This time it may be to live in Gucheng County, so in addition to the big families, Zhang Xianzhong, the lower-level people, did not concoct and ordered no harassment.

Although the shops in the city are closed, there are still some small merchants and hawkers, not to mention blacksmith shops.

However, all the blacksmiths are very busy, to build weapons for each battalion, and as the firearm battalion, which is the least valued, naturally ranks last.

When Qin Yu came to a blacksmith shop in the west of the city, he saw a fifty-six-year-old man and two fifteen-year-old apprentices from a long distance, banging nonstop.

"Master Liu, how are you busy?"

"It's Chief Xiao Qin, I'm afraid you will have to wait another two days for those spearheads."

Seeing Qin Yu's arrival, the old man stopped his work and said with a wry smile.

"Wait another two days?"

"Master Liu, can you see if you can work overtime at night? I can pay you."

"Leader Xiao Qin, it's not a matter of silver, but the three of us master and apprentice are really too busy to come, how about you go to other blacksmith shops?"

Although the old man was a little heart-stirred, he still shook his head. They not only had to do it for nothing, but if they couldn't complete it on time, they might be decapitated.

"It's okay, then I'll wait two more days!" Qin Yu waved his hand, obviously not wanting to embarrass the three masters and apprentices.

The reason why he didn't go to other places was because he had been observing for a long time and this old man had the best craftsmanship.

The gun head he was going to hit was not an ordinary gun head, but a triangular shape, which required high technical requirements.

"Well, once the task given by the king is completed, the old man will help the leader Xiao Qin build it." The old man smiled, and his impression of Qin Yu was still good.

"Well, then you are busy, don't worry, I won't let you fight for nothing, no matter you want food and money." Qin Yu clasped his fist.

"Then thank you Chief Xiaoqin." The old man also hurriedly clasped his fists in return.

After Qin Yu turned and left, the old man touched his beard, looked at his back, and nodded secretly.

"Master, this kid is still kind, knows to pay, huh, how is it like other people, not only does not pay, but he always scolds."

"I was still beating people. The day before yesterday, I was stabbed to the back. I got angry when I thought about it. It sounds like a rebel army. In fact, it's worse than the bandits."

"Shut up, how many times have I told you that misfortune comes out of your mouth, and misfortune comes out of your mouth, why don't you remember it?" The old man reprimanded the two unsuspecting disciples with a stern face.

The two apprentices were scolded and had to droop their heads and knock again.

After leaving the blacksmith's shop, Qin Yu was not in a hurry to go back, but came to a courtyard not far away.

"Ah! Leader Xiao Qin is here!"

"Chief Xiao Qin is good, clothes and shoes are ready, can you see if we did it right?"

As soon as they entered the door, dozens of aunts and aunts gathered around, staring at Qin Yu with expectation.


Qin Yu took the clothes and shoes they had sewn, checked them carefully, and finally nodded in satisfaction.

Last time he was allocated three pieces of cloth, he wanted to make a uniform for each of his men. The cloth was not enough, so he even took the money to buy a batch in Hoouying.

The uniform is a typical Ming dynasty tight-fitting shorts. Now it is hot. In addition to the long-sleeved coat and pants, there is also a boxer briefs and leggings made of two pieces of cloth. As for the shoes, they are cloth shoes.

In order to get all these equipments, he divided the more than one hundred taels of silver, and there was not much left.

The remaining dozens of taels are the wages prepared for these aunts Houying and Tiesmith Liu.

"Yes, yes, ladies and gentlemen, you have been working hard these days. Each one's wages is one penny."


More than twenty women suddenly made a sound of inhalation. They thought that Qin Yu could give more than a dozen copper plates or one or two catties of grain, and he would have already burned the fragrance.

Even Qin Yu couldn't help them if he didn't give it to them, and he couldn't refuse to do it.

"That, Chief Xiao Qin, do you really give us a penny?" a woman in her forties asked in a low voice.

Others also stared at Qin Yu nervously.

"Of course it is true, you work for me, I pay you money, it is justified."

As Qin Yu spoke, he took out an ingot of silver, almost half-and-double, and let them divide it by themselves.

More than 20 women immediately brought scissors and small scales and began to distribute the fruits of their labor.

Qin Yu asked two of his men to pack the clothes and shoes away.

Back at the camp, the teenagers saw that although the leader did not bring back weapons, he picked up four large baskets of clothing and shoes, and surrounded them all.

A hundred teenagers, who are in better condition, can have a set of tattered underwear, and those who are miserably mixed have only one pair of pants.

There are many barefoot people. This was the last time the bandit was attacked, and the clothes of the dead were taken off a lot, otherwise it would only be more ugly.

"Don't squeeze, everyone has a set of uniforms and shoes, all of them have them, stand in order of height."

Following Qin Yu's order, one hundred teenagers quickly formed four teams.

The tallest person is only 1.6 meters, and the shortest is 1.4 meters. Obviously, they have been carefully selected.

Qin Yu sent out the clothes and shoes in a set, then waved his hand and said, "Give you a time to stick incense, go take a bath and change your clothes, come here to gather."

"Yes! Chief Xie."

All the teenagers rushed to the front yard well with their clothes in joy. Some of them were so old that they were wearing new clothes for the first time, and they cried secretly.


A hundred teenagers put on brand-new blue military uniforms and step shoes. They stood upright and their faces suddenly changed.

Qin Yu nodded, these people are the capital for his fortune in the future, and it is not too much to treat them better now.

"Everyone comes up again to get two leggings..."

Qin Yu actually doesn't know how to tie it, so after groping for a long time, he barely found a way to tie it up.

At this time, there have been many heroes outside the camp to watch the excitement. When they found that these teenagers were wearing brand-new clothes and shoes, they drooled with envy.

"This little Qin leader is really damn generous, he was willing to make new clothes for these little boys, tusk..."

"It's a fart. I heard that they do three meals a day, and they are full."


"Is it impossible?"

The crowd made a sound of inhalation, and then a big guy questioned: "No! Let go of eating? You won't be hungry and stupid!"

"Huh! I saw it with my own eyes, can there be fakes? If it wasn't for the leader of Xiao Qin who didn't recruit people, I would have joined the firearms camp."

After listening to the others, they were very excited. Compared with the leaders of other people's battalions, Qin commanded his opponents very well, and he was valued by the king, and his future was beyond limit.

"What are you doing around here? Get out!"

With a loud shout, everyone hurriedly dispersed and fled, and they saw Sun Kewang walking with people in strides.