The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 36-It's not easy to make a cottage


Below Tianlang Mountain, following Li Dingguo's order.

Fifty big men armed with shields and long knives and wooden ladders on their shoulders rushed to the mountainside along the rugged mountain road, followed by fifty shielding archers.




Logs were suddenly thrown out of the wall, and rolled down the slope, scaring the rebels to rush backwards, and the long shield knife dropped to the ground.

Those who fell behind were screamed again and again by the log, and some panicked and fell off the cliff on the side. The scene was really unbearable.


At the foot of the mountain, Li Dingguo jumped and cursed, rushing up with a few knives, chopped down some of the rebels to the ground, and roared at the same time: "If you dare to retreat without authorization and discard the blades, kill those who strike at the same clothes. No pardon!"

A group of heroes who escaped looked at the several corpses on the ground, all with fear and fear.

Li Dingguo didn't let them go again, but changed another batch and charged again. This time it was halfway through.

But more people were killed and injured, one by one they finally escaped down the mountain.


"Brothers, see it, this is the so-called rebel army, in fact, it's a bunch of damn fuckers!"

"The shit rebels..."

"Bad shit, I think it's the bastard..."

Effortlessly, he repelled the two offensives of the rebels, killing and wounding dozens of people, and the morale of the bandits rose greatly.

Li Dingguo was not hacking people this time, his face turned blue when he heard the curse from above, he immediately organized the troops and launched two more attacks.

But still being smashed and fled back in embarrassment, four times in total, hundreds of people were killed and injured, even without touching the side of the wall.

Qin Yu had already turned his head to one side and couldn't bear to look straight. The terrain was too damn good.

Mo said that Li Dingguo didn't let his people go. In this case, even if the spoils were not needed, he would not be killed.

Seeing that he had to organize an offensive, he quickly stepped forward and persuaded: "Ding the country, such a strong attack will not work, so I should rest for a while and consider the long-term plan!"

"What else can I do if I don't attack? Is it possible to withdraw troops?" Li Dingguo said bitterly, apparently red eyes.

"With so many brothers dead, it is naturally impossible to retreat, but the terrain here is narrow and steep, so letting the wood roll down is too lethal. It is better to nail some wooden stakes on the hillside and push it in layers to see how effective it is. kind?"

Qin Yu touched his chin and said.

He sighed in his heart. He knew that Li Dingguo was young and energetic at this time, and was far from the maturity and stability of the anti-Qing period. When he was a little excited, his blood surged.

"Okay, then try it!"

Li Dingguo nodded and calmed down a lot.

Immediately, the army was busy again.

"Mother, why did Brother Xiaoyu chop wood again?"

"I guess I want to make some more shields!" Madam Li thought for a while.


"Mother, do you think Brother Xiaoyu can attack?" Li Wan'er nodded, then looked at the cottage in the distance and curiously said, since there is no danger and it is far away, so she is not very scared.

"Wan'er, don't talk nonsense..."

Mrs. Li hurriedly covered her mouth nervously, and looked at the young guards behind her. It was obvious that she was bitten by a snake once and was afraid of well ropes for ten years.

It was really terrible when Chief Qin became angry, and it was not something that the mother and daughter could bother.

"Let's go! It's almost noon, let's go back and cook!"

When she said that, she took her daughter, carrying a basket of washed wild vegetables, and returned to the camp at the foot of the mountain.

As for whether or not this cottage could be smashed, she didn't care much, anyway, she wouldn't be caught by those bandits who went down the mountain to fight back. She still knew this.

in the afternoon.

Hundreds of wooden piles with the thickness of the bowl were made, one end was sharpened, and many wooden sledgehammers were made.

The offensive continued again. This time, Li Dingguo sent only a dozen people, carrying wooden stakes and sledgehammers, and they were still hundreds of meters away from the wall, and they stopped and began to nail stakes.

Ten roots in a row, each separated by one meter. After nailing a row, push it up five meters, stagger and nail.

The hero on the mountain was immediately confused by Monk Zhang Er.

"Brother, what the hell are these bastards doing?"

"Aren't you doing a catapult or something?"

"Bring up a piece of wood and throw it down."

Yang Tianxing did not answer, but commanded with a gloomy face.

Upon hearing the words, the two big men hurriedly lifted a piece of wood the size of a person's head and climbed up the wall of the wall, shouting one, two, three, and threw it directly from their shoulders.

A section of the slope down the wall of the stockade was obviously cleaned up.

Not only was there no weeds and gravel, some raised areas were shoveled, and recessed areas were also filled.

The wood fell to the ground and bounced high, several times in a row before it rolled down against the ground.

The big guy who was nailing a stake below, quickly threw away the guy in his hand and fled down.

With a bang, the wood was successfully stopped by the two stakes in the second row. The big guys who hadn't escaped to the foot of the mountain were relieved when they saw it, rushed up and began to nail it again.

"Mother, these rebels are not stupid. If you lift some rocks up, I don't think they can stop them." Yang Tianxing cursed when he saw it.

But Qin Yu and Li Dingguo under the mountain were overjoyed.

"Xiaoyu, you still have more options."

"Hehe, you do it, I use my brain, it's just a division of labor!"

Qin Yu smiled and waved his hand, then looked at the falling rocks, frowned, and ordered: "Saw some ten-meter-long wood and lift it up, horizontally in front of the stake."


In this way, hundreds of people took turns nailing the stakes and lifting the wood. They stopped working without stopping. They were busy until the evening before they nailed the stakes 20 meters away from the wall.

Hundreds of people were smashed to death, and the camp was already full of wounded.

Fortunately, it was a siege war, and Li Dingguo always looked at him with a keen heart, otherwise no one would be willing to do such dangerous work.

"Xiaoyu, it's getting dark, let's fight the lights at night!"

"No need, my brothers are tired all day, need to relax, send some archers to guard the mountain at night, it's not too late to fight tomorrow."

Qin Yu waved his hand to stop his crazy idea, but he also understood that he didn't want to wait for a moment and wanted to enter the cottage.

If he was replaced in one day, more than two hundred of his men were killed or injured, and the wall was not touched, so they would be crazy.

The hundreds of archers in Li Dingguo were still the broken bows that they had captured during the last ambush. They picked and repaired them and made up a hundred of them.

I made some arrows with extra gun heads. The carpenter made some arrow shafts, which were used as killer tools. They had little effect during the day, but now they are useful at night.

In the evening, Yang Tianxing brought people out to destroy him, trying to chop off those damn stakes, but he fled back embarrassed by several rounds of arrow rain. More than a dozen heroes were shot into hedgehogs.

The next day, the army had eaten breakfast early in the morning and came to the foot of the mountain to assemble and stand by. All of them looked nervous, obviously knowing that there will be a fierce battle today.