The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 56 The Night Black Wind Goes To Robbery

"Looking back to the boss, there are seven or eight large households, a dozen shops, an inspection department and a few catchers. There are almost a hundred people in the town. There is only a two-meter-high earth wall in the town. Few, there will be more talents only when the market arrives."

"Have you bought everything?"

Qin Yu frowned.

According to Chuntao and several women, the largest Wu family in Guang Heishi Town has a hundred and ten families, plus the other families and the more than one hundred inspectors, I am afraid that there will not be three hundred people.

Qin Feng blushed and replied, "I bought ten catties of salt, 80 wen per catty. There is no drug store in the town, so there is no sulphur. The cotton cloth is two taels of silver and ten, and cotton is three taels of silver and one catty. , Bought ten catties, and three chickens and twenty catties of meat were snatched away." At the end, she lowered her head.

"What about the food?" Qin Yu cares most about the food. He can eat up to three days of the coarse and fine food of more than 800 catties. He doesn't want to kill the horse when the food runs out.

"There is a grain shop in the town. Rice is two taels of silver and one stone, and wheat is three and two and one stone. The shopkeeper only wants to send out the town. The hired coachmen heard that they are going to Montenegro. No matter how much money they pay, they are not willing to come. , So I didn't buy it."

Qin Feng looked bitter.

Qin Yu also fell silent. If there is no background in this era, even if you have money, things are not easy to buy. Even if you buy it, I am afraid that it will cause the prying of the caring people, and then make ghosts.

There was still a local girl named Chuntao leading the way. She went to the small town. Not only was she robbed of her money, but also the mule and horse she was taking.

If the carts and carts go to the county town, they have to become giant pandas. If they can get out of the city smoothly, then there will be ghosts.

The point is that they have no adults!

"Chief, aren't there three villages around here? How about I take people to grab some food and come back!"

Qin Tie stood up and said.

"My son, how much food can the people have? Let's take their food, and they must starve to death, so let's go to the town to buy it!"

"Yes, my son, our village is hunting for a living. We usually dig some wild vegetables and buy some rice bran to deal with it. In addition to paying rent for the grain we grow, all the rest is changed into silver to pay taxes. Except for growing grain, seriously. There is no more food!"

"My son, people in our village starve to death every year, please don't grab it..."

Chuntao and the five other women hurriedly knelt down to beg for mercy. They were obviously from the nearby village.

"Get up all!"

Qin Yu waved his hand, and then said to Madam Li: "I believe in Madam's ability, but even a woman disguised as a man is too eye-catching. According to the virtues of that group of inspections, most of them are meat buns and dogs. Think of other ways!"

"Leader, let's go to Jiedao. If you walk more than 30 miles east from this mountain road, there is an official road. I heard that there are a lot of carriages."

Qin Feng thought about the suggestion for a while, and the other captains also had their eyes bright and eager to try.

"Oh? Is there an official way?"

Qin Yu was also interested, and looked at Xiao Xinru to the side: "Madam, do you know that official way?"

"My concubine has also been to Nanzhang before, but looking at the general direction, it should be from Nanzhang County to Xiangyang." Mrs. Li nodded after thinking.

"Okay! Then grab some food and come back to save the emergency. Anyway, there are so many bandits and bandits in Nanzhang. Let's go at night, do it at dusk, and return at night, without knowing it."

Qin Yulu stood up and said that before he had the ability to protect himself, he didn't want to attract the attention of the government and interested people, after all, they were anti-thief.

Anti-thieves are no better than bandits. Once exposed, the generals who come to squeeze the persimmons to pick up the merits are afraid that they will rush to kill them. Then they will have only one way to escape.


As night fell, a hundred young people on the square held a spear in one hand and a pine oil torch in the other.

"My son, you are hurt, why do you need to go yourself?" Madam Li persuaded him while wearing a cloak.

"Oh! Madam, you think I want to go, but you see, the most clever Qin Feng asked him to explore the road ahead, but he was beaten in an ambush and asked him to go to town to buy something, but he messed up again. , Not only was almost stripped naked, but also beaten to death. How can you rest assured?"

"The son must be careful. This is no better than Gucheng. We are new here and we are not familiar with the place."

After listening to Mrs. Li, she looked helpless and had to say.

"Don't worry, madam, the trail is already very smooth to the east. I won't be tired from riding a horse. After I leave, the village will be handed over to you."


Mrs. Li nodded.

Immediately, Qin Yu took the two generals of Qin Feng and Qin Tie and a hundred army down the mountain, lit a torch, and rushed east to raise grain.

Although Heishi Town is also to the east, it is still three or four miles away from the trail. It is basically closed at night, and no one will walk around.

Thirty li, with the youth's current foot strength, it was only an hour before he went to the official path.

The surrounding terrain opened up instantly.

Qin Yu didn't want to go far, so he found a forest on the side and took his men in to rest, leaving only two of them on guard by the official road.


"Boss, a convoy came to the north, with torches."

"Oh! How many people? How many cars?"

Not long after everyone lay down, a teenager staring at the sentry ran over, and Chief Qin immediately turned over and sat up.

"There are only three carriages and 30 people, but there are 20 people who seem to have guys in their hands."

"It's a mere thirty people, it doesn't matter if all of them have guys." Qin Yu waved his hand.

Immediately after waking up all the teenagers, they quietly squatted down in the grass beside the official road.

Seeing that there were more than a dozen torches in the distance, Ying Ying Chuo Chuo could hear the sound of horseshoes and axles, and he was overjoyed.

He didn't expect to be able to catch the caravan at night. I wonder if it was their luck or the courage of the group.

Don’t you know that it’s a troubled world now?

Or is the public security around Xiangyang so good?

"Qin Tie, you take a team of men and horses to ambush to the opposite side, and they will come out at the same time later, don't start to surround them yet."


Qin Tie immediately ordered 30 people and touched the other side of the official road with the knife.

As the convoy got closer, the sound of the axles was clearly audible, and occasionally the sound of dialogue could be heard. The teenagers squatted motionless in the grass.


The carriage approached, with the light of the fire, and seeing that there were really only 30 people, Qin Yu got up and shouted without hesitation.


Suddenly the teenagers rushed to the official road from the grass on both sides, and surrounded the carriage and the crowd.

A sharp spear pointed straight at the crowd, and thirty steel knives shone brightly.

Had it not been explained by Chief Qin beforehand, the teenagers would have had a stab.

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