At this time, Liu Xiaotian was standing ten feet away from the Zhaimen, his nostrils were up to the sky with anger.

The Red Oriole was also a little annoyed, and the others were screaming, but Guo Biao was anxiously turning around.

Mrs. Li wore a white skirt and appeared on the wall. All the big guys subconsciously became quiet, with open mouths and surprises.

It is indeed Mrs. Li's dress and appearance, which should appear in the boudoir mansion, not the bandit's wall.

"Old man Liu Xiaotian, the owner of Wufeng Village, dare to ask this lady who is in this village?"

After a long while, Liu Xiaotian returned to his senses and punched the wall with a fist.

After seeing the face and temperament of the woman on the wall, her heart jumped and she couldn't help stepping forward a few steps.

"It turns out that it is Master Liu, and the concubine is polite, but fellow heroes come to help the shopkeeper Guo?"

Although there were a group of evil wolves standing below, there was not much fear on Madam Li's face because of the wall.

"Yes, Madam was also caught up the mountain by these little thieves?"

Liu Xiaotian took a few steps forward.

But in my heart, I was thinking that if this lady was also caught up to the mountain by this gang of thieves, he would inevitably wait a while, and he would take justice together.

However, it does not look like it, so I was very curious about her identity, why did she appear here?

"Master Liu Zhai misunderstood, the concubine was not arrested, but saved by my son."

"Oh? What about your son, why didn't you come out to answer? You still don't understand the rules of the world?" The Red Oriole stepped forward and said no good.

"Ying'er, don't be rude!"

Liu Xiaotian's face was stern, and he reprimanded him as a gentleman.

"This girl, my son-in-law was overworked last night and has not yet regained consciousness. Please wait a while. The village is simple and inconvenient to entertain guests, and I hope to be surprised!"

Everyone was shocked at what she said, thinking that her son and her had a happy transition last night, and they immediately screamed in their hearts with envy, and some even swallowed their saliva subconsciously.

Liu Xiaotian's face also collapsed, and he said solemnly: "That's the case, then please ask your wife to wake up your son and let him come to talk, otherwise the old man will be rude."

"Old stuff, I want to see how you are polite today."

As soon as Mrs. Li was about to delay for a while, Qin Yu climbed up from behind and opened his mouth to curse.

"Boy, who are you, An dare to be so presumptuous in front of the old man!"

"Huh! Don't rely on the old to sell the old, Xiaoye and shopkeeper Guo are discussing business, what's up with you in Wufengzhai?"

Qin Yu snorted coldly and was nosy about this old guy, still pretending to be coercion here, really wishing to kill him.

"The son..."

Mrs. Li looked at the five or six hundred men under the mountain, and pulled his sleeves a little worried, wanting him to have a good conversation with the other party, and it is best not to conflict.


"Boy, if the old man is right, you should be the anti-thief from Gucheng. Originally, our well water did not violate the river water, but you killed hundreds of people in my Wufeng Village and occupied my hill. Didn’t find you to settle the account, you actually took people to my Wufengzhai site to rob and tie people, really thinking that I am the hero of the green forest in Xiangyang, afraid that your rebels would fail?"

Liu Xiaotian first looked up to the sky and laughed, then stared at Qin Yu, and said coldly.

"Huh! It turns out that those guys are yours. They don't know how to live or die. They dare to break the ground and be slaughtered by the little master and occupy this cottage. How are you doing?

As for your site, what about your face?Could it be that you built that official road at Wufengzhai?Why can't you make a fortune if you are only allowed to block the road and charge?"

Qin Yu snorted coldly. If it weren't for his lack of strength now, where would he chat with this old guy?

Mrs. Li has turned her head to one side, but she thought in her heart, the son was really a scholar before?

"Okay, the offspring is terrifying, that's the case, then let's follow the rules of the rivers and lakes. If you win the long knife in my hand, what will happen to the official road from Xiangyang to Nanzhang in the future?"

Liu Xiaotian smiled backwards and raised the long knife in his hand, his old face flushed.

He Liu is in the boundary of Xiangyang, black and white, who doesn't sell thin noodles?Who ever thought of being so humiliated by a junior today?

"Shit quack rules, the little master is not your bandit and grass bandit, I am the dignified King Hua, how can I be as knowledgeable as you?"

Qin Yu flicked his cloak, held it on the handle of the knife, and added the big straw hat made by Mrs. Li. This momentum is really not comparable to bandits and bandits.

Yesterday he also nicknamed himself, originally intended to be called the King of Heaven, but after Mrs. Li's bitter advice, he changed to a lower-key Hua Wang.

"Boy, you keep saying that we are gangsters, then what are you? We in Wufengzhai didn't do kidnapping and extortion!"

The Red Oriole couldn't listen anymore, and stood up and said, these boys are really too arrogant and unreasonable.

Qin Yu had already noticed this tall and hot female bandit, with a fiery red outfit, and she was not inferior to Madam Li.

Although it was a bit surprising, but just a few casual glances, a woman can not only look good.

This kind of girl is absolutely the best in his time, and will be controversial, but this is really ancient!

Looking for a lady, it is naturally the kind of gentle and virtuous lady of Mrs. Li. The temperament, the charm, the smell of gestures, the shyness in that smile, she is not a bandit lady with a knife and a gun. Comparable.

Now when I saw her talking, I just snorted and turned to Guo Biao and said, "Treasurer Guo, you are not righteous! I said that I just asked for a few days as a guest, and promised to give you silver, but you I don’t know how to promote, so I turned around and moved to rescue the soldiers. It happened that the little master still lacked a warm-footed girl, so let’s go back and see how the precious daughter looks like..."

After speaking, she pulled Madam Li to walk down the wall.

When Hongying saw this kid, he only glanced at her and ignored her, her pretty face flushed instantly.

Guo Biao yelled anxiously, "Little brother, wait a minute. It's all Guogui who has lost his mind. Please don't hurt the little girl. I will go to raise food..."

"Then what are you doing there?"

"Okay, I'll go now..."

Guo Biao was overjoyed when he heard the words and turned to leave, but Liu Xiaotian stretched out his hand to stop him: "Guo brother, don’t be restless! This kid is just scaring you. My army is under the mountain. He never dare to hurt Ling Ai. It's up to you."


Guo Biao sighed helplessly, knowing that this group of little thieves wouldn't even sell Liu Xiaotian's face, he would admit it.

It's okay now, Liu Xiao's world will not stop if he doesn't come to Taiwan. Once there is a conflict between the two sides, even if the people in Wufengzhai finally wiped out the gang of thieves, his daughter would be dangerous.

He just saw it all in his eyes, and that kid looked like a cruel, black-bellied and shameless person.