"Brothers, this Tianlangzhai rich's oil is said to have robbed a lot of big family women in recent years. After breaking the village, all the women obtained are given to the meritorious brothers. Whoever gets in first can choose one first. Twelve taels of silver!"

"Aw! Aw! Aw! Aw!"

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Almost all the heroes used to have mud legs, and the most unsatisfied are the big family women. They didn't have their share in the past. Now, hearing Li Dingguo say this, they suddenly screamed and his eyes were red.


Seeing that the morale had been mobilized, Li Dingguo yelled angrily without talking nonsense.

Suddenly, two hundred troops, wave after wave, bypassed the stakes and crossed the logs, shouting and rushing upwards.

It was not until they rushed closer to the wall that the bandits smashed the wood and stones down again, and screamed and wailed for a while.

A soldier was crushed to death and wounded at the foot of the wall. Even if he wanted to retreat, he couldn't retreat, so he had to bite the bullet and rush up.

Because the left side is a cliff, the lower is the rolling Han River, the right is a steep slope a few meters high, and the upper part is full of bushes and thorns. It stretches to the top of the mountain and can’t get up. The brothers in the back are desperately trying to reach the top. One way forward.

Obviously, the ten-meter-wide mountain road leading to the cottage was artificially constructed, otherwise it would be impossible to pass.

Not long afterwards, there was a corpse, wood and stone on the door of the village, all blocked by the last row of wooden stakes, turning the slope into a flat ground.


With a loud noise, the wooden gate was blown apart, and several bandits were directly shaken off. The bandits under the wall were all scared and panicked.

"Don't panic, the place is so narrow, even if there is no Zhaimen, they will never want to attack! Kill me!"

Yang Tianxing shouted violently, and the bandits who stopped the riots led dozens of heroes to block the gate, and the rebels who rushed in were chopped with flesh and blood.

"Big brother, second brother, they used gunpowder again, it's shameless!"

"Mother, last time I went to ask for it, the little beast said that he didn't have it, and now he secretly uses it again. When I go back, I won't file a lawsuit against him, and give him his last name!"

On the hillside in the distance, Sun Kewang, who specially watched the excitement secretly, saw a loud noise coming from the mountainside, and there was a puff of black smoke, and he was so angry.

At this time, Li Dingguo and Qin Yu didn't care whether Sun Kewang would sue or not, and they had no time to care.

Seeing that the gate of the village had been exploded, Li Dingguo took more than a hundred armored warriors and personally stepped forward to supervise the battle. Anyone who dared to retreat would be attacked, leaving no trace of affection.

Qin Yu also put on a piece of cotton armor, carried a knife in his hand, and a fire gun tied to his thigh, ready to take the teenagers up at any time.

The wall of the village was as wide as that, and a row of wooden stakes was nailed not far away, causing more and more wood and stone corpses to accumulate. More than a thousand rebels lined up from the gate of the village to the foot of the mountain.

"Xiaoyu, you are supervising the battle at the back, I don't believe you can't get in today!"

Li Dingguo yelled at Qin Yu below, and squeezed up with more than a hundred elite.

"When you come back from Dingguo, you must adjust the formation and attack again..."

Qin Yu jumped and shouted anxiously, but maybe it was too noisy, or maybe Li Dingguo's blood surged again and didn't stop at all.

"Mingjin, hurry up, Mingjin retreat!"

"Chief Xiao Qin, we don't have a gong, how can we make gold?"

The big men still staying at the foot of the mountain looked at each other.

"What? Damn, you didn't even bring a gong in the war, I served you!"

Qin Yu's chin almost didn't fall off, but the situation was urgent, so he had to order the guards to hang the long knife in his hand with a rope and hit it with the gun head.

The Rebels didn't have gongs, because when they didn't withdraw their troops, withdrawing troops meant throwing away their helmets and armor and panicking.

When they went up, the leaders yelled, and everyone rushed together. The situation was not good. The same yells, the leaders rushed with a sharp heart, and the ordinary rebels completely depended on their own weight.

Those who can keep up are heroes, and those who can't keep up are soft guys. Anyway, the peasant army did not withdraw its troops in the early stage. Even during the siege, they all depended on attacking soldiers and collapsed.


The sound of more than 30 weapon blades knocking together was still very harsh, and the two hundred heroes who stayed at the foot of the mountain to supervise the battle, and those who had knives in their hands, hurriedly followed.

The rebels who were rushing up were all shocked. As long as they were Chinese, they had almost heard of Mingjin's retreat, so after reacting, they all turned and rushed down desperately.

Li Dingguo, who had just been squeezed in half, was furious, but still could only be swept down by the crowd crawling on it.

Seeing the rebels receding like a flood, the bandits on the wall cheered, and Yang Tianxing and hundreds of big men were weakened to the ground, unable to pursue them.

"Mother, what kind of spooky battle did the second child fight? How can you withdraw this time?"

On the hillside in the distance, Sun Kewan jumped and cursed, wishing to rush up to beat Li Dingguo violently, and take the command himself.

"Xiaoyu, what the hell are you doing?"

There was a thunder.

Seeing Li Dingguo's cold hair stand up, he rushed towards Qin Yu with bruise and redness.

"To determine the country, the whole team must attack again. The people in front are too weak to get in, and the heroes behind can't get up..."

"Also attack a fart, do you see if they still have the courage? Don't you understand the reason that they will fail again and again?"

Li Dingguo pointed to the rebels lying on the ground, gritted their teeth with anger.

"Then you should take the lead with your confidantes, and you must not give these bandits a chance to breathe. Charge immediately, charge immediately!"

"Okay! Then I will fight again! Brothers follow me!"

Li Dingguo didn't talk too much, as soon as he gritted his teeth and took over a shield, he rushed up with two hundred confidants.

These people were supervising the battle just now, and they almost didn't lose any strength, all of them followed Li Dingguo like tigers.


"What the fuck are you doing on the ground?"

"Eyes fell into the crotch. Didn't you see that your leader took the lead?"

"Get up quickly and rush to Lao Tzu! Otherwise, I will kill you!"

Qin Yu drew his hand gun and fired a shot at the sky, and then roared at the young rebel army.

Although everyone didn't want to rush anymore, one by one they looked like a frustrated ball, but seeing the leader and the camp hero actually took the lead this time, they had to get up reluctantly and rush up the hill again.

"Hurry up, the ladies on the mountain have enough wine and meat, and they all rushed up. Who dares to stay behind, be careful that I cut him..."

Qin Yu led three hundred teenagers in the back with punches and kicks, and occasionally put down a shot to scare those young men who fell behind.

The people behind were scared and squeezed upwards, and the people in front had to be pushed upwards, otherwise they would be knocked down, trampled alive or squeezed off the cliff.

"All to Lao Tzu!"

Qin Yu became fierce and sent almost all his troops up, and all the people pushing and pushing were squeezed on the two hundred-meter-long mountain road.