"No, let's be late! Tianlang Village has been broken by the rebels."

"Impossible. Even if the Rebels attacked as soon as they arrived the afternoon before yesterday, they would not be able to break through my Tianlang Village in just two days!"

"If you don't believe me, see for yourself!"

On a mountain col not far from the Tianlang Village, the Red Oriole pointed to the far door of the village, with a hint of gloat in his tone.

Yang Tianlin hurriedly squeezed forward and set up the pergola with his hands. His expression suddenly changed. He saw that the gate of his house was long gone, and the mountain road and the wall were in a mess.

"Red girl, depending on the situation, they should have just attacked it soon. Please take someone to rescue my Sirius Village immediately. I and my eldest brother will be grateful. From now on, I will only be the leader of Wufengzhai!"

"It's late, haven't you heard that the fighting has stopped? This group of rebels can break through your Heavenly Wolf Village in such a short period of time. It is extraordinary. This time I only brought five hundred brothers. of."

Hongying shook her head. She didn't intend to really rescue Heavenly Wolf Village, but now she is taking advantage of her intentions.

"You...you... blame you. If you didn't listen to my advice last night and insisted on spending the night in the mountains, why would you come late?"

Yang Tianlin was furious and pointed at the Orioles, gritted his teeth.

"Huh! We set off yesterday morning, and today afternoon, we have rushed to Bailishan Road. Looking at the whole Xiangyang, who can do it?

Your eldest brother is incompetent. There are thousands of brothers. He can't hold this terrain for two days. You still have the face to blame me for being slow?"

Hongying said coldly, if it were not for fear of her foster father to blame, she really wanted to cut this guy with a single sword and let him completely cut off the roots of Tianlang Village.

Yang Tianlin flushed, but he didn't know how to refute.

He naturally saw the murderous intent that flashed in the eyes of the girl just now. At this time, there were only a dozen people around him, and he could only hold back this breath temporarily.

Qin Yu and Li Dingguo didn't know that Tianlang Village still had reinforcements. At the moment, they were counting the money, grain and livestock in the cottage. The gold and silver were soft.

In order to be lazy, Qin Yu also called up the mother and daughter to help with statistics.

Fortunately, with the bloody scene last time, the mother and daughter's faces were just a little white, and they were not vomiting.

After the cleaning was finished, it was already in the afternoon, and the two of them decided to rest in the cottage for one night, leaving early in the morning, and returning to Gucheng in the evening.



The entire cottage was brightly lit, two fat pigs and three sheep were slaughtered, and the drinks were enough.

On the square, ordinary rebels surrounded the bonfire to eat meat and drink, all making fists and swearing, while figures with faces and faces set up seats in the hall.

Hundreds of big and small women pour wine and feed meat, and there is no time for a single moment.

On the contrary, the wounded, the pain is to die and alive.

And in order not to affect everyone's mood of eating meat, drinking and playing with women, they have to be arranged far away.

"Come on, Chief Xiao Qin, my old Wang respects you."

"Chief Xiao Qin, I also respect you."

All the heroes frequently toast Qin Yu.

Although everyone didn't say anything, they knew in their hearts that if Qin Yu hadn't come up with an idea, they were afraid it would be difficult to take this cottage.

"Xiaoyu, come, let our brothers have one too. This battle is too enjoyable." Li Dingguo came to Qin Yu, naked and wrapped in a white cloth.

"Okay!" Qin Yu also mentioned the wine jar and bumped him, then gurgled and drank on his back.

Li Dingguo really poured it into his mouth, while Qin Yu pursed his mouth, allowing the drink to flow from his neck to the back of his belly, before meeting in the crotch.

No way, no matter whether it can be drunk or not, it is so powerful that it must not be admitted.

"Okay! Leader Xiao Qin is massive!"

As if they hadn't seen the large pool of water under his crotch, everyone applauded and gave thumbs up.

"Dingguo, have you arranged for defense? Your eldest brother has been nestling in the valley, ready to watch our jokes, but don't let him take people to touch him at night and steal our trophies."

"Don't worry, I have arranged for archers to stand guard on the wall of the wall a long time ago. You can just drink tonight."

"Well! I don't worry about your work, then continue to drink."

The elder brothers whispered for a while, and Qin Yu looked at the women in the field and said: "Ding the country, don’t follow the virtues of your foster father and eldest brother, remember that if you can’t eat this big pot, the army should have an army Looks like these women are best assigned to individuals."

"Oh! Xiaoyu, why did I want to be like this? But there are more monks and less meat! Brothers pin their heads to the belt of the pants, I can't favor one another!

Li Dingguo looked helpless.

Qin Yu was also speechless, but he wouldn't let his subordinates fall with him anyway.

Although it is difficult to be alone in the pot of the Eight Great Kings, this is already his final bottom line, and he must persist anyway.

"Dingguo, you guys drink, I'll see how the money and food statistics are."

Seeing that the scene became more and more unsightly, Qin Yu drove away with a few captains, lest these guys learn badly.

Li Dingguo didn't want to stay, and also took advantage of his injuries to rest.

After leaving the hall, Qin Yu led a few of his men to the outside of a room, and he heard howling like pigs.

Immediately he pushed the door and rushed in, and saw Mrs. Li and a few guards playing with the wounded.

"Madam, why are you here? What are you doing?"

"My son, I want to clean up their wounds. Can you find some medicine? I'd better find a doctor."

Mrs. Li's hands were full of blood, and she looked at Qin Yu pleadingly.

"Where do you want me to go to find the doctor and medicine in this wilderness?" Qin Yu dropped a word angrily, and went to check it, and blamed her for making trouble.

"Who told you to clean up their wounds, didn't this make them suffer more?"

Several guards lowered their heads and looked at Mrs. Li.

"Head... Chief, give me a good..." A young man who was stabbed in the chest spit out the wooden stick in his mouth and said weakly.

"Brother, go well!" Qin Yu pulled out the dagger from his thigh and pressed it against his heart.

"Don't want him, he still has to save!"

Mrs. Li hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed Qin Yu's hand, tears flooding.

"Is there any help? Am I still not sure?"

As Qin Yu said, the dagger slammed down.



With a splash of blood on Madam Li's face, she screamed and fell to the ground in a daze.

Qin Yu ignored him and took a few more shots, sending away the other three teenagers, including the captain named Qin Wu.

"Bury them with the brothers who died in battle, and if there is a chance in the future, I will erect a monument for them."

After speaking, he helped Mrs. Li on the ground and walked out of the room to the luxurious bedroom that was assigned.

"Are all the statistics clear?"

Mrs. Li nodded subconsciously, and then an angry face: "They are actually not seriously injured, and they can be saved..."

"Didn't you just save it?

The results of it?

Almost killed them alive and dared to rebel..."

Qin Yu pushed her to the bed and cursed.

"There used to be a doctor in the city, but you all killed him."

Mrs. Li just lay on the bed, muttering in her mouth.

"Don't tell me that your man is a doctor, then you have to find the Eight Great Kings."

Qin Yu sat down on the head of the bed, not having a good air.

He also knew that the ancient friendship between teachers and students was extremely important, and Mrs. Li was afraid that she didn't regard those teenagers as her own students. Today, thirty-five people died in the battle. It's not surprising that there was such a reaction.