The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 1 A miserable start

Daming Chongzhen ten years.

Xiangyang Mansion, outside Gucheng County.

It is midsummer, and the hot sun is like a poisonous snake, licking everything on the earth.

The tragic fight lasted for three full days.

Due to the lack of siege equipment, more than 100,000 rebels were unable to break through the county town, but suffered heavy casualties. The number of people who died of starvation has reached 20,000.

There was a strong smell of blood and rancid in the radius of more than ten li, which caused the crows hovering in the sky to be reluctant to leave for a long time.


"The thieves have retreated again."

With the cheers of the defenders on the wall, countless rags and bare feet outside the city swarmed back.

More than a dozen refugee army leaders who watched the battle from a distance were all scolded by this scene.

And under the city wall, in a puddle about ten meters away, a small, concrete "corpse" suddenly got up...

The wooden stick in Qin Yuchu's hand, ignoring the stains on his face, hurriedly pursued the retreating troops.

The refugee army only retreated to the edge of a small river one mile away, then stopped, threw off the sticks and forks in their hands, and plunged into the river...

After pouring a few mouthfuls of river water and washing away the stains on his body, Qin Yu found an open space and collapsed on the ground wet.


As if exhausted all strength.

The limbs were trembling softly, and the groaning in the abdomen, I didn't want to move, letting the hot sun shine on my body.

He estimated that he should be the most unlucky traveler.

Not only was he reborn into the troubled times of the late Ming Dynasty, he was also a refugee army under Zhang Xianzhong's command.

A fourteen-year-old beggar also named Qin Yu.

A cannon fodder used to fill the moat.

More than half a month ago.

The Eighth King Zhang Xianzhong was defeated by Zuo Liangyu near Nanyang. With more than 100,000 people, he fled to Gucheng in a hurry.

The predecessor was a group of teenagers of the same age in Gucheng County, living on begging and living a stable life.

After Qin Yu was born again, where would he be willing to beg for food with his broken bowl?

He also heard that the rebel army of the Eight Great Kings had arrived in Jiangbei and was crossing the river. He was familiar with the history of the late Ming Dynasty and decisively took his companions to drill out of the city from the lower water ditch at night.

Decided to join the revolution and make a fuss.

Who would have thought that he didn't even see the face of the Eight Great Kings and his old man, but only rewarded him with a bowl of gruel. The next day he was driven away and attacked the city with a group of old and weak women and children.

I just want to cry without tears.

It was only on the first day that all his companions received the box lunch, and he relied on the trick of pretending to be dead and the cleverness of modern people to barely survive until now.

As a traverser, he often reads historical novels. Of course, he is not reconciled to just being a hero. He wants to be the main character.

I want to see the Eight Great Kings.

Tell him that he can recognize words, and that he can use it to carry a stick to attack the city.

But he knew that before he walked in front of Zhang Xianzhong, he would be hacked to death by those guards.

Those guys don't care if he can recognize or not, whether he is a talent.

These days, he has already realized what life is like grass, and he didn't feel the halo of the protagonist.

If I knew this earlier, it would be better to wait for death in the county seat and wait for the Eight Great Kings to attack the city before joining.



Klang Klang...

Just when Qin Yu was about to fall asleep, there was a sound of a gong in the distance.

Hundreds of brawny men with knives and dozens of people in armor walked over. The one headed was also wearing a big red cloak, so majestic.

Behind them were a dozen old men, pushing a few wheelbarrows, each with several large wooden barrels.

The scent of the rice came out in bursts, and there was no need for anyone to scream, and the young and strong immediately got up and rushed up.

Qin Yu quickly got up and squeezed forward.

Isn't it all for this bowl of rice porridge?

With a burst of curses and screams, the noisy crowd finally calmed down and got a little order.

A quarter of an hour later.

Qin Yu received a bowl of gruel and a black tuo the size of a fist. Thanks to hundreds of knives-lifting men, there was no berserk incident.

Smelling the scent of rice porridge, Qin Yu's throat squirmed a few times, and the cheeks on both sides throbbed, and the saliva in his mouth suddenly increased.

I couldn't care why there would be an extra black tuo today. I just drank the rice porridge with just two mouthfuls, and even licked the soup stains in the bowl.

Only then comfortably touched his shriveled belly, and quickly gnawed the rice ball in his hand.

Said rice balls are actually made of wheat and rice bran, plus some wild vegetables. This stuff is usually eaten by the backbone.

In the previous life, if anyone said this thing was edible, Qin Yu would definitely beat him and he wouldn't even recognize his mother.

But now, the more you chew, the more flavorful you chew, and the more you chew, the more fragrant you are, and you can't wait to chew your fingers in.

It was only a moment to eat up.

He licked his fingers, and then unconsciously loosened the straw rope tied around his waist a little bit.

I felt that my body finally recovered some strength, and the god of death was farther away from him.

Klang Klang!

The burly man saw that everyone was almost eating, knocked the gong a few times, and then shouted, "Listen well..."

"This is the last meal. Our rebels have run out of food. If we can't attack again today, we won't have food tomorrow..."


"How can you run out of food?"

"This is how to do?"

There are at least 10,000 young people here, and most of them have wives and wives, and they are immediately anxious.

"What is the noise?"

"Shut up to Lao Tzu!"

"If you want to survive, I will attack Lao Tzu into the city. There are food, gold, silver and women. When the city is attacked later, if anyone dares to pretend to die and retreat, he will be killed!"

The big man in a red cloak was eight feet tall and a little thin, with a long beard under his jaw. Upon seeing this, he choked, drew the long knife from his waist, and pointed at the far out wall.

Hundreds of big men also drew out long knives one after another. Under the scorching sun, the eyes of the people around the hundreds of fierce shining blades narrowed.

Everyone was silent, knowing that it wouldn't work if they didn't work hard this time, and they would have to work hard to survive for themselves or their families.

Qin Yu's heart was to bring out the cold.

In the past three days, the real backbone of the Rebel army has not been dispatched, just driving them behind to attack the city. This time it seems that they are planning to do it themselves.

This group of heroes wants to play in person. He raises his hands in favor, but if he wants to pretend to be dead as before, he will definitely get a knife.

If he were to carry a wooden stick and climb a ladder to attack the city, based on his physical fitness and small size, it is estimated that the chance of survival is close to nothing.

For a time, the urgency was turning round and round, and the whole body was chilly as if falling into an ice hole in the hot weather.

I was about to move quietly to the back, ready to stop eating the eight great kings, when I saw a dozen young men squatting on the periphery, suddenly standing up and rushing into the distance.

But it didn't take long for a group of cavalry to rush out of the camp, and a dozen or so bloody heads were thrown into the open space among the crowd.

"This is the end of not wanting to eat Lao Tzu's bowl of rice!"

"Ready to attack the city!"

A violent shout.

More than 10,000 young and strong, no longer able to give birth to any crooked thoughts, one after another grabbed the wooden weapons in their hands, lifted the ladders, and stood up mechanically.

Those hundreds of big swordsmen were divided into ten teams this time. Each team selected more than a thousand young men. Obviously, they were really ready to do it themselves.

A hundred cavalry wandered around.

Seeing that Qin Yu was about to attack, he didn't even grab a side of his shield, and he panicked.

Teeth bite.

He shouted at the leader in the red cloak: "Big King, the little one can read and read books. From now on, I can manage money and food for the army..."


Everyone was very nervous. At Qin Yu's shout, everyone was shocked, and then burst into a roar of laughter.

"Small things!"

The little leader in charge of Qin Yu's team was furious, and quickly walked up with the knife.

Seeing this, Qin Yu was so anxious that he couldn't take much care of it, so he hurriedly shouted: "Great king, the younger has a good strategy for breaking the city."

"Small people really have a good strategy for breaking the city, you can easily break the city..."

"Bring him here!"

The man in the red cloak was Zhang Xianzhong. He frowned when he looked at the kid who was screaming and screaming.

"Yes, foster father!"

When a twenty-year-old young man beside him promised, he rushed up immediately.

"Boy, you are dead."


Seeing the major general coming, the little leader didn't directly slash Qin Yu, but slapped Qin Yu's back with a slash.

Qin Yu was beaten to a stagger and almost lost his breath, but the heart that he was holding was let go.

Just let him talk.