Looking at the three big men, although Qin Yu was a little faint, there was no way for him to just let the chicken and steamed buns out.

So he pulled out the kitchen knife and roared fiercely: "Who dares to come up, I will die with him."

The three of them were all wooden sticks, looking at the dazzling kitchen knives, and after a pause, no one wanted to rush in first.

In such a hot day, if you were cut with a knife, you would have to peel off your skin without dying.

Now that the city is broken, and just about to enjoy the blessing, it won't be worth getting hurt again.

"Well, everyone is your own brother, how about the split?"

Seeing that the three of them were restrained, Qin Yu didn't dare to eat alone. If the three of them really rushed in, he could only leave.

"Good!" the three nodded almost without hesitation.

Qin Yu grabbed four steamed buns and stuffed them into his arms, grabbed another chicken, and rushed out the back door with a kitchen knife.

The action is swift and faster than the cat, regardless of the steamed buns in his arms, making his chest red.

The three of them did not move slowly either, and rushed forward like a vicious dog, and divided the remaining steamed buns and a chicken.


With the lesson just now, Qin Yu decided to find a place to hide and enjoy it secretly.

In these years, a full meal is more important than anything else, and the chances of survival are increased several times.

In the end, I turned around and turned to a small garden. Seeing that there was no one inside, I walked towards the rockery on the side.

But when I came to the rockery, I was taken aback. I saw two people hugging each other in the cave, one large and one small.


The two screamed in fright as well, and the woman in the purple dress immediately covered the mouth of the girl in her arms and stared at Qin Yu in horror.

"Don't say anything!"

Qin Yu didn't expect that there were people hiding inside, so he raised his brow and said viciously.

Seeing that they weren't yelling or moving, they didn't care anymore, found a place to sit down, and began to gobble up.

The sky and the earth are big, it's big to fill your stomach, otherwise you may not be able to beat these two girls.

The two women huddled in the cave just like that, shivering, neither daring to make a sound or to escape.

Qin Yu ate up two steamed buns and half a chicken in one breath, and then he hiccuped comfortably.

Although I still want to eat, I dare not eat anymore.

If you eat it again, you will definitely be supported alive.

"Tear off the skirt."

Seeing the remaining chicken and steamed buns, Qin Yu looked around and finally set his eyes on their skirts.

As far as the current environment is concerned, the clothes on them are the cleanest. As for his own...

Hey!No mention, no mention.

The older woman had been watching Qin Yu nervously, clearly understanding what he wanted to do.

With a sizzle, she tore off a large piece of her skirt and threw it over, but the smaller girl kept her head in her arms and dared not look at Qin Yu.

Packed the chicken with skirt cloth and stuffed it into his arms, so that he had time to look at his two prisoners.

The woman was only in her early twenties, with exquisite features, white and tender skin, and dressed up, she looked like a pampered lady.

Although his hair is a bit messy, he looks terrified, and looks extremely embarrassed, but it still reveals a scent of books.

The little girl kept hiding, couldn't see her face clearly, and she didn't know her age. Judging by her figure alone, she should be eleven or twelve years old.

As the saying goes...

Qin Yu is also a man, and the movement made by those guys outside can still be clearly heard here, so he couldn't help but feel a little bit crooked.

Following the Eight Great Kings, undoubtedly pinned the skull to the belt of the trousers, and you will earn one more day.

In the past few days, he has been on the verge of life and death. He has experienced almost everything except that he did not eat human flesh. He must not go through this time in vain...

However, this kind of thought was only extinguished as soon as he rose, unless he really broke the jar.

His body is only fourteen years old this year, and he has been malnourished, and his physical condition is extremely poor. It is really not appropriate to waste energy!

Although the start was miserable as a dog, as a traverser, he still has a flourishing ambition in his heart after a full meal.

Living in troubled times, he didn't believe that Lao Zhu was the same beggar in the past, and that Lao Liu could succeed in all the ruffians. He Qin Yu has the vision and knowledge of the previous life, so why can't he?

A hero is born in troubled times. Only he survived the twelve beggars. He is not a hero. Who is a hero?

But letting them go like this is really unwilling, because if you don't catch yourself, you will be caught by others.

The end is nothing more than being ravaged by others, or dedicated to the Eight Kings, anyway, there will be no good end.

Thinking of this, Qin Yu decided that rather than cheap others, he might as well dedicate this beautiful woman to the Eight Kings.

Coupled with the contribution of this time, you will definitely be able to get a small official, and you will no longer have to worry about being forced to siege the city and become cannon fodder without starving to death.

And as long as he enters the core of the rebel army, he will definitely be able to get along well with his previous experience.

It has only been ten years since Chongzhen, and he will be in his early twenties when the Eight Great Kings enter Sichuan and die.

You can fight against the Qing with Li Dingguo and others. Maybe you can really come back to avoid the big regret that day.

When the thought came to this, he immediately shouted: "Come out!"

The beautiful woman has been praying that Qin Yu will leave on her own when she is full. After all, it seems that this young anti-thief is not much older than her own daughter.

But now seeing him staring straight at him and wanting to catch them out, he was immediately anxious, and he quickly pleaded:

"Little King, if you do well, just let us mother and daughter go. My father-in-law and father-in-law are all dead..."

"Stop talking nonsense, come out first, and then I will call someone else." Qin Yu was expressionless.

"Don't, don't, don't call someone, come out here..."

"Mother, I'm afraid...oooo..."

The beautiful woman was startled, and the daughter in her arms cried in shock, shaking her whole body.

"Wan'er don't be afraid, there is a mother..." While comforting her daughter, the beautiful woman helped her crawl out anxiously.

"Little brother, what... why are you?"

The inside of the cave could not be seen clearly due to the reflections. When the beautiful woman crawled out, she saw Qin Yu's dress and appearance, she immediately exclaimed, and then she hurriedly covered her mouth for fear of provoke others.

"Huh! Don't come to this set, follow me obediently, or the little master will recognize you, and the knife in the little master's hand won't recognize you."

Qin Yu raised the kitchen knife in his hand and sneered.

He didn't recognize this woman at all, and her predecessor was an orphan since she was a child, and it was impossible to have anything to do with such a big wife.

"Little brother, you don't remember, that day in front of the Chenghuang Temple, the concubine asked the maid to give you some cakes..."

The beautiful woman hurriedly said excitedly as if grabbing a straw.

Qin Yu stared at her, frowning, just after crossing over, he did go to Chenghuang Temple for a meal.

Because I couldn't hold back my face, I took the initiative to ask for it, so I squatted under a big tree and wrote some words with charcoal.

During the period, a little maid came over and lost a few pieces of cakes, saying that her wife had appreciated it, and asked him to report to Li Mansion.

But at that time, he was thinking of going to the rebel army, where would he go?

"Just as if I had never been here." Qin Yu's expression changed uncertainly, and finally left a sentence and turned away.

"Little brother, please, for the sake of the original, save my daughter..."

Seeing that Qin Yu was about to leave, the beautiful woman suddenly became anxious, and with a plop, she knelt on the ground and cried.

"Sister, don't be silly!"

"I'm an ordinary rebel, even if I promise, can she survive at such a young age?"

The beautiful woman is obviously also a smart person, thinking of the anti-thief who rushed into the house just now, she collapsed on the ground in despair.

"Brother, please help me and my mother...uuu..."

The little girl also knelt down, holding Qin Yu's thigh, and started crying.

"At the beginning you gave me a few pieces of cakes. Today I will return you half a chicken and two steamed buns. Even if they are tied, you hide in the hole and don't come out. Find a dog hole to go out after dark, and then sneak from the east. If you leave the city, maybe you can escape..."

Qin Yu struggled for a long while before squatting down, took out the cloth bag from his arms, stuffed it into the beautiful woman's hand, then got up and walked away quickly.

It's not that he is ungrateful, but that he really can't save, there is no need to put himself in for nothing.