The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 9 The Power of the Broken Cannon

The next day, the army had breakfast. Seeing that there was still no movement on the mountain, Li Dingguo first sent someone up to shout. Seeing that the other party was still stubborn, and no longer verbose, he set up the battle.

Qin Yu took the young man and took a lot of effort to lift the cannon to the mountainside, and he was ready for a while.

"Big... big boss, is it a cannon that these anti-thief just brought up?"

"Hi! This... they still have cannons..."

The bandits on the wall of the village looked at Qin Yu and others who were playing a fight not far away. They were all shocked.

"Fuck your mother's shit, that is obviously a root of wood. Are you blind? Don't dare to shake the military spirit and kill Wushe!"

The head of Niutouzhai, Wang Wu burst out with a shout and stopped the rioting crowd, but he was only playing drums in his heart.

Everyone didn't speak, but they were all scolding in their hearts, and your eyes were blind. The dark pipe is not a cannon, but what the hell can it be?


There was a loud noise, and a puff of smoke rose from the mountainside, accompanied by a sound of breaking through the air.

All the bandits were shocked and evaded one after another. Some of them even saw a black spot with sharp eyes, flying over their heads and smashing into the back room.

"Master, they really have cannons."

"Afraid of being an egg, there is a fart for a smashing cannon, so brothers can withstand it!"


"It's high, go down a bit." On the mountainside, Qin Yu yelled at the young man with a pergola.

And the hundred and ten heroes who were preparing to charge into the battlefield were waving their swords in their hands and shouting and cheering, not to mention the young men under the mountain.


Seeing that the adjustment was almost done, Qin Yu personally took another look for a while, made sure to aim at the wooden gate, and then hid behind a large stone, giving orders.

The rest of the teenagers did the same, leaving only one person holding a torch and trembling the fire. Qin Yu was also afraid of heavy losses after the bombing.


With another loud noise, a small iron pill with the thick fist of a child hit five or six feet in front of the wooden door.


Qin Yu cursed, hurriedly stepped forward to the cannon, and fiddled with it again.

In this way, at a distance of a mere 100 meters, there were five or six shots from front to back. More than a hundred heroes waited impatiently before opening.

A small hole was punched in the Zhaimen, which made the bandits who had just relaxed again become nervous.


Next, Qin Yu seemed to have found the feeling, and he fired more than ten shots in a row. Sawdust flew across the wall of the wall, and nodded at Li Dingguo until he heard a scream.

"Kill me!"

With an order from Li Dingguo, a hundred heroes rushed to the gate of the village, all of whom were newly recruited young men.


On the wall of the wall, Wang Wu panicked when he saw the other party rushing up with a shield and a ladder. He hurriedly shouted, but saw that his men were more panicked than him.

At this time, Qin Yu began to release the empty cannon.

The charging hero listened to the sound of the cannons, they were all energetic, rushed to the wall, put the ladder on the wall, and began to climb.

"Kill me!"

Li Dingguo also rushed up with fifty henchmen wearing cotton armor, and hundreds of young men shouted behind him.

"Smash it to Lao Tzu!"



The screams and wailing continued for a while, and the bandits threw down all the wood thunderstones prepared in advance.


Qin Yu pulled out the short knife tied around his waist, pointed forward, and brought sixty young people with wooden sticks to divide the spoils.

Because the bandits on the wall had already started to flee, and the broken wooden door was knocked down by several big men, the rebels swarmed into the cottage.

When Wang Wu saw that the situation was gone, he shouted that the brothers broke his throat and ignored him, so he had to take a few henchmen and fled back.

Li Dingguo led people into the cottage, only hacked and killed a dozen bandits, and the remaining bandits knelt and surrendered.

When Qin Yu came to the cottage playground, the battle was over and the bandit knelt on the ground.

"Who is King Five?"

Li Dingguo pointed at the hundreds of bandits who were kneeling on the ground with a waist knife and shouted.

All the bandits were taken aback. They all looked at a man in the middle who was about 30 years old and had a beard.

"This major general spares his life and is willing to take refuge in your army..."

"Hmph! I have killed five brothers and injured nine others. Use your head to pay homage to them."

Li Dingguo said with a knife and swung it down, and a good head fell to the ground, blood splattered all around the bandits' faces.

Qin Yu just saw this scene and shivered all over, secretly saying that Li Dingguo was quite cruel, and the teenagers were also pale with fright.

"Go, cut off all the heads of the dead bandits, cut one by one person, and cut off the legs and hands if they are not enough."

Qin Yu handed the knife over and gritted his teeth at the teenagers.

The teenagers took the knife and tremblingly went to complete the task assigned by Qin chief.

The kneeling bandits heard this, and the timid had already fainted, but the bold were cursing in their hearts. They were really crueler than each, the younger the more brutal.

In just half an hour, the cottage was cleaned up and Qin Yu also seized statistics.

Ninety bags of grain, about 10,000 catties, are all rice, gold and silver add up to more than two thousand taels, and there are also some gold and silver jewelry, ten pieces of cotton cloth.

Five sets of bows and arrows, 20 waist knives, fifteen spears, and some miscellaneous weapons.

"Brother Dingguo, the waist knives, bows, arrows, and spears are all yours. I want all the miscellaneous weapons. How about the gold, silver and grain cloths as originally said?"

"No problem, but these gold and silver jewelry can't be divided randomly."

"Oh! Why is this?" Qin Yu's heart was tense. Could this kid Li Dingguo see the money open and want to swallow it?

"Brother Qin, don't get me wrong. Most of these gold and silver jewels have to be handed in to the foster father, and part of the grain has to be handed in." Li Dingguo quickly explained.

"What? You have to hand it in?" Qin Yu jumped up immediately, but he was relieved after thinking about it.

Immediately everyone began to pack up, and Li Dingguo planned to take away the more than 100 bandits who were captured, and the more than 20 women who were kidnapped by the bandits were rewarded to the brothers who had merit.

Qin Yu looked at more than twenty women who had been ruined by the bandits. He wanted Li Dingguo to send them some money and food to let them go, but just think about it, so as not to embarrass him.

"Brother Qin, do you want to pick two of these women?"

Qin Yu waved his hand with a dry smile: "Hehe, let's forget it, they are all poor people, probably from the nearby village, and they are also poor like us."

"Yeah! I will explain it, so that my brothers don't treat them badly in the future."

Li Dingguo nodded.

I walked for a whole day when I came, and although there was a lot more when I returned, the speed was much faster than when I came back. Obviously, I was in a good mood to win the battle.

We departed at noon and arrived in Gucheng in the evening. The teenagers each had a human head tied to their waist, or arm and thigh, and even Qin Yu gritted his teeth and tied a human head in order to be bold.