The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 49: The Mother and Daughter Missing

Qin Yu and the others didn't ran very far, over the mountain col, and stopped in a forest.

Just after a big battle, and ran for more than 30 miles in one breath, almost all the teenagers were lying on the ground, breathing heavily and sweating.

"The first...the chief...the chief, he...he...they didn't come up, they have already gone back."

Qin Tie was breathless and chased up from behind, shouting from a distance.


Qin Yu suddenly fell back like a deflated ball, in a big font, lying straight on the ground.

When the teenagers heard this, their minds were completely relaxed.

For a while, there was only a heavy gasp in the forest, and there was no energy to squeeze out to celebrate.

After a long while, Qin Yu turned over and sat up, letting Tietou return to the col to watch.

Tietou looked bitter, but he could only drag his soft legs up the mountain col, and the leader of the dark road was too cautious.

"My son, you defeated that Sun Kewang just now. It's really amazing..."

Until this time, Li Fu came over with a water pouch, with joy and a different look in his eyes.

"What? Is it possible that Madam never believed me, thinking we would be caught by him?"

Qin Yu took a sip of the water sac and took a sip, but he lost his breath.

"My son, the concubine body doesn't mean that, the concubine body just... just thinks it's incredible, the son actually..."

Mrs. Li hurriedly shook her head and waved her hand to explain, but was interrupted by Qin Yu timidly: "Okay, I'll talk about other things later, let me see how the injured brother is doing."


Mrs. Li nodded, her expression became low in an instant, and she took the water bag and followed him.

Most of the thirty-one wounded were caused by being trampled on or rammed by war horses. After checking, half of them were out of breath, and the other half would survive in the end. I was afraid that they would not be more than one hand.

All the teenagers gathered around for a while, looking at their companions lying on the ground, they were silent.

Li Wan'er lay in Madam Li's arms, her shoulders constantly shaking, sobbing in a low voice, Madam Li also had ruddy eyes, holding back tears.

"Well, these brothers are all good. Without their sacrifices, there would be no good days for us in the future. Let's set a monument for them in the future!"

The atmosphere was too depressing, not conducive to the next action, so Qin Yu waved his hand quickly.

Let everyone eat first, build a straw shed after eating, rest in the woods tonight, and leave tomorrow.

In the evening, four more teenagers died, bringing the number of deaths to forty, plus 11 dying wounded.

After burying the forty brothers, Qin Yu felt painful in his heart. Although he beat Sun Kewang and killed more than a hundred people this time, the price he paid was not light.

However, after looking at the fifty-odd Mongolian horses tied to the tree, I finally got some comfort in my heart.

Before it was completely dark, the teenagers burned piles of firewood in the woods, and then casually spread some grass on the ground, and fell asleep in groups.

Seeing that everyone was exhausted and looked at the stars in the sky again, Qin Yu didn't bother to ask them to get up and build a straw shed.

As the leader, he naturally wouldn't sleep on the ground, so he made two hangers with cane, think about making one for the mother and daughter.

I pulled two more cotton cloths over, one for the cushion and the other for the cover. There was a big fire in the middle, and it would not be too cold at night.

After doing this, Qin Yu realized that he hadn't seen the mother and daughter for a long time, and was shocked. Did he take the opportunity to run away?

He hurried to the edge of the woods and asked the four teenagers who were about to stay to watch the night: "Where did they go, madam? Have you seen it?"

"The chief, the madam and the young lady just went to the creek over there and told us to watch and don't let people pass.

"Well, I'll go over and take a look, don't be taken away by the beasts, you continue to stay here, you must cheer up, know? Someone will replace you in the middle of the night."

Qin Yu breathed a sigh of relief, patted him on the shoulder, and walked forward quickly.

What else can the teenagers say?The sky is big and the leader is the biggest. Is it possible to remind the leader that the lady won't let people pass?

Just after walking hundreds of steps, a mountain stream appeared in front of you. The river was crystal clear, and fish and shrimps could be seen swimming vaguely at the bottom of the river.

The mother and daughter were sitting on a rock next to a small water pool, their trousers raised high, and two pairs of white and small jade feet were plopping in the water!



The mother and daughter were both startled by the sudden sound of footsteps. When they turned around, Qin Yu was relieved.

Immediately, Li Wan'er hurriedly blocked her feet with her hands, a trace of shyness flashed across her face, and even more panic.

Mrs. Li hurriedly stood up, put the trousers down, and found that she still couldn't cover it. Then she remembered that she was not wearing a skirt, and said embarrassingly: "My son, you... why are you here?"

"Huh! Are you afraid that you will be taken away by a big bug? Don't walk this far alone next time. Don't you know if this is a deep mountain and old forest?"

Qin Yu snorted coldly, and he didn't know why his tone was mixed with a hint of displeasure.

After speaking, he came to sit down next to the big stone, took off his shoes and started soaking his feet.

"I know Brother Xiaoyu!"

Li Wan'er lowered her head and saw her sitting next to her. She hummed, wishing to bury her little feet in the sand.

"Wan'er, take your feet out, how am I doing?"

Qin Yu cared, saying that when he crossed the col, even he dismounted and walked, let alone the mother and daughter.

"Brother Xiaoyu, don't..." Li Wan'er bit her lip firmly and shook her head, her face flushed, almost bleeding.

"This is a marching war, how can there be so much attention? Good, obedient, Xiaoyu brother will not laugh at you."

As Qin Yu said, he fished one of her feet out of the water, and found that it was swollen into pig feet, and the soles of her feet were all blisters.

"You won't be allowed to bind your feet anymore. Isn't this asking for sin?"


Li Wan'er put her hands on her cheeks, and cried out to Madam Li, obviously at a loss.

Xiao Xinru was busy packing herself at this time, and had no time to control her daughter. It was not until she heard her daughter's cry for help that she said in a panic: "The son, the woman bound her feet is..."

"What is it? You can see for yourself what's going on. When you wrap your feet up, I'm afraid that you won't be going to waste it. You are really cruel as a mother."

Qin Yu's face was black as charcoal.

"Well, let's listen to the son, Wan'er don't wrap it up in the future."

Mrs. Li had already put on her socks at this time, and wanted to say that the ladies of the big family usually seldom walk when binding their feet, but finally nodded.

"But mother, if she doesn't wrap her up, Wan'er will be laughed at in the future..."

Li Wan'er glanced at Qin Yu secretly, and said that at the end, her voice was so thin that only she could hear her.

"Nonsense, nature is the most beautiful, don't listen to your mother."

"Yeah! Then Waner listened to Xiaoyu's brother."

Li Wan'er took her hand off her face and looked at Qin Yu and nodded shyly, but her tone was very firm.

Seeing her daughter say this, Mrs. Li was feeling a little bit stunned, and found that Qin Yu was walking towards her again, and immediately wanted to put on her shoes.

"What to wear, yours also took off, I will check it, how is the injury?"

"My son, my concubine is fine, so I don't need to check it." Mrs. Li waved her hand quickly.

"Nonsense, this is related to tomorrow's march arrangements. This leader must personally check it before he can make a decision!"

Qin Yu was stern, he was not talking nonsense, the mountain road was rugged, and the mother and daughter had to fall to death on horses, so they either walked by themselves, or were carried or tied to the horse.

But tied to the horse, he must lose his life.

Carrying will increase the burden on the teenager.

I guess they don't have the ability to leave.

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