The next day, early in the morning.

Sun Kewang was still asleep on the bed. Hearing that Qin Yu had brought someone to the door, he was furious. He didn't wear his shoes, so he rushed out with a knife.

"Lao Sun, I'm just worried about your injury, to care about it, is this your way of hospitality?"

At the gate, Qin Yu was also taken aback when he saw Sun Kewang, who was rushing out with a knife while only wearing a jacket.

"Boy, you are young and damned here, and I ask you, what do you mean by bringing them?"

Sun Kewang pointed at the twin sisters behind him, their teeth creaking, apparently thinking that Qin Yu was deliberately humiliating him.

"Hehe, old grandson, don't you know the good people, the two wives, the younger brother hasn't touched a finger until now. If you don't believe me, ask them..."

"I can't afford to lose two ladies, I do what you want, I don't welcome you here, if you don't get out, even if the foster father comes today, I will make you blood on the spot!"

Sun Ke saw many heroes who had already rushed to watch the excitement here, his face flushed and flushed, and he raised his long knife.

"Well, old grandson, I don’t think you were convinced that you lost last time. Don’t say that I won’t give you a chance to comeback. Let’s gamble again. If you win, I will return the twins to you. If you lose, how about you give me the two girls that the king gave you yesterday?"

"What are you betting on?" Sun Kewang asked in a daze.

"It's better than drinking a bar."

"What, do you dare to drink alcohol than me?"

Sun Kewang looked surprised, but in his heart he quickly figured out what the hell was this kid doing.

"I'm short on time, Bibubi will give me a nice word."

"Okay, but it's the old rule. Otherwise, whoever loses will cut a finger."

"You're afraid that you didn't wake up, then go back and continue to sleep, I don't have time to play with you, and I have to hug this flowery wife to sleep, hehe!"

Qin Yu rolled his eyes and said that he was about to turn around and leave. In the end, Sun Kewang's whole body trembled with anger.

"and many more!"

Sun Kewang's expression changed a few times, looking at the twins' pitiful look in their eyes, he finally gritted his teeth and said: "Okay! Just bet on women."

At this moment, he also understood the kid's plan, and couldn't help but yelled at him for being cunning. He was obviously reluctant to send the wife to the county office, and then he came to him to bet and lose the twins to him again.

Although they wanted to refuse, the twins had been with him for more than a year and loved them very much. If they had to be forced to do so, they would never give them away. Now they can win it back in a fair manner, and they are really reluctant to refuse.

What's more, if you win Qin Yu later, you can save some face. This kid is treacherous like a ghost, greedy for life and fear of death, and it is even harder to chop off a finger than to climb to the sky.

Immediately, Sun Kewang ordered people to bring in the table and drinks, apparently because he was afraid that Qin Yu would make a ghost again.

"How to compare?"

"Of course it's drinking more than anyone else, you come first!"

"it is good!"

Sun Kewang was not verbose. He first ordered people to pour ten bowls of wine. In the public, he prepared the wine, so he didn't believe that Qin Yu could still make ghosts.

"Okay! Major Generals massive!"

"Big Brother has the fifth bowl, let's have another bowl..."

Sun Kewang has done five bowls in a row, irritating all the heroes around, and they applauded. Liu Wenxiu and Aineng, who have just arrived, are constantly cheering.

"Boy, I drank six bowls, it's your turn."

Sun Kewang wiped the water stains on the corners of his mouth, burped alcohol, and threw the bowl on the table, provoking Qin Yu.


"This damn thing is clearly horse urine, old grandson, you yin at me, I don't drink it, you win!"

Qin Yu picked up the wine bowl, just took a sip, sprayed the wine on the ground, threw the wine bowl back on the table, and took the person away.

"Big brother, what the hell did this kid do early in the morning? I'm looking for you to drink, isn't this the old birthday star hanging himself to death?"

Both brothers looked confused.

Sun Kewang ignored them. Instead, he came to the twins with a sullen face and said coldly: "That kid really didn't move you last night?"

"Yeah!" The sisters were not stupid either, they both shook their heads quickly.

Not to mention having been stripped and inspected all over the place, he didn't even dare to say about waiting for Qin Yu to take a bath.

"Go back with me!"

Sun Kewang's expression slowed down a lot, and he led the two back to the yard with a beckon.


"My son, is that grandson expected to compare with you?"

Seeing that the twins hadn't come back, Xiao Xinru was overjoyed and hurriedly greeted her.

Li Wan'er on the side was in the clouds.

"The good thing delivered to the door, how can the grandson be incomparable?"

"That...that...concubine body..."

Xiao Xinru looked at Qin Yu eagerly, wondering if she didn't have to be sent to the county office anymore, and she took care of her daughter.

"Madam, please rest assured, it should be all right." Qin Yu waved his hand and said with a disheartened expression: "Hey! It's a pity that no one will take a bath in the future."

"Huh! Thank you, son." Mrs. Li let out a heavy sigh and bowed in a salute.

"Be careful you came up with it yourself, don't thank me."

Qin Yuzai also had to admit that this Madam Li was really thoughtful and resourceful, she didn't even think of this.

Now that he honourably defeated Sun Kewang's two concubines to him again, the Eight Great Kings should have no excuses, let him send Mrs. Li to the county government!

"Mother, what did you say to Brother Xiaoyu? Where did the two sisters go?" Li Wan'er couldn't help asking.

"Well, Wan'er, my mother will tell you later, the son should be hungry, go and bring breakfast."

Mrs. Li hurriedly waved her hand, obviously not wanting to tell her daughter about it.

After breakfast, Qin Yu began to assess the 220 young people who had just joined.

Eliminate the 20 least courageous and poorest physically, and give the two brothers Dazhu learn how to strike iron.

In the days to come, Qin Yu took the teenagers to get up early and greedy the dark every day.Run in line, shoot guns, learn to mount horses synchronously, and take them to the river to fish from time to time to improve their lives.

With the four strong women doing miscellaneous tasks, the mother and daughter no longer have to do miscellaneous tasks and concentrate on teaching the young people literacy.

With the classroom and the oil lamp made of pine juice, you can study regardless of wind or rain. After dinner every day, all teenagers, including the two brothers Dazhu, have to study for an hour.

Compared with the sound of drinking, drinking, meat and laughter from other camps all day long, the firearms camp was the sound of reading books, banging iron, and the sound of queues.

The entire firearms camp showed a vigorous vitality, and the youngsters grew stronger day by day.

Zhang Xianzhong did not come to urge Qin Yu to send Mrs. Li to the county office again. After learning that Qin Yu had lost his two concubines to the boss again, he just nodded appreciatively.

If it wasn't for the boss's finger, he would consider his feelings, and I am afraid that he would have proposed to accept Qin Yu as the fifth son.