The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 51-Fighting Black Tiger

early morning.

There was a white mist in the mountains, and the morning dew wetted the flowers and leaves, but it made the air a touch of sweetness.

God opened his eyes and it didn't rain at night.

Let the young people in the forest sleep beautifully, but they were still awakened by the sound of countless insects and birds.

Qin Yu sat up from the hammock, stretched out comfortably, looked aside, and saw the mother and daughter hugging each other, still sleeping under their cloaks.

They didn't bother them either, knowing that they must have been exhausted both physically and mentally yesterday. This was the first time they slept in, and they were not awakened by such a big movement.

Burning hot pots, cooking porridge and boiling soup, catching fish and digging wild vegetables, the teenagers are busy with Qin Yu's arrangement.

Seeing so much food in the mountains and forests, the teenagers were all fortunate, and followed the leader.

This Huguang is really rich!

Even if you stay in this deep mountain and old forest, you won't be starved to death. Nowhere is it like the north, you don't even have to chew on the bark.

This is the emotion in the hearts of some young people who have fled from Nanyang and even farther away.

It wasn't until bursts of rice porridge and fish smell came out that Xiao Xinru stirred her eyelashes and opened her beautiful eyes.

Realizing that the sky was already bright, I hurried to wake up the daughter in my arms...

After eating, they cleaned up again, and the team set off and continued along the mountain road to the southeast.

Qin Feng, the most clever, led thirty young men to explore the road. In the middle were Qin Yu and a large army leading the horse, carrying the mother and daughter and the wounded, while Qin Tie took the guard behind the palace.

A group of people sometimes climbed over the mountain and crossed the ridge from time to time, until the afternoon, the mountain was finally less dense.

During the period, Qin Yu and the mother and daughter rode horses where they were easy to walk. When it was difficult to walk, the mother and daughter sat on the soft sedan chair temporarily tied with bamboo and cane, and did not suffer any more.

Originally, Qin Yu was worried that the teenagers who carried the sedan chair would complain. Who would have thought they would scramble to carry it, only then found that he had far underestimated the concept of respect and inferiority and the relationship between teachers and students in this era.


"Big brother, these little guys are quite cautious, and they sent people to explore the way, what should I do?"

"Notify the second child, let the team in front go over, and kill the one behind."

The black tiger spit on the ground with leaves in his mouth, whispered, but staring sharply at the mountain road below, like a tiger really going downhill.

After a while, when it was clear that there were dozens of horses, most of them were tall Mongolian horses, and the other party was really a group of half-old children, a green light appeared in the black tiger's eyes.



Nothing, I opened this mountain, and I planted this tree. I want to live from now on, leaving nonsense like buying road money.

With a loud shout, more than three hundred heroes were like tigers in the mountains, howling from the forests on both sides, and rushing towards the mountains below.

"There is an ambush..."

At this sudden scene, the teenagers who led the horse on the official road were shocked, and some riots could not help.

Qin Yu looked at the people rushing down from both sides, not knowing where he was ambushed, and cursed Qin Feng for exploring his mother's way.

But it was not as flustered as a teenager.

Knowing that it was too late for the lineup, he immediately fired a shot and shouted in his throat: "Put down the wounded, all fight, three people in groups, each fight..."

Sure enough, the gunshots were Command Qin's orders, and the teenagers abandoned their horses to take their guns, forming a group with the two neighbors.

Qin Feng in front and Qin Tie in the back, after reacting, both rushed over with their own men desperately.

As soon as the teenagers held their guns in their hands, the bandits rushed to the official road, and the two sides fought together for a while.

Although the three hundred bandits are tall and magnificent, only half of them have real guys, and the rest are wooden sticks and bamboo spears.

Although he was caught off guard, hacked to death and wounded many teenagers, more of them were stabbed by the teenagers.

He was also secretly frightened while carrying a broadsword. He thought that the other party was young, and if he lay in ambush at first, he would definitely panic and fled around.

But who would have thought that this group of teenagers reacted so quickly, not only were they not shocked, but they dared to fight hard, and the guys in their hands were also unusually sharp.

I couldn't help but get up in a hurry and go on like this. If they wait for the opponent to arrive, they are still opponents?

As soon as I thought of this, I caught a glimpse of a young man in a red cloak, guarding the two women and retreating to a boulder. He was overjoyed and threw the knife forward.

That guy must be the head, he still understands the principle of catching the thief first.


"Madam, help me get gunpowder..."

Qin Yu threw the fire gun and the leather box around his waist to Mrs. Li behind him, and then drew a long knife across in front of him.

At this time, the mother and daughter were already scared to Huarong, Li Wan'er squatted on the ground holding her head and screamed again and again. Madam Li was better, taking over the trembling hand and filling it up.

Since she often cleans up the firecrackers, Qin Yu has also taught her, so except that she has never fought, she can.

The Black Tiger avoided the fighting crowd and touched it closer. After seeing Madam Li's face, he was shocked.

Qin Yu saw that he was carrying a steel knife in his hand, he was very burly, and his face was fierce. He didn't know that this dog was the leader of the opponent.

Secretly, this damn red cloak was awe-inspiring, it was too dazzling, but I still took the opportunity to take a few steps and slashed at this guy's skull with a single knife.


The black tiger hurriedly swung his knife to block, and the two knives collided, Qin Yuzhen retreated three steps in a row, and the tiger's mouth was in pain.

"The kid takes his life..."

The Black Tiger was chasing after victory, taking two steps forward, screaming, and smashing Huashan quickly and fiercely.


Qin Yu hurriedly raised his knife to block, and fell to the ground due to the shock. The tiger's mouth was bleeding, but he pulled out the dagger from his leg, and a donkey rolled and took the opportunity to hit his thigh with a vicious knife.


Heihu cried out in pain and kicked Qin Yu away with his foot.

Qin Yu rolled twice, knocking his head on the soil slope on one side, hitting his eyes with Venus, and immediately spouted a mouthful of blood, almost not passing out.

"Little beast, I take your skin..."

Seeing that his thigh was stained red with blood, the black tiger stepped forward with a distorted face.

Qin Yu bit the tip of his tongue, turned over and sat up, holding the dagger tightly, the same fierce light in his eyes.


Just as Heihu raised his sword to slash towards Qin Yu who was sitting on the ground, Qin Yu blocked with his hand, and smashed one hand, and wanted to give the opponent's lower abdomen again, a clear gunshot came.

Cang Dang!

Heihu's body shook, the long sword held high fell to the ground, he turned his head slowly, and knelt on the ground with a look of disbelief.

Next to the big stone, Mrs. Li was holding blunderbuss in both hands, the muzzle was still smoking, and her expression was overwhelming.

Qin Yu leaped forward and stabbed Heihu several times in the chest before pushing him to the ground. As soon as he got up, his legs became weak.

"My son, are you okay!" Madam Li hurriedly threw away her handgun and ran up to hold Qin Yu.

"This bastard is so powerful!"

Qin Yu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and gasped.

If it weren't for Mrs. Li's help to shoot, even if he would kill this person in the end, he himself would have only breathed out.

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