears the Duke's words from the guard.

"As you have heard, don't worry. I urgently told the Central Tower and the nursing home outside the Islands where Master John is. You two will take care of it, so take care of it."


I touched the parchment mattress.

"Never mind. I've decided to avoid it. '

Who is the Duke of Amitier, and who will punish others?

In my first life, I met over a hundred hordes of Magicians and almost died. Everyone said it was Dubled's doing, but Duke Amitier, the only party, said he couldn't drive others without proof.

"I've done that before. That's right. Never mind. Nerves……. '

I put down the parchment nervously.

'.... there's no way I won't use it!'

Even those back alley buggers don't touch their parents.

You're tripping over your dad with a deadly gun?

"Princess, where are you?"

"I will meet him after I have obtained his tears and returned to my original body." "

"That was before Amity threatened her father. Have you ever seen me leave someone who threatens my dad and my brothers alone?"

"... but I don't have it."

I glanced at the front door with my eyes closed.

'You know you're the first father of your life? I will not stand still.'

"Grandpa and my brothers tell me I'm meeting Amity. I'm going to breed."


I went out through the back door, glancing around the wall to Duke Amitier at the front door. When I frown violently, he spills the truth.

"I see you at last."

I felt it with my own words. I also knew I was LeBlaine. It wasn't worth catching.

'No magic or divine power detected. I don't see any horseshoes. Okay, there's nothing to make proof of.'

I looked around, I said.

"I'm not going to be the only one who's done something stupid to my dad. It's a warning. Go back."

When I said that, I turned my back.

"Is your father really Theodore?"

"... No?"

"I don't think so."


"If that were true, you wouldn't be looking at your visions of what I call my father."