Qin Yu is not a reckless person.

If you are reckless and impulsive, you will never survive so far.

Now this family background can't stand the toss.

He knew that with the two hundred people in the cottage alone, without the gunpowder, it would be difficult to break into the town, and even if he did, he would suffer heavy casualties.

So he intends to take this opportunity to contact people from the three villages to get revenge and make money by themselves.

But when people came to Liujia Village in a hurry, the villagers hid in their homes from far away, closed their doors, and kept silent even though they could not yell.

Qin Yu died on the spot.

"You guys make soft eggs, you deserve to suffer from poverty and mermaid meat, well, Liu Hu, you are a trash..."

Qin Yu roared and cursed frantically outside the village, wishing to burn the village on fire.

However, Liu Hu squatted in the room. The nine-foot-tall man cried with a headache. The wife and a pair of children on one side were also crying around him.

After venting for a while, Qin Yu came to the other two villages with anger, and the result was the same as Liujiacun.

This made Qin Yu extremely disappointed with them, hating them for indisputability, and angering their weakness.

At this moment, the anger towards them was even greater than those of the gentry and landlords.

"The son..."

Madam Li stood at the door, and saw Qin Yu's face black and scary, white mist sprayed from his mouth and nose, and said weakly.

"Madam, you testify to me. In the future, I will rush into the town and give them a grain. Lao Tzu is the bastard of a tortoise."

After Qin Yu finished speaking, he drew his waist knife and slashed it against the wooden wall.

Where did Mrs. Li dare to answer, and hurriedly asked Qin Tie on the side what was going on. After learning the truth, she didn't know what to say.

She understands the concerns of the people.

The next day, no one came to work, and Qin Yu had no hope for the villagers.

While urging Dazhu and the others to intensify their efforts to build fire guns, they asked Mrs. Li to take the six women to make quilted jackets, and even Li Wan'er went to help.

While he himself was busy making gunpowder, at the same time, he took time out to train the Musketeers with the three-shot blunderbuss he built.

The stone wall can only be temporarily stranded.

After all, the teenagers have to build houses for training, and even the literacy skills at night are stopped.

The chickens and pigs that I bought were killed every day, and in only half a month, the teenagers were stunned one by one.

Qin Yu also carried out a reorganization. Excluding the two brothers Dazhu and ten apprentices, there were just two hundred young soldiers left.

Each of Qin Tie's guards was armed with a sword and shield, together with a Huozhezi and two five-jin firecrackers.

Because gunpowder cans are easy to break, and less than 20% of the explosion cases are thrown out, it is better to use a bamboo tube to pack it with some iron nails and iron filings, which will be more lethal.

A firecracker team of twenty people will be organized, led by Qin Shuang, each equipped with a firecracker, and a waist knife.

These fire guns are not bird guns that are as tall as a person, but half-meter-long extended hand guns, somewhat like shotguns from previous lives.

In fact, it was a modified version of Qin Yu's shotgun, with a thick muzzle, a thick barrel, no butt, and a matchlock ignition.

A barrel of a gun can be stuffed with thirty or fifty small iron beads, and one shot down can definitely fall a large piece within seven or eight meters.

It's really a melee weapon, but the recoil is a bit strong, of course, you can also load an iron pill, and the lethality is about ten meters. A shot will kill the horse.

Tie up the rope, hang it on your chest during the war, rush up and shoot, just draw a knife and slash, which is very convenient.

The remaining 150 people were reduced to five long gun teams, each team still has 30 people, these talents are the main force.

"My son, my concubine is begging you, let's wait for a while. Qin Feng sent a message yesterday that he has recruited more than 100 orphans, and they are almost attracting the attention of the government, and the supplies ordered last time should have arrived. , Let the concubine go there again and bring back those orphans and supplies first!"

Mrs. Li saw that he had been fighting hard in the past half a month, and she had become reticent. She was more and more worried. She did not approve of attacking Blackstone Town now.

Seeing he hesitated, I had to persuade him bitterly: "My son, now that the government and all parties don't know our truth and truth, and we are safe and guarded by ourselves, we all choose to wait and see what happens. Once you go to Blackstone Town, you win the natural world. It's good, but once you lose, you will definitely expose the reality and the truth. What should be done then?"

Qin Yu was holding Zhizhu and patted the back of her hand: "Don't worry, Madam, I have already found out about the reality of Heishi Town. Those 100 inspections are completely mobs, nothing to worry about!

As for the two hundred families of each family, although it can be worthy of a battle, if I break the town, they will surely sweep the snow and retreat to their respective houses for defense.

When the time comes, I will first stabilize each family, fight the Wu family, take down the Wu family, and then turn around to clean up the others. With the preparations for this time, I have at least an 80% chance of winning this battle."

"But if you take everyone away, there will be no one to defend the cottage. If Wufengzhai takes the opportunity to attack, everything will stop!"

Qin Yu frowned and thought of Wufengzhai. Although the days were very peaceful, strangers would come and go under the mountain from time to time.

As the dog that is about to bite, it doesn't bark, just like he died in the past half month, finally nodded and said:

"Well, the madam is right, no matter whether we win or lose, our lair will not be lost. That is to say, the madam will first go to the county to transport the orphans and supplies back, and then I will train them for another half month, and let those orphans defend. , And make some big firecrackers, it will be foolproof."

"The son is wise!"

Seeing that he finally listened to her persuasion, Mrs. Li couldn't help but smile, and hurriedly picked up the chicken soup on the table, blowing and feeding it. It was really realistic.

"Madam is also exhausted these days, and she should make up for it. Let's drink together."

Seeing her haggard, Qin Yu couldn't help feeling a little distressed. For half a month, they made quilted jackets every day at midnight.

"My son, you and Wan'er are growing up. This is the last chicken. I left a little bit for Wan'er. I brought the rest for you. You can drink it quickly. Come back and see me like this...it's bad."

Mrs. Li held the spoon, and turned her head to look at the door from time to time, with a guilty conscience.

Ever since Qin Yu didn't take medicine and Mrs. Li had fed it once, Chief Qin knew the taste of the marrow, and seldom had eaten it himself.

She looked like a thief, but Qin Yu's heart was tickled, and she grabbed the spoon: "Then I'll feed the lady."

"Ah! My son, I can't use it!"

Mrs. Li shook her head quickly, almost getting up and fleeing.

But in the end, I was awkward and worried that my daughter would come in suddenly, so I had to compromise. The last two of you took a bite and I divided a bowl of chicken soup.

And Mrs. Li's face was red enough to open a dye room.

Although the last time I went to the county, I bought a lot of rouge gouache and other items, but Mrs. Li never used it. She continued to tie her breasts and wear coarse clothes every day, instead showing her daughter's daily dress up.

His thoughts are almost well known by Sima Zhao.

However, Li Wan'er hasn't opened yet after all.

And her plump body, even coarse cloth clothes can't cover it, without decoration, on the contrary, it reveals the elegance of clear water and lotus everywhere.

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