Huguang is familiar and the world is sufficient, but many people at the bottom are still exploited by officials and profiteers, gentry and landlords, and cannot survive, especially the military households of various guards.

However, in general, the social order is far from collapsed, which is different from the direct rebellion of the people in Shaanxi and Henan who cannot survive.

The people in Huguang can't survive, so most of them choose to go up the mountains and fall the grass to live their happy days.

Therefore, there are many bandits and bandits in Jingxiang, especially in Xiang and Xun.

The reason is that the two places have the most health facilities, the land is also the most barren, and they are in a place of transportation connection.

Xiangyang Prefecture governs six counties and one prefecture. There are hundreds of pirates and bandits in the territory. Among them, Wufengzhai, located more than sixty miles southwest of Xiangyang, has the best reputation and the greatest strength.

Wufeng Mountain, where Wufengzhai is located, is backed by the uninterrupted Wushan Remains, an official road at the foot of the mountain connects Xiangyang City and Nanzhang County, and dozens of miles to the east is the Han River. Therefore, it is impossible to eat or drink if you only charge tolls for business trips. worry.

And because of the back of the mountain, every time the officer and army came to annihilate, the bandits must flee to the mountains beforehand, wait for the officer and army to leave, and return again.

Over time, the officials and the army were too lazy to toss. In addition, in recent years, the heroes in the village have not only not robbed their houses, but they have paid the official filial piety money every year, making the officials of the two places open their eyes and close their eyes. A group of giant bandits, entrenched near Xiangyang City.

At this moment, in the lobby of the cottage, the old master Liu Xiaotian, who is over fifty years old, was drinking tea leisurely, listening to the narration of a pretty young man in his twenties.

"Yeah! My nephew drove a day and a night, and went to rest first, and waited for the old man to have a banquet in the evening to make the landlord's pleasure, so let's talk about it in detail!"

"Then thank you Uncle." Yang Tianlin was overjoyed when he saw him calling himself a virtuous nephew instead of a virtuous brother as before. Knowing that this was probably done, he got up and saluted.

Old man Liu nodded gently, obviously still quite satisfied with the son-in-law.

Although they have a difference in seniority, they are not much different in age, and they are not as particular as the big family.

As I get older, I feel more worried about the future of my daughter after I leave, so the past two years have been broken.

Yang Tianlin was taken out of the hall with a look of excitement. As soon as he arrived at the door, he saw a tall woman in a red tights and skirt hurriedly approaching.

After seeing the appearance of the woman, Yang Tianlin was stunned. He didn't expect that there was such a top quality in this bandit's nest, and he immediately reacted. This must be the righteous daughter Liu Xiaotian accepted last year.

Secretly, that old thing was so confused, this kind of top quality was accepted as a righteous daughter, not directly as a concubine, but thinking about his age, he was relieved.

The woman in red was called the Oriole, and she was about eighteen or nine years old. Seeing Yang Tianlin staring straight at her, her eyebrows frowned.

A look of disgust flashed in his eyes, and he just nodded for a moment, and walked into the hall.

Yang Tianlin opened his mouth, he just suffocated his words when he said hello, subconsciously looked back and looked at it again, and then left with a reminder from the side.

"Foster father, who is the man who went out just now?"

"Ying'er is here, sit down, that is the second master of Tianlang Village, my second brother who has worshipped the righteous brother." Liu Xiaotian smiled kindly.

"It turned out to be the second brother of Yang, I said why it doesn't look like a good thing."

The Red Oriole murmured and sat on a chair beside him, and then asked, "Foster father, what are the people from Tianlang Village doing here? Could it be that they are here for help?"

"Hehe, it seems that Ying'er has also heard about what happened to the Gucheng fellows. Yes, the Eight Great Kings really deceived people too much, and didn't put my Xiangyang green forest hero in the eyes."

At the end of the talk, Old Man Liu slapped the table heavily, his expression gloomy and scary.

The red oriole clasped his fists: "Foster father, that day, Langzhai usually fished and robbed the people's daughters, and the rebels of the Eight Kings walked the way for the sky. Why should we be nosy?"

"Nonsense, Brother Yang Xiri has a life-saving grace to his foster father, and he is also my righteous brother. At this moment, if he is in trouble, if he doesn't help, what face will the foster father have in the future, facing the green forests of Xiangyang?

"Well, let my daughter take some men and horses for a trip." The red ying also knew the temper of her foster father, so he didn't argue any more, and planned to take some people there and walk through the scene.

"Well, because my father is old, Lan'er is weak, and you will have to spend more snacks on small and large cottage affairs in the future. The adoptive father used to be afraid that you would not be able to hold the heroes. Now it seems that you are worrying too much."

Liu Xiaotian looked pleased. He was really satisfied with the righteous girl he had saved, but unfortunately he was a daughter, so he sighed slightly.

"It's a pity that you are a daughter, and you will find a home after all, so my father intends to take this opportunity to marry Sirius Village and betroth you to Brother Yang and Lan'er to his second brother. After I leave in the future..."


Oriole stood up, and then blushed and said, "Foster father, what virtue is the Yang family brothers, don’t you know? It’s so confused to marry me and my sister to them... Never agree!"

"Presumptuous! How did you talk to your foster father like this," Liu Xiaotian pointed at her beard was about to curl up.

"Foster father forgive us. My daughter was too impulsive just now, but the foster father, you married my sister and me to the Yang brother, didn't you push us into the fire pit?"

"Nonsense, that brother Yang is righteous and Yuntian, with high martial arts, is a rare hero, and you are really a talented girl.

As for the fish-meat people, it’s just nonsense. If you just collect some food, you will get the fish-meat people. What are those gentry and landlords who force tenants to sell their children and girls?"

"Okay, let's not talk about it, but their brothers robbed other wives and daughters and wiped out the crowd. Is this always true?"

"This has indeed happened, but it is not a major event. Didn't the adoptive father kill the Wu member outside and rob his wife before giving birth to Lan'er? What about our business, this Things couldn't be more normal."

Liu Xiaotian waved his hand. At the end of the talk, his face showed a hint of pride, as if he had done something great that year.


The Oriole opened her small mouth and really didn't know what to say, so she clasped his fists and said with a solemn expression: "Foster father, her daughter will never marry until her feud is reported, and she also asks her foster father not to force each other. Although the daughter is a daughter, she will still protect the lives of sister Lan'er and the lives of thousands of people in the cottage in the future!"

"Oh! Well, there is no rush for this matter, you first take people and nephew Yang Xian to rescue Tianlangzhai, come back and talk about it, don't be too late, leave after dawn!"

Liu Xiaotian also knew that her temper was soft on the outside and strong on the inside, otherwise she would not have killed people in Xiangyang City. Seeing that she had said this, she nodded.