(We have received the short stop, you can rest assured to invest.)

It was not that Qin Yu deliberately wanted to sing the Eight Great Kings, nor was he unreasonably worried, greedy for life and fear of death.

But he knew too much about the weight of these guys.

For more than a month, even though the battalions added up to 30,000 soldiers, more than 10,000 people even had real guys.

However, except for his training, the rest of the battalions were all in drunkenness, or that these guys didn't know how to train.

In this way, I still want to fight with Zuo Liangyu. Somehow they are from a family of military officers. No matter how unbearable the soldiers and horses under them are, they are not comparable to their mob.

People know it, but the Eight Great Kings didn't even have this point in their hearts, thinking that they had breached Gucheng, and seeing that their soldiers were strong and powerful, they swelled.

I completely forgot that I was almost hacked to death in Nanyang last time. I heard that even one of my favorite concubines had been taken away. If Sun Kewang had not been saved from death, most of them would have been heroic.

So instead of making a big fuss this time, he Qin Yu wrote backwards!

Qin Yu didn't know that the Eight Great Kings had not forgotten what happened to Nanyang last time, but they were rather worried, otherwise they would not insist on crossing the river to find a place.

The next day, early in the morning, each battalion began to cross the river with its own soldiers and horses, and Qin Yu also took eighty teenagers and dragged the cannon aboard the boat.

This time, apart from Li Dingguo's headquarters with more than 2,000 soldiers and horses, as long as they can use weapons, men, women and children, all must cross the river to participate in the war.

Thirty thousand young and strong, plus ten thousand old, weak, women and children, it took more than 40,000 people a full two days to cross the Han River.

Qin Yu was completely speechless.

There are dozens of broken ships in total with so many people. Once they lose the battle, Zuo Liangyu will not give them two days to cross the river and escape. It is definitely the end of the corpses.

She gave birth more than once and suggested to the Eight Great Kings to keep the old and weak women and children in the South Bank, but eventually gave up.

Because the Eight Great Kings, nearly a thousand thirteen-four-year-olds, were temporarily assigned to him to lead.

"My lord, there are too few boats. Why don't you go nearby and chop some bamboos and place them on the shore, in case you need it!"

"Boy, what do you mean?"

"Foster father, the war is about to come, this kid dares to say such things that disturb the morale of the army..."

"My lord, the kid is not disturbing the military's morale. As the saying goes, it doesn't hurt to plan for the victory without thinking about defeat!"

Qin Yu saw Sun Kewang on the line at every turn, and was furious, so he quickly interrupted and explained.

"Well, Xiaoyu is still thoughtful, so I leave this to you. If you don't have enough manpower, you can provoke from those young and strong."

Zhang Xianzhong looked at dozens of boats on the shore, and then at the tent behind him that couldn't see the end, and finally agreed to Qin Yu's suggestion.


Qin Yu hurriedly clasped his fists and took some people to work.

The Han River near Gokseong is only two to three hundred meters wide. People who are too late to board the boat can float on the surface of the river holding a bamboo and swim over it easily to save their lives.

So the people who took them almost cut all the nearby bamboos, and then divided the larger ones into several sections and threw them on the bank of a river that was more than ten kilometers wide. They were busy until dark.

At the same time, using small bamboos, I made a bamboo gun for each teenager, and the wooden stick in his hand can be thrown away.


Gokseong originally belonged to the edge of the Nanyang Basin. Crossing the Han River, the four fields are wide and empty. Except for some woods and small hills, they are all paddy fields.

Zuo Liangyu wants to harvest the wheat in the field, but the eight kings refuse to let it. What should I do?

The two sides had no other choice but to face the gong and the drums from the opposite side.

So, on the third day, after having breakfast, I learned that Zuo Liangyu's army had already set up a camp twenty miles away last night, and the tens of thousands of troops went northward.

There is no formation, and there is no front or rear army. Just like that, each battalion leads with its own soldiers and horses, and the old and weak women and children follow.

It's almost overwhelming, full of mountains and plains.

At the same time, Zuo Liangyu's camp.

"Father, the Eight Great Kings rushed to kill us with an army, and the number is estimated to be no less than tens of thousands."

"Huh! A group of mobs, no matter how many Lao Tzu I look at!"

"Originally, I only planned to collect some grain this time, to behave, and to perfuse the surname Xiong.

But his eight kings actually ate the guts of the bear heart and leopard, and didn't nest in Gucheng to enjoy the blessings. They dared to cross the river and fight with me. I wanted to see if he had such good luck this time."

Zuo Liangyu beat the case a few times, obviously not paying attention to the Eight Great Kings, and at the same time he was extremely angry that he dared to cross the river and grab the wheat by himself.

"Father, the Eight Great Kings obviously want to take revenge on Nanyang last time. My boy is willing to take the lead this time and will surely kill the Eight Great Kings."

"Marshal, the final general is also willing to take the lead!"

Zuo Liangyu's son and a group of generals are vying to fight first.

However, even though I have fought against the Eight Great Kings several times, no one knows what the Eight Great King's real name is. Even the rebel army only knows the Eight Great King's surname Zhang. Like Qin Yu, the Eight Great King is stupid and self-reported his real name. Almost none in the rebels.

"Okay, don't fight anymore. The order goes on and the whole army marches out to fight!" Zuo Liangyu stood up and waved his hand.


"My lord, this is already ten miles away. Why don't you just wait here for work, let Zuo Liangyu hit us, or take the opportunity to organize the formation."

"Fart, our army of forty to fifty thousand, they are only ten thousand, waiting for them to beat us? What is the momentum?"

Sun Kewang yelled, and when he saw Qin Yu at every turn, he was very anxious. He secretly made up his mind to take the opportunity to kill him when he was on the battlefield.

"My lord, in this hot day, if you go on, I am afraid that the brothers will be exhausted before the fight. Although the momentum is important, the physical strength should not be ignored!

What's more, the two sides had to go halfway in the field battle. How can we go because they are waiting in the camp?Isn't this a disadvantage?"

Qin Yu wiped the sweat from his forehead, ignoring Sun Kewang's bastard, but eagerly persuaded Zhang Xianzhong.

"What if the left thief doesn't come? Is it possible that we have to return?" Zhang Xianzhong also wiped his sweat and asked with a frown.

"My lord, don’t worry, if the left thief doesn’t come, let’s set fire to the wheat. If you don’t believe he’s not coming, there’s also the lord, look... there is a small mountain bag over there. Can kill Zuo Liangyu the dog thief in one shot..."

Qin Yu said, pointing to a low mountain road two miles away on the left.

Killing Zuo Liangyu in one shot was naturally farting, but in fact, he really didn't want to mix with this group of guys, so as not to be trampled to death when escaping, or being beaten from behind.

"Boy, don't you fucking talk big, just the broken cannon that can hit the opponent's crowd with the cannonball, so it burns incense, and you want to kill Zuo Liangyu?"

"What do you know? Zuo Liangyu's handsome flag is the best target. How do you know if I can't hit it without trying? What if you really kill Zuo Liangyu the dog thief?"

"Haha, okay, when the big drum blasts, you will aim for Lao Tzu to hit, if you can really kill Zuo Liangyu the dog thief, remember your best work!"

The Eight Great Kings looked at the small mountain bag, and even though he knew that it was not realistic to kill Zuo Liangyu in one shot, he inevitably reported a glimmer of hope in his heart, so he laughed.

"Yes, King!"

Qin Yu was overjoyed, and hurried to the mountain bag with the firearm camp and the thousands of young people.

Looking at Qin Yu's back, Sun Kewang's face was as black as charcoal, and he secretly scolded this kid for being cunning. He obviously didn't want to charge for the battle and was afraid of fighting.

When the foster father heard that he had a chance to kill Zuo Liangyu, he had to try it anyway.