The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 74 The End of Fishing in Troubled Waters (Request for Tickets)


The small river outside Black Mountain Town is still where it was last time, but this time there were thousands of men, women and children.

At this moment, the villagers were whispering to each other, looking at the people tied to the hundreds of pillars by the river, and the teenagers on the high platform beside them.

Of course, the child is naturally looking at the meat in the big pot and the steamed buns in the steamer.

Only the people in Wujiacun squeezed their fists and gritted their teeth, but were afraid of the spears in the hands of the teenagers and dared not rush to save people.

This scene naturally couldn't escape the eyes of Qin chieftain, and he sneered. If these people really dared to rush to save people, he wouldn't mind cutting the grass and rooting out.

"My son, what are you doing?"

Madam Li looked at the thousands of people around her, and she couldn't help being a little worried and nervous. If there was a turmoil, the two hundred or so of them could not stop her.

"Madam, look good, let you open your eyes today, how did my rebels recruit troops!"

After speaking with a gesture, Qin Tie who was on the side immediately took out the gong and banged it.

The people below immediately calmed down, and Mrs. Li had to retreat aside, obviously not wanting to show her face, so today she still wears men's clothing.

"My fellow villagers, I am the King of the Rebellious Army, Qin Yu, and I am here to preside over justice for everyone. These big dogs and villagers work hard to raise them every year, sell their children and sell their daughters to serve them, but how do they return you?

I think I don’t need to say more. Today, everyone has revenge for grievances and revenges for grievances. After the grudges, we divided their land and will no longer pay rent or taxes. Wouldn’t it be nice?

What are you waiting for?

Don’t hurry up to tear up these wicked big dogs, smash the mountain that has been crushed by your ancestors for generations, and then eat meat to divide the land."

Qin Yu waved his arms on the stage, becoming more excited as he spoke, and finally shouted hoarsely.

"Go on! The meat in the pot is going to be boiled!"

However, the villagers off the field were motionless, even if some people wanted to move, they were held back by their relatives.

For a time, only seven landlords and their family members tied to the pillars were left in the huge clearing.

"I come…"

Just as Qin Yu was so embarrassed and hated the weakness of these people, two people finally rushed out of the crowd, both of them looked very ugly, and one of them had a pocky face.

"I killed you a stinky girl..."

"Smelly girl, you have today too!"

The two rushed to Mrs. Wu, the charm still remains, and the other rushed to the eldest daughter-in-law of the Wu family, both cursing and beating, and finally opened their mouths to bite both of them, as if they had deep hatred.

But there was a commotion among the people below, and many people showed indignation, and Qin Yu was equally dumbfounded.

what's the situation?

Where is this fighting?

Obviously, I was fumbling.

Where are you biting?

Obviously, it's arching around the chest, so that it can kill people?

Mrs. Li had already turned her head to one side, the scene was really unsightly.

"Chief, it was these two poppies who hit us last time." A teenager said indignantly.


"Oh shit."

Qin Yu suddenly flew into a rage, drew out his long knife with a loud clang, and strode over.

But the two of them didn't know it, they were still enjoying themselves, arching and drilling their hands into their dresses.


Qin Yu went up with two knives, chopped the two to the ground, and stepped on one of them's chest and cursed: "A dog-like thing, fish in troubled waters touched Lao Tzu's head. Is it really unhappy that Lao Tzu's knife?"

After finishing speaking, it was swung down with a knife, and a big head rolled off to one side.

The other person was so frightened that he had feces and urine, and his soul rushed out, and he hurriedly begged for mercy: "Little...Little King, please! We are here to join the rebels."

"In the next life, do you really want anyone?"

After talking about swinging the knife again, like this kind of rascal, he has seen a lot in the rebels, killing and arson and grabbing women are always in the front, and the charge is always behind, pretending to escape, everyone is a good hand.

After Qin Yu returned to the stage again, the eyes of the people around him looking at him changed, obviously with a trace of fear.

"The two people just now are the poppi in the town. They do everything they want. I think everyone recognizes them. To this kind of people, our rebels have never been merciless, and Wang Hua is even more tolerant."

"Okay! Say yes, say so good, Xiao Hua Wang deserves to be a true hero, true righteous man, and the little girl admires it."

As soon as Qin Yu took a piece of cloth and wiped the waist knife back into its sheath, a tall woman squeezed out of the crowd. It was the red oriole who came overnight.

"It's you... girl, when did you come? How many people did you bring?"

Qin Yu was scared to death, thinking that she had brought someone to take advantage of the fire, and even suspected that even her old nest was attacked by her Wufengzhai.

"I just came, and I brought only 13 people, Xiao Hua Wang, the little girl is here today..."

"Wait, what did you say, you only brought thirteen people?"

"Exactly, but although there are few people, my sisters are all martial arts high and strong, and they are all immediately good. This is my sister Liu Ruolan, not only ice and snow smart, but also literate and hyphenated."

Hongying thought he was too young, so he quickly explained, and pulled Liu Ruolan, who was literate behind him, to introduce him.

"The little girl pays homage to King Hua."

Liu Ruolan was obviously frightened by the way someone killed just now, and she bowed weakly, her voice trembled a little, and she didn't dare to look up.


Qin Yu was taken aback for a moment, then burst into laughter, making the two women frowned, not knowing what he meant.

After a while, Qin Yu stopped laughing, staring at Liu Ruolan and asked: "By the way, your surname is Liu, and you are the sister of this woman. Isn't it the daughter of the old thing?"

"The son is so rude."

Seeing that he was so handsome, but so rude, Liu Ruolan couldn't help but bowed her head in a low voice.


"Rusty? Little girl, later Xiaoye will let you taste what real rudeness is, haha, today is really a good day, all monsters, ghosts and snakes will come to die!"

Qin Yu laughed again, and looked at them like a fool.

"Boy, I come here sincerely, what do you mean?" Red Ying took a step forward, blushing.

"Hey, I eat more salt than you eat rice. You are a mere beauty, and Gary should steal the city from the outside, and dare to move in front of King Hua. I really think I'm a beggar, haven't you seen a beautiful woman? Come here, take them all down and tie them up."

Qin Yu suddenly sneered.

The old thing bought an upright official from nowhere, let the Orioles bring it and pretend to defect, and at night, he would meet inside and outside, snatch the money from the town, and he would not die if he didn't do it.

"You...who dare to come, I think?"

The Orioles almost squirted blood out of breath, quickly drew out the sword from his waist and stopped in front of Liu Ruolan, while a dozen other women also rushed up.

The teenagers didn't care about whether good men didn't fight with women, so they immediately surrounded a dozen people with their spears.

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