The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 6: Laozi's team finally opened

After sending the little girl back to the room, Qin Yu ignored it, and went to the outside of the city with Li Dingguo and began to recruit people.

Thanks to the breach of the county seat, the old and weak women and children outside the city also ate a few full meals, and their faces were full of hope for the future.

In the rebel army, only by becoming the personal guards of the leaders, can they live in the city. Similarly, only the personal guards can eat all meals, and the family can also enjoy the benefits.The rest are cannon fodder.

In order to become a guard, in addition to being tall and magnificent, you also have to dare to fight so that you can be favored by the leaders. Of course, if you know martial arts and can ride horses, then you must be the target of the leaders.

Zhang Xianzhong has ten leaders, two or three hundred confidants who are strong, and only a few dozen people who are weak. Even the eight kings themselves are no more than five hundred guards.

In total, the number of people will not exceed two thousand. Only these people will have real swords and guns. A few people even have cotton armor and war horses.

And the families of these people will be under unified management, called the back camp, plus Qin Yu's firearm camp, the eight kings' guard camp, a total of 13 battalions.

Qin Yu plans to select all fourteen or five-year-olds, and they are still orphans.

The grown-ups are afraid that he will not be able to surrender, and he is not easy to manage. If he has dependents, he will not be able to support him, so orphans are just right.

After beating gongs and drums, the teenagers who came to sign up almost lined up on the banks of the Han River.

Qin Yu personally selected, after some tossing, he finally determined a hundred places, the largest not exceeding sixteen and the smallest fourteen.

These one hundred people, don't want to be too smart or too stupid, and those who have eaten human flesh are even standing aside.

"Brother Qin, is it a little wrong for you to recruit all these orphans?" Li Dingguo frowned as he looked at the skinny teenagers.

Casting cannons and operating firearms are all physical tasks. Are these guys really competent?

"Brother Dingguo, don't look at their skinny now, but as long as they eat two full meals, they will live and live, and it is too dangerous to deploy gunpowder forging artillery. They are more obedient and easier to manage when they are younger."

Qin Yu explained, Xin said, I'm making a big gun.

Of course, if there are enough copper and skilled craftsmen, he might not be able to make it out. Isn't he just making a mold out of mud and pouring an iron pipe?

When Li Dingguo saw him say this, he didn't say anything. He was no more than two years older than Qin Yu. He had often suffered losses before, so he understood his difficulties.

After taking the people back to the city, Qin Yu originally wanted to find a separate courtyard as a resident, but found that the slightly suitable ones were occupied by the other camps.

In the end, I had to partner with Li Dingguo temporarily, and later found an open space outside the city to build a camp.

Otherwise, always huddling with Li Dingguo's people will inevitably not become his vassals in the future, and it will also affect the loyalty of those teenagers to him.

Li Dingguo's two hundred confidantes were stationed in two yards. The last small yard was assigned to Qin Yu, the one where he rested last night.

A large amount of iron and weapons and food were seized this time, and the battalions are expanding their confidantes. Li Dingguo also recruited two thousand young men, but these people were stationed outside the city.

Qin Yu's yard is not large. In addition to the bedroom on the front, there are also four wing rooms on the left and right sides.

One of them is used to prepare gunpowder and stack firearms. In the other three, a hundred teenagers can still sleep under a squeeze.

In the courtyard.

A hundred teenagers in shabby and messy clothes stood together, looking a bit crowded, with excitement on everyone's face.

"From today, you are the people of my firearms camp, introduce yourself, my name is Qin Yu, I am your leader, your food and clothing parents, and the great benefactor who rescued you from the edge of death.

A person can do everything in order to survive, but he must not be ungrateful, otherwise, what is the difference with an animal?I hope you remember this."

Standing on a table, Qin Yu glanced at the awe-inspiring young people, completely forgetting the word shame.

The teenagers all stared at Qin Yu with scorching eyes.

"Mother, my little brother is so majestic, and what he said makes sense."

"Mother knows that he is a person who knows his gratitude, Wan'er, you must remember that he rescued our mother and daughter. From now on, we must not forget our kindness, otherwise we will be a beast."

"But they are bad guys? Both father and grandpa were killed by them..."

"Hey! It was the other anti-thief who killed your father and grandfather. It was the Eight Great Kings. Mother believed that he was only in love before joining the anti-thief. You must distinguish between the enemy and the benefactor, you know?"


The mother and daughter were lying behind the door, looking at the scene in the courtyard, and the beautiful woman began to teach her daughter.

Outside Qin Yu's speech has come to an end. Seeing that a hundred teenagers are no longer as muddled as before, he nodded in satisfaction.

"After dinner later, go to the water well in the front yard to get water and wash my body. Lao Tzu's clothes are also cleaned. Then I will come back and clean up the three rooms. In the future, who dares to violate my orders and be expelled from the firearms camp. , Do you hear everything clearly?"

"Yes, boss!"

A hundred people answered loudly.

At this time, the rice in the cauldron on the side was almost cooked. A hundred people lined up, and each of them ate two large bowls before going to take a bath.

Qin Yu returned to the room, and the mother and daughter fell to the ground immediately.

"Thank you En-gong for saving Wan'er, Wan'er, hurry up, kowtow to En-gong..."

"Thank you for saving my life!"

"Well, you don't have to call me gracious, just treat it as a tie, Madam Li, I can only shelter you temporarily, I hope you have a good idea." Qin Yu waved his hand.

"The concubine understands that as long as the son can protect Wan'er, the concubine will not die." The beautiful woman nodded, as if she had been prepared.

"Mother, Wan'er don't leave you." But Li Wan'er threw herself into her mother's arms again and started crying.

"Mrs. Li, wait a minute. I will get a menswear suit to change you. It is too eye-catching. Don't leave the yard in the future. You also want to change menswear. You will shop on the floor in the house at night."


The beautiful woman nodded awkwardly.

After the instructions, Qin Yu went to the side room to check the firearms sent by Li Dingguo.

A dozen shots of bird blasts, only one way back to the stove, otherwise it would be a weapon for suicide and self-harm, but the cannon on the side, although it is rusty, but it should still be useful if you fiddle with it.

It is said to be a cannon, but it is actually a bowl of blunderbuss. The barrel of the gun is about the thickness of the bowl. It is a meter long and weighs three to four hundred catties. I don't know what old antique it is.

However, the earlier the casting, the better the quality, and the Ming dynasty's market is there.

More than fifty catties of sulfur, because it was used by the drugstore, the purity is already very high and it can be used directly.

Basically everyone knows the formula of gunpowder in previous lives.

Therefore, at least two to three kilograms of gunpowder can be used for these fifty kilograms.