"Boy, you said you have a good plan to break the city, but is it true?"

"Yes, the big king, the little ones really have a way to break the city."

Qin Yu quickly replied, but the word "easy" was missed. He was sure that the guy in front of him was definitely one of the two shit sticks at the end of Ming Dynasty.

Eight Great King Zhang Xianzhong.

As for the four teenagers around him, Bacheng is his four righteous sons.

Sun Kewang, Li Dingguo, Liu Wenxiu, and Ai Nengqi, of course, still follow the surname Zhang.

"Quickly, what is the way?"

Zhang Xianzhong's eyes lit up, with some expectation.

More than half a month ago in Nanyang's big defeat, the old brother lost seven or eight out of ten, and he himself was injured. Now that Gucheng has been unable to attack for a long time, his morale has fallen to the bottom.

"My lord, is there still gunpowder in the army?"


"Humph! Isn't your way to bomb the city with big cannons?"

Zhang Xianzhong's face was disappointed, his tone suddenly became stern, his hands holding the hilt of the knife were tight, if there was a cannon, why would he have to wait until now?

"No, no, no cannon, as long as gunpowder is enough, the more the better." Qin Yu quickly waved his hand to explain, for fear that he would be chopped off after half a beat.

"Oh? Just gunpowder?"

"Yes, the king."

"Foster father, this kid is obviously greedy for life and death, and doesn't want to attack the city, so he is talking nonsense here. It's getting late, so let's slash it out. This time the child will lead the team personally, and he will definitely take this valley."

The young man who had brought Qin Yu over raised the knife in his hand a little impatiently with a sullen expression on his face. This person is the righteous descendant of Zhang Xianzhong.

"Wait, brother, if we attack like this, we will suffer heavy losses even if we attack, so let this kid try, it won't be too late to attack."

The young man standing to the right of Zhang Xianzhong suggested.

This young man looks extraordinary and heroic, and is only sixteen or seventeen years old. He is Zhang Xianzhong's second adopted son, Li Dingguo.


Zhang Xianzhong took another look at Qin Yu and saw that although he was thin, his eyes were bright and energetic, and he should not be an ordinary peasant boy.

So he nodded and asked Sun Kewang, "How much gunpowder is still in the camp?"

"Back to the righteous father, there is still a bucket left."

"How did it happen? Why is there only so much left?" Zhang Xianzhong frowned. Although they didn't have a firearm, they knew how powerful they were, so every time they seized gunpowder, they would be saved.

"Foster father, it was raining a while ago, and the others got wet on the road. Please forgive me."

Sun Kewang explained with a fist bent.

Although Zhang Xianzhong was a little angry, he did not scold him, but looked at Qin Yu and asked, "Is a bucket enough?"

"Enough is enough."

Can he say enough?

Doesn’t it mean he’s useless?


After a while, Sun Kewang brought a barrel of gunpowder, a half-person high soy sauce jar, a wheelbarrow, a piece of leather, and a few bags of sand.

The gunpowder was about a hundred kilograms, Qin Yu checked it, and he didn't know whether it was good or bad, so that everyone was stuffed into the soy sauce jar.

Then seal the opening tightly, leaving only one fuze, and then fix the soy sauce jar on the wheelbarrow, cover it with cowhide, and pile a few mud bags.

Just a clasped fist: "Majesty, when attacking the city, you only need to send a team of elite men who dare to die, push this car to the city gate, light the fuse, and you will be able to blast the city gate.

"Boy, I'm afraid that the city gate has already been filled with bricks and stones. How can a hundred catties of gunpowder explode?"

Zhang Xianzhong looked at the wheelbarrow, believing in doubt.

Qin Yu didn't expect this either, but at this time, he must not be guilty. He patted his chest and promised: "Don't worry, the king, even if you can't open the city gate, the movement can scare the city defenders. Sure to kill the city head."

"Yeah! It makes sense."

Zhang Xianzhong thought about it for a moment, then nodded and said, "Boss, you personally lead the team to bomb the city gate. After you break the city, you will record your first work."

"Yes! Foster father."

Sun Kewang's face twitched and he hated him, but he had to bite the bullet and replied.

"Children, who is the first to kill the city head, reward a hundred taels of silver, a chicken, and a beauty, kill me!"



Following Zhang Xianzhong's violent shout, more than 10,000 young men carried the ladder and rushed forward shouting.

Sun Kewang led thirty elites wearing armor, holding shields, and followed behind the charging crowd.

Qin Yu thought he didn't need to attack the city anymore, but the fact was that he thought too much.

I wielded a wooden stick and ran in the crowd. Fortunately, it was crowded and I felt a lot of security.

"Smash to death these anti-thief!"

"Smash it to Lao Tzu!"



"my eyes…"

When the young men rushed through the moat and came to the base of the city wall to build a ladder, countless rolling wood thunderstones smashed down fiercely.

That scoop of hot dung, every time it is splashed, it will cause a screaming scream.

A wooden ladder was overturned, and the people on it fell to the ground, breaking bones.

There were screams and howls everywhere.


"Rush up, rush up if you want to survive."

Qin Yu hid behind a few big guys, shouting more fiercely than anyone else, but he didn't see anyone moving forward, because he was short and no one noticed him.


Just as Qing Zhuang couldn't hold it and was about to escape again, there was a loud noise, and everyone felt the mountain shake and fell to the ground.

And over the city gate, a huge black mushroom cloud rose, the two city gates were blown apart, and the bricks piled behind them collapsed a little.

When the defenders on the wall got up, they were all stunned by this scene.

This time Qin Yu was the first to jump up from the ground, shouting hoarsely: "The city gate has been blown up, brothers, give me a charge!"


As soon as the hundreds of backbones who lifted knives had been informed beforehand, Qin Yu reacted as soon as he shouted and climbed up to rush forward.

Each with a knife in his mouth, holding a shield on top of his head in one hand, and holding a wooden ladder in the other, he quickly climbed up.

The morale of the young and strong people was also greatly boosted, and one by one they climbed up and followed, howling, hiding back, but now they are scrambling to climb the ladder.

I heard that the city gates were blown open, and the defenders on the wall had already panicked. The thousand guards escaped the fastest.

As the backbone of the rebels killed the upper city, the temporary organization of the Jiadinghuyuan and the arrest of the government officials also fled.

No one wants to really work hard, as long as they hide in the city, take off their clothes, and become a special rebel army, and then make a fortune.

Qin Yu spent a lot of effort to squeeze under the roots of the city wall, and after climbing the wooden ladder to the top of the city, there was no Ming army, only the corpses left.

I wanted to pick up a weapon, but found there was none at all.

At this time, the city was already in chaos, and the streets were full of people fleeing for their lives and rebels chasing after them.

It's a joke.

Without delay, Qin Yu followed a team of young men down the stairs and down the city wall, and then slew towards the city.

When I came to a magnificent mansion, I saw more than a dozen swordsmen, who were directing hundreds of young men to hit the gate, and joined in without hesitation.

"Hurry up, hit me hard."

"The little ladies inside are tender and tender, just waiting for the men to be happy..."


In the wild laughter of everyone, the door was knocked open.

More than a dozen men with swords rushed in like hungry tigers, and the young and strong were also screaming unwilling to lag behind.

After a while, there were screams and silver laughs everywhere in the yard, and all those with handles were killed.

Some went to snatch women, and some rushed into the room to dig into the cabinets and scrape the treasures of gold and silver.

Qin Yu neither robbed women nor silver, but planned to find food first and fill up his belly.

This house is quite large. Three of them entered the courtyard, carrying wooden sticks, and walking for a long time before they found the kitchen.

Seeing that there was no one inside, he rushed in. The steamer on the stove was still steaming. There were two floors.

Qin Yu didn't open it immediately, but searched around and found a kitchen knife. He was happily pinned to his waist and finally got a real guy!


The first layer was steamed with two chickens, exuding attractive grease and fragrance. Qin Yu swallowed his saliva and temporarily moved them aside.

The second layer is white-flowered buns, there are more than ten, Qin Yu almost cried with excitement.

In the seven days of the late Ming Dynasty, every day seemed to be in hell, especially during the three days of joining the rebel army. This was the first time I saw edible meat and such white buns.



"It smells good, it's chicken."

"And steamed buns..."

At this moment, there was a sudden sound of swallowing drool outside.

I saw three big men standing at the door, staring straight at the chicken and steamed buns in the steamer, with halazis hanging from the corners of their mouths.


One of them recovered, wiped the corner of his mouth, and yelled, not putting Qin Yu in his eyes.