In fact, Liu Xiaotian still had some fear of the Eight Kings in his heart, after all, that name was too scary.

In addition, the bones of Gucheng's colleagues have been cold, so the mouth has been screaming fiercely, but it is not really willing to make death enemies with the other party.

But now, the other party is in the first place, and he won't give him any face. If he goes back like this, he won't have to walk around in the Xiangyang area in the future, and his brothers may also be dissatisfied.

So after breakfast, I ordered people to cut wood and build ladders, build shields, and plan to use knives to find face.

Red Oriole did not persuade again. She thought that these young soldiers came to Nanzhang to kill officials and rebel, recruit troops and buy horses, to do big things, and to stand for the rebels.

Who ever thought that they actually did this kind of kidnapping and extortion, and they did it with confidence, even they Wufengzhai disdain it now.

At this moment, she was greatly disappointed. The image of the rebels in her mind collapsed in a mess, at least the Eight Kings collapsed.

"Little ones, kill me in..."


On the mountainside, Liu Xiaotian wielded a long knife, and a hundred big men rushed up with a wooden shield and a ladder.

"Smash it to Lao Tzu!"

"Smash hard!"



The teenagers stuck their spears on the wood around them, and they divided the labor and cooperated in an orderly manner without the slightest panic.

Either two people lifted a wood and threw it down, or one lifted a rock and smashed it down, some with guns jabbed down, some used poles to push the ladder, and more people were responsible for transporting stones and wood blocks below.

For a time, the bandit and thief who smashed it were howling ghosts.

"Pour big dung on Lao Tzu from the door of the village, and let these heroes taste the taste of hitting the door..."

With an order from Chief Qin, several teenagers carried wooden barrels and poured the hot dung down.


Suddenly seven or eight people carrying wood and shields, the big man hitting the door was screaming again and again, throwing down the wood and running back.

In a moment, twenty or thirty people were injured, and without touching the wall, he fled back embarrassedly, and Liu Xiaotian almost squirted blood from his mouth and nose.

Just as he was about to organize the troops to attack again, the Orioles on the side quickly persuaded: "Foster father, it's really not easy for these little thieves to cooperate with such a tacit understanding. The attack is probably not advisable. It's better to think about it longer!"

"How to plan? Does Ying'er have any plan?" As an old Jianghu, Liu Xiaotian was just stunned by Qin Yu, and now he calmed down.

"Foster father, originally we were supposed to deliver grain to the Black Mountain Village today, but according to the shopkeeper Guo, these little thieves don’t need silver or medicinal materials. They only need grain. If they want to come to the village, they will soon run out of grain. Under the mountain, within a few days, they must bow their heads."


Liu Xiaotian nodded and was about to agree.

Yang Tianlin on the side hurriedly said: "Uncle, although sister Ying'er is right, this group of little thieves has dozens of horses. Even if you kill one horse a day, you can last for a month or two."

"Yang, don't talk nonsense."

Hongying hated him, gave him a stern look, and then clasped his fists at Liu Xiaotian: "Foster father, even so, you can force them to hand over Miss Guo first. I believe they are not willing to kill the horse if they are not a last resort."

"What the Red Girl said is extremely true."

"Big Brother Liu, please save the little girl!"

Upon hearing this, Guo Biao hurriedly bowed to Liu Xiaotian to the end.

"Brother Guo please get up soon!"

"Well, this incident happened on my Wufengzhai site after all. If niece Guo has an injury, the old man will have no face to face friends on the road anymore, just follow what Ying'er said!"

Liu Xiaotian hurriedly helped him, then sighed and waved his hand.

It's like he was really concerned about Miss Guo's safety, so he didn't continue to attack the Black Mountain Village, rather than because he was afraid that the casualties would be too great to be defeated.

Guo Biao was naturally moved in tears, calling out that Big Brother Liu really deserves to be the Taishan Beidou among my fellow Xiangyang.

Orioles went down and hurriedly arranged.

The trail in the back mountain must be blocked by people, and a simple camp must be set up to prevent the other party from being anxious and sneaking down the mountain.


Three days passed in a flash.

In the past three days, Wufengzhai once again mobilized two hundred people to come.

The main road downhill from the front and the trails at the back are all surrounded.

No matter how the youngsters scolded on the mountain, the Orioles remained unmoved, but asked people to build more shields and wooden ladders.

As for Liu Xiaotian, because he was getting older, he went back the next day, but Guo Biao stayed at the bottom of the mountain.

At this time, in the Juyi Hall on the mountain.

Qin Yu's brows are all made into Sichuan characters.

"Madam, how much food is there?"

"My son, there is no food at noon today."

Mrs. Li replied carefully, her face filled with worry, after all, it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice.


"This is how to do?"

"I think I should just kill and fight them."

"They are too crowded, so let's sneak away at night."

"But they have cavalry, where can they go..."

A group of teenagers in the hall panicked when they heard that they were out of food.

They are not afraid of war, or even death, but they are afraid of starvation.

Qin Yu was also afraid of starvation, but still got up and screamed.

"Shut up to Lao Tzu!"

"What's so scary? I still have dozens of war horses, mules and horses. Even killing one every day can support him for a month or two. I don't believe that they can still surround him for a month or two."


All the captains suddenly woke up, and sat back obediently again, without a trace of panic.

"Master, let's negotiate, it's a pity that these horses are killed." Mrs. Li suggested carefully, she felt that this was a complete disaster.

"Madam, it's their nosy at Wufengzhai. Now that they are negotiating, aren't they weak? I'm afraid that any cat or puppy will jump out to block us in the future!" Qin Yu waved his hand.

Naturally, Mrs. Li could see that he actually wanted to negotiate, but he was afraid of falling into the limelight in front of the teenager.

So he said again: "The son, the man can bend and stretch. The son is only a newcomer and has not yet stood firm. This gives them the opportunity to take advantage of them. Why should they compete with them for a while? With the talent of the son, the concubine believes that there is a small Wufengzhai, he Riding will not take it seriously."

"Yeah! What the lady said is very reasonable. It's just a group of grass bandits. Don't say another day. Even if you give me three months, I will set foot on all the cottages in Xiangyang. Let the old thing have another two days and wait for the brothers. We can heal the wound, and it will not be too late to destroy him in Wufengzhai."

Qin Yu was so relieved by her words that she couldn't help but gave an admiring look, then nodded, and shouted at a crowd of teenagers.

But my heart said, the baby is also suffering.

He is the youngest, and although his strength is not the worst among teenagers, he still ranks in the bottom.

Nowadays, there are no Eight Great Kings on top of his head, so in front of the young man, he must always maintain the image of a wise man, and he can't recognize counsel at any time.

The majesty of the leader is even more undamaged, otherwise it won't be long before someone will think carefully.