In the Juyi Hall, more than a dozen backbones who had escaped from Heifengzhai knelt in the hall, talking embarrassedly...

The heads on the left and right looked at each other.

Liu Xiaotian on the tiger-skin chair above, his face darkened as he listened to him, and finally he slapped the armrest heavily and stood up and shouted: "He deceived people too much. His eighth king killed all of Gucheng's colleagues. He even sent someone to sneak into Nanzhang to make a fortune, do you really think we are all fat sheep?

"Foster father, this matter is a bit weird, maybe it's the little thief who came from, it's better to find out before making a decision!"

The Oriole on the side quickly stood up and said.

She felt that if the Eight Great Kings really wanted to deal with them, would they only send more than three hundred young soldiers?

"Uncle, sister Ying'er, the people sent by our Tianlang Village to inquire about the news reported back. Among the team who came to attack our cottage, there was a group of young soldiers armed with weird long spears. The number was also two to three hundred, so this group The boy must be an anti-thief from Gucheng."

Yang Tianlin got up and fisted at Liu Xiaotian and Hongying, saying that he hated this group of teenagers and the rebels.

If it hadn't been for them to destroy Tianlang Village, how would they end up under the fence and be laughed at everywhere.

The most hateful thing is that this old man has also dodged the marriage several times. It seems that 80% of them want to repent of the marriage.

"If this is the case, then you can't be wrong, huh! That group of little beasts is really bold. Two or three hundred people dare to attack my Wufengzhai with open fire. This time the old man will let the eight kings know, Qianglong The truth about not crushing the snake."

"Foster father put an end to his anger for the time being, even if this group of young soldiers are rebels from Gucheng, this time it is obvious that the black tiger has violated your old man's orders and acted without authorization. It is understandable that they should start the incident first.

And if the Eight Great Kings really want to have trouble with us, there will definitely be a large army coming later, so it's not too late to watch the changes for the time being and see what the boys do!"

Red Oriole really didn't want to conflict with the rebels, because she hated the court and the corrupt officials as much. If her foster father had shown great kindness to her, she would have defected to the rebels.

Liu Xiaotian frowned and calmed down a lot. Seeing that all the masters below were talking about it, he nodded after thinking about it, and said: "Well, then according to Yinger's words, let's watch the changes first and see if the eight kings are still there. Without soldiers and horses coming, the old man also contacted some cottages during this time."

"Yes, foster father!"

"The village owner is wise."

The red oriole was overjoyed, and the other masters also clasped their fists to answer. Obviously no one wanted to really smash the rebels.

Only Yang Tianlin gritted his teeth secretly, glanced at Oriole, and wished to swallow her in one bite.


at the same time.

Qin Yu is also holding a meeting in the Juyi Hall of Heifengzhai.

After a night's rest, his internal injuries have improved a bit, at least he won't hurt anymore when he speaks.

Looking at the eight captains sitting on the left and right, and the dozen or so deputy captains behind them, Qin Yu felt a little floating.

This feeling of sitting upright is really cool!

It is better to be a chicken head than a phoenix tail, this sentence is really the most logical saying.

"Although we are temporarily living in a bandit den, we must remember that I am not a bandit, but a rebel. What is a rebel?

First of all, the Rebel Army is an army, it is to fight the world, it is to rescue the whole world, like me, the oppressed poor people and orphans..."

Qin Yu looked righteous and awe-inspiring, and began to inculcate his own thoughts in these teenagers and let them correct their identities.

Because history has proven that an army that has never had faith and goals will not have a future.

These young people are following him now, although it is only to survive, and what he said is still far away from them, but now he only needs to plant the seeds.

When these young people have enough food and clothing, they are bound to begin to think about their own future and future. At that time, the seeds he planted will sprout and grow.

For these young people to be loyal, it is important to show kindness, but it is indispensable to have the same goal.

Throughout the past and present, the one who succeeded in the end is nothing more than this.

The set of men and horses around Lao Liu and Lao Zhu followed them so desperately because they wanted to win the world, then seal their wives and enjoy the glory and wealth!

As for how to save the world, it is just a gimmick to coax ordinary people. Of course, the two do not conflict.

Leader Qin’s talk made all the young people below listen to the cloud. I don’t know what the leader said and when will he talk about it?

It's almost noon, and the brothers are all croaking.

On the side, Mrs. Li and Li Wan'er, blinking a pair of beautiful eyes, staring at Qin Yu with a little excitement.

Obviously, in this era, only people who have read books can really care about world affairs.

After finishing all these, Qin Yu made another arrangement before announcing the meal.

In the future, young people will train in the morning, build in the afternoon, and learn literacy in the evening.

The first thing to build is to reinforce the wall of the stockade, choose a steep place on the trail in the back mountain, and build a stockade door, followed by toilets and iron shops, and finally the accommodation for the teenagers and the stables.

Fortunately, the two brothers Dazhu can also work as carpenters. After more than two hundred years of logging, they should be able to complete the work after a few months.

In the afternoon, Qin Feng brought Chun Tao and four teenagers with swollen noses and swollen noses back from the town twenty miles away.

"what happened?"

Seeing the six people bare-handed and still looking like a ghost, Qin Yu's face was black as coal.

"Boss, you have to call the shots for the brothers! The inspections and Poppi in the town are too hateful. Seeing that we are young and our accents are not like the locals, they made things difficult for us. In the end, they not only robbed us, but also Bullying Sister Chuntao, if I didn't bring a knife and gun, I really wanted to kill them..."

At the end of Qin Feng's speech, his teeth clenched and rattled, showing that he was beaten up badly, and the other two teenagers were not much better.

"Okay! This bunch of dog things actually fooled Laozi, Qin Tie, summon..."

"The son calms down!"

"It's not too late for a gentleman to get revenge for ten years. Let's take it for the first time, so as not to attract the attention of the government, it is better to go as a concubine dressed as a man!"

Seeing that Qin Yu was going to attack the town, Mrs. Li panicked and hugged his arm to persuade.

"Well, what the madam said is reasonable, Qin Feng, how many big households are there in that town? Are there any soldiers and horses stationed? Have you found out about the surrounding situation?"

Qin Yu wasn't an impulsive person either. He was just doing something. Upon persuading Mrs. Li, she borrowed the donkey and sat down.

After all, the most important thing now is to heal the wounds. Even dozens of people, including him, have suffered serious injuries. It is really not suitable to use the sword.

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