Heishi Town is located in a valley more than 30 miles northwest of Nanzhang County.

The terrain in the valley is open. A small river about ten feet wide flows through the valley. There are large paddy fields on both sides of the valley. It may not be thousands of acres.

There are more than 20 small and small villages nearby, with a population of thousands.

Every 25th or 8th, the villagers of Shiliba Village will come to the town to go to the market to sell some things in exchange for money and buy things needed for life.

Because it is located in a mountainous area, there are many hunters and rare animals will be hunted from time to time, and occasionally bear paws and tiger skins will appear.

Therefore, on the day of the market, the restaurants in the city will be purchased by merchants, and small merchants and hawkers will temporarily come to set up stalls.

In addition, there is a mountain road to the northwest leading to Gucheng, and a trail to the west leading to Baokang. As a result, the market in Heishi Town is well-known and it is Yu Fa's popularity.

Only then set up a patrol department in the town to patrol the mountain roads and maintain public order on the day.

On the second day of September today, it was the day to go to the fair, and the Double Ninth Festival was approaching. Early in the morning, there were countless villagers walking on the mountain path in groups, picking or carrying them.

I want to get to the town early to get a good place.

However, in these teams going to the fair, a few people are obviously different from ordinary people.

I saw two strong men carrying a soft bamboo chair, on which sat a scholar in a long gown, and behind them two book children, carrying a horse with a bag.

The book grew beautifully, and on a cold day, with a folding fan in his hand, he looked like the son of a wealthy family.

The villagers I met on the way hurriedly gave way with a respectful look, and wondered in their hearts, how could such a young man come from this poor country?

As we approached the town, the number of people in the mountains grew more and more. Before the young man in the soft chair spoke, the big man holding the sedan chair in front of him shouted loudly.

"Get out of the way, get over..."

Everyone turned their heads and took a look, and they let themselves be on both sides, for fear of hitting the young man and getting beaten.

The two patrol inspectors at the door also saw this scene, both were shocked, and rubbed their eyes vigorously.

"Head, which son is this? Why is he so handsome? Haven't seen it before?"

"How did I know? It might be from the city, so I'll go up first..."

The two patrol inspectors ran up and kicked a villager whose legs were slow in the middle of the road.

"Dare to ask this young man where he is, what is there to do here, and where is there to be of help?"

"My son's surname is Xiao, and he is the third son of Wuchang Xiao's family. Come here to visit classmates..."


Before I finished talking about the fairy tale of the backpack book, I was hit by a folding fan on the head, and my neck suddenly retracted.

The handsome boy just got out of the soft chair, and as soon as his feet fell on the ground, his heavy brows wrinkled, and his expression clearly disliked that the place was too messy.

There was another pat, a haircut and a shirt, before turning his head to the two inspectors and asking: "This place is Blackstone Town?" There was a trace of female in his hoarse voice.

"Master Hui, this place is Blackstone Town."

The two inspectors' contempt for this young man, not only didn't hesitate at all, but their tone became more respectful.

"There is a big family named Wu in the town, and there are two sons in the family. The first son is an official in another place. The second son was just a talented scholar last year?"

"Yes, yes, but Young Master Xiao is the second Young Master Wu's classmate?" The insane-looking inspector hurriedly nodded and asked.

"The second son was at home?"

A hint of displeasure flashed across the face of the young man, who obviously blamed him for talking more and his tone was lighter.

"Oh, it's really not the right time for Young Master Xiao to come. Second Young Master went out to study half a month ago."

"Oh! What a bad coincidence?"

"Well, if you have already come here, I will visit you anyway, lest you lose courtesy."

The handsome young man patted the folding fan with a disappointed look on his face, but said in his heart that he was there, I am not coming, and finally looked at the two of them: "Can you know the way?"

"Knowing knowing."

"lead the way!"

The handsome young man didn't say much, he left a sentence and sat back in the soft chair, really too lazy to take a step.

"Master please!"

The two hurriedly led the way, with great joy in their hearts. A rich man like this must be generous and can lead him. He will be rewarded later, which is much better than standing here and searching for those poor ghosts.

There is only one dirt road in the town, with people coming and going, yelling constantly, and it's too crowded.

Fortunately, two patrols opened the way, and the two big men carried soft chairs so that they could walk normally.

Xiao Xinru stared at her with countless pairs of eyes on both sides, and quickly opened the folding fan to block her, but she thought in her heart, this place is still too small after all, and it would be better to go to the county.

Before dawn today, Xiao Xinru was dressed up by Li Wan'er and Qin Yu, making him look like this. Compared to Qin Yu that day, Xiao Xinru was many times more suave.

Especially the smell of books and the temperament of everyone, which is far from what Qin Yu can compare.

The folding fan in her hand was the one that Li Wan'er secretly brought from Gucheng. Perhaps it was Qin Liuxiang's dress last time, which left a deep impression on Xiao Nizi, so she didn't forget to bring it with her when she was escaping.

Perhaps in the heart of the girl, the folding fan of Brother Xiaoyu is far more important than his treasured sword and fire gun!

A few people stopped at the door of a big mansion. Xiao Xinru asked Qin Yu to dress up as a book boy to reward two inspectors with five taels of silver and one or two for carrying a sedan chair. Both of them were temporarily hired on the road.

The four of them took the silver and they all thanked them quickly, and then they left happily. The secret road was really lucky today.

"Madam, are you okay? I don't have the slightest feeling in my heart!"

Qin Yu looked in front of him, and whispered from the rather grand door.

When it comes to murder and arson, someone Qin is definitely a good hand, but this kind of pretending to be a talented person is absolutely impossible.

"Master, don't worry, concubine can handle it!"

Xiao Xinru smiled, perhaps because he had killed someone, or because Qin Yu was beside him, there was no trace of tension in his heart.

"Okay! Then it's up to the lady's performance. After the matter is done, this king will reward you!"

Qin Yu remembered her performance at this door just now, nodded and took a step back.

Originally, he didn't want to take risks himself, after all, he wouldn't do this kind of activity!

However, Xiao Xinru said that if she wanted to buy more food, she could only go to Wu's house, and maybe she would have to rest for the night, so she was worried and exchanged with Qin Tie.

At this time, a steward in the concierge had already greeted him.

Seeing that Xiao Xinru was well-dressed and had an extraordinary attitude, she hurriedly asked about courtesy, and learned that it was a classmate of the second son who was visiting, so she hurried back to the house to report.

Not long after, the two doors were opened with a creak.

A 50-year-old man in a Chinese suit walked out.

Mrs. Li hurriedly stepped forward, clasping her fists in a hoarse voice: "Late born Xiao Ming, pay homage to Uncle Wu! I take the liberty to visit the door today, how disturbing."

"Hey, where is it? Nephew Xiaoxian is too polite, nephew Xiaoxian is struggling to travel, please come in quickly!"

"Uncle please!"

Qin Yu was really dumbfounded by the strength of the two of them, because they didn't know each other at all, okay?

In fact, how did he know that, let alone Xiao Xinru claiming to be a classmate of the second son of the Wu family, even if a stranger came to visit, Mr. Wu would kindly ask him to come in first.

Of course, ordinary mud legs naturally don't have this treatment, and maybe they have to be served with a stick.

In this era, the scholars who have read books and the uncivilized ordinary people almost know it at a glance, let alone submit for discussion, so there is no ordinary mud-legged thing that can fake scholars.

Qin Yu carried the baggage, holding two small boxes, followed Xiao Ruxin in the mist and entered the gate.

As for Qin Shuang who led the horse, he was led away by the steward on the side.

Seeing that the two of them still talked from time to time along the way, as if relatives from the neighboring county came to visit, Qin Yu really didn't understand this era.