"Hey, isn't that Young Master Xiao?"

"Which Young Master Xiao?"

"Second Young Master, it was the last time you visited our mansion, your Wuchang classmate Xiao Xiao! The last time he came to buy food, he was robbed..."

Just as Qin Yu and the others were rushing out of the city in a carriage, they met a van, and a servant dressed as a servant in front of the carriage, after seeing Xiao Xinru, hurriedly said to the inside of the carriage.

Qin Yu and Xiao Xinru both had a good memory, and they immediately recognized that this young man seemed to have seen him in the Wu Mansion, and when he heard him call the second son, they suddenly said badly.

Sure enough, the car curtain opened, and a young man came out with a handsome and elegant appearance holding a folding fan.

After seeing Xiao Xinru's appearance, the young man's eyes flashed with surprise, and he immediately clasped his fists and smiled:

"Brother Xiao, the last time I visited, my little brother was out on a trip. I really regret it. I never thought I would meet him here today."

"It turned out to be Brother Wu Xian, who used to be the Yellow Crane Tower..."

Xiao Xinru reacted quickly enough, hurriedly clasped her fists in return, and then casually politely said a few words and wanted to leave.

However, the second son of Wu saw that she was excellent in conversation and knowledgeable, so he wanted to make friends and invite him to drink in order to make the best of the landlord's friendship.

But where is Xiao Xinru willing to drink with him?It doesn't matter to say a few words on the scene. Once you talk in detail, you will be exposed, so I tried to decline.

It wasn't until he left the city that Qin Yu sighed greatly, secretly saying that this kind of thing was even more nervous than fighting.

"Madam, it was really dangerous just now. I am ready to rush out with you after being dismantled. If you don't have anything, look at that guy's attitude just now. Did you really know each other before?"

"The son is joking, how can the concubine know him?"

"Then why did he seem to have known you a long time ago? It's like you two really enjoyed each other in the Yellow Crane Tower?"

Qin Yu looked at her with a weird and curious look, Xiao Xinru pretended to be as it should be, but that guy also pretended to follow suit, it was because his head was broken.

Seeing his appearance, Mrs. Li covered her mouth and smiled, and then explained: "The son knows something, every time after the hospital examination is over, there are hundreds of talents on the Yellow Crane Tower. How can the second son of Wu remember everything?

The concubine just said that he had a relationship with him at that time. If he said that he didn’t remember, or acted like he didn’t know, he would be extremely disrespectful to me. I was worried that when I returned to Wuchang, his reputation would be ruined. He would definitely not deny it, and he would only think that the time was too long, and there were too many people at that time and he had forgotten it."

"So it's so hypocritical." Qin Yu suddenly realized, and then he shook his head and cursed.

at the same time.

The second son of Wu in the carriage was a little unhappy.

It's not because he doesn't remember what happened with this brother Xiao in the Yellow Crane Tower, but because the other party is too shameless.

He invited him again and again, but the other party still declined in the end. He was obviously worried about the food rob the last time and he didn't want to have a deep friendship with him.

So I am very worried that he will ruin his reputation after returning to Wuchang, and it will be detrimental to his next year's test.

After all, their students in Xiangyang are not as good as those in Wuchang. Maybe they will find someone to help him in Nanjing. How can he not be annoyed?

"My son, your brother Xiao just now is really handsome!" Seeing him unhappy, the woman beside her smiled.

"Why, didn't you fall in love with him? That son will catch up with him, how did you ever be to him?"

Seeing his redeemed concubine, the second son of Wu suddenly became angry when he said these things.

"The son must not be angry, the son is pity, the slave family only loves the son in this life, how can he look at others again?"

The woman hurriedly said softly, but then she covered her mouth and smiled: "Moreover, even if the slave family really likes him, she's afraid that she won't be able to do that cloud and rain thing...chuckle..."

Speaking of this, it was like thinking of something funny, but the smiling flowers trembled.

"what for?"

The second son of Wu frowned into Chuan, and his tone was quite severe. How could a person like him, who is knowledgeable and proud, couldn't understand her meaning, how could he feel good?

"The son really didn't see it?"

"See what?"

Seeing that he was really angry, the woman hurriedly whispered in his ear.

Young Master Wu's eyes widened suddenly: "What? How is this possible, are you sure you read it right?"

"The son, the slave family has never been wrong since he was a child. The son of Xiao is clearly a daughter, and he can't be said to be a beautiful lady!"

"So that's the case, I said why I always felt something was wrong just now!"

Second Young Master Wu thought about it for a while, and suddenly realized.

He felt that Brother Xiao was a little weird just now, but he didn't think about that. Now that she mentioned it, he immediately understood that Young Master Xiao was definitely a woman disguised as a man, and the two met for the first time.

Although I was very curious as to why the other party disguised himself as a man and pretended to be his classmate to go to his house to buy food, but the other party's conversation was really extraordinary, and it must be a good girl, and it was inconvenient to chase after him.

But when the next day, I learned from the coachmen who had escaped that Young Master Xiao’s motorcade had been robbed by a group of little thieves, and Second Young Master Wu suddenly became calm.

They were robbed twice, and the distance between them was only a few miles. It happened that none of the other people's convoys were robbed. As long as his convoy was robbed, he was still the same group. This is by no means a coincidence.

Reminiscing about the scene when they left the city at noon yesterday and the last time they were robbed, I felt that something was wrong. I immediately went to the shop in the city to find out what was going on there.

Those things seem chaotic, but in fact they are clearly bought for bandits.

But she was indeed from Wuchang again, and knew everything about the Yellow Crane Tower. She must have participated in it, plus her demeanor and what she learned from his father.

Second Young Master Wu really didn't believe that Brother Xiao, who was disguised as a man, would collude with bandits, but if it weren't, how could there be such a coincidence in the world?

Originally, I was curious about Xiao Xinru's female dressing up as male makeup. In addition, the gang of gangsters are located in Heishi Town. It is said that they are probably from Gucheng to get the thief. How could the second son of Wu dare to be careless?

After thinking about it, he went to Xiangyang City on the same day and decided to personally visit the Xiao Tong judge.

At this time, Qin Yu had already returned to the cottage and fell asleep.

Last night, one hundred and fifty big men were hired to use the wheelbarrow they robbed last time to transport the things back to the cottage overnight.

Although he also knows that playing this game twice will inevitably not reveal flaws, but it is better than organizing a team by themselves and swaggering from the official road to the trail.

After all, the trail leads to Gucheng, and a caring person will know what happened after a little guess.

The key is that Heishi Town is too close to the mountain road. Whether it is day or night, such a big movement can't be hidden from the town's landlord.

Someone was watching them last night. If it weren't for the young soldiers, armed with sharp torches, and escorting the car by the side, the landlords might have to come and grab them.

By robbery, as long as Xiao Xinru does not show up, as long as she does not go to Xiangyang to find her brother to confirm, Xiao Xinru's identity will never be revealed, and she can still go shopping in the city next time.

Qin Yu believed that they did not infringe other people's interests, the coachman did not kill, and the mule and cart did not need it.

The fact is indeed the case. Although the Nanzhang county magistrate is a little skeptical that Young Master Xiao colluded with the bandits, he did not want to offend the sentence of Xiao Tong.

After all, if he writes to ask, no matter whether Master Xiao is his third brother or not, he will definitely offend him. One more thing is worse than one less thing, so I don't bother to care about it.

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