The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 79 Young Master, What Are You Going To Do?

"My son, what are you going to do?"

Before Qin Yu approached the wooden bed, Mrs. Li opened her eyes suddenly, lowering her voice and said anxiously.

He obviously didn't sleep either, and knew what he was here for.

"Madam, go to my side and discuss something." Qin Yu blushed, squatting on the bed and pushing her, whispering.

"My son, don't be fooling around. I'll talk about it tomorrow. Go back to sleep."

Mrs. Li was so frightened by his eyes that she quickly stretched out a hand and said nervously while pushing him.

"Madam, the moonlight is so beautiful tonight, and sleeping is too wasteful. Why don't we go out to drink and enjoy the moon!"

"There aren't even stars tonight, where is the moon? The son must not talk nonsense..."

"How about going to recital and drink?"

Chief Qin was really irritated tonight, and after drinking a lot of wine, his attitude was very firm.

As a result, the two pulled them down, and finally shocked Li Wan'er inside, and turned over in a daze, still muttering a few words.

Both of them were startled, and Mrs. Li was even more frightened in a cold sweat, looking at him pleadingly and shaking her head.

Seeing that he squatted there and refused to leave, and was afraid of waking his daughter, he finally had to bite his teeth, lifted the corner and got out of the bed.

Qin Yu hurriedly took the cloak on the side and put it on her. Before she could speak, he pulled her out.

The monkey was so anxious that Madam Li bit her lips with blood, and was dragged to the door by him.

As soon as the door was pulled, a cold wind blew in, and both of them shivered involuntarily, and Mrs. Li hurriedly wrapped the cloak on her body.

Qin Yu fought with his teeth and said, "Husband...Madam, it's so cold, let's...Let's go back and discuss poetry in my bed!"

"No, absolutely not."

Mrs. Li's tone was very firm, and then she begged: "My son, if it is so cold, you will get sick. Shall we go back to sleep separately?"

"No! Absolutely not, I must reward tonight this month!"

Qin Yu's tone was equally firm.

As soon as she gritted her teeth, she took her hand and walked forward. When she came to the square, her lips were blue with cold.

Although Mrs. Li was nervous to die, one hundred and twenty reluctant, but she was afraid that he would really freeze.

I just sighed, opened my cloak, and whispered: "My... my son, you should come in... come in and hide..."

Qin Yu could not be polite, so he went in and hugged her tightly, and the aroma of heat suddenly came to his face.

Now Qin Yu is only fourteen years old, a little shorter than her, bowed, the two of them wrapped their cloaks tightly and walked forward slowly.

Qin Yu originally planned to go between the two walled walls, where the wind should be the least. Who knows it was already overcrowded, and I heard movement everywhere.

Had to go to the back mountain again, but the back mountain was also full of movement.

Wanting to pick a random place, Mrs. Li was unwilling to live and die, so angry that Chief Qin cursed: "This group of beasts, I will have to peel them tomorrow."

"They are beasts, what about the son?"

Madam Li couldn't help but sighed, then shivered, begging: "My son, please spare your concubine body, your concubine body is so cold, let's go back!"

Seeing her body trembling, Qin Yu couldn't bear it. In addition, she became calm because of the cold wind. His eyes suddenly lit up when he wanted to agree.

"Madam, go, there is a good place."

Mrs. Li also knew that tonight, she was afraid that she would be in a disaster, and decided in her heart that she should not lose her life in any way. This is her final bottom line.

When Qin Yu pulled her to the toilet, he found that there was also someone inside, so he took off his shoes and slammed it, causing a curse in the knot.


"Which guy who gave birth to a son without sex, does such a wicked thing?"


As soon as Qin Yu was about to open his mouth, Mrs. Li was covering him and dragging him out of here desperately.

"My son, go to bed early!"

As soon as she returned to the house, Mrs. Li patted her chest with lingering fear, then took off her cloak and climbed onto the bed. She got into the bed.

"Madam...ah owe...ah...ah owe..."

Qin Yu just wanted to have another discussion, it was just a sneeze, and then endlessly, he quickly jumped into bed and got into the bed.


the next day.

Chief Qin opened his eyes and was about to get up to concoct the beasts last night, especially the guy who occupied the toilet. He found that he was dizzy, his nose blocked, and weak.

Immediately secretly there was a bad cry, and I really caught a cold and caught a cold, which made me angry!Hate it!

And the whole cottage caught a cold, far more than the leader Qin, at least dozens of men and women were recruited.

"My son, my concubine has boiled some ginger soup on her body. Drink it soon."

"I told you last night, you just didn't listen, now you know it's not good, right?"

Mrs. Li came to the bedside with a bowl and sat down, not forgetting to bury her.

Thinking of the absurdity of last night, he finally went out with him by a ghost, and his face was flushed.

"Madam, Wan'er is not young anymore, she should have her own boudoir." Qin Yu said seriously while drinking ginger soup, obviously not wanting to suffer from the loss of last night.

"The son said lightly, there are still many people living in thatched sheds. If it weren't for the charcoal fire at night, I am afraid that people would freeze to death, so there are extra rooms?"

Mrs. Li naturally knew his careful thoughts, and she gave him a sweet look.

"Oh! Then bear with it, but the thing like last night can never happen again."


Madam Li's beautiful eyes lit up, and she looked at him suspiciously, thinking she had misheard.

"I'm talking about them, not me...cough cough..." Because of excessive force, the intake pipe was filled with ginger soup, choking to death and almost died.

Mrs. Li hurriedly put down the bowl, took out the handkerchief, and while supporting her chest and patting her back, she said: "Don't worry, my concubine has already warned me."

"The warning is not enough. That's it. Ten small houses are built in the back hill. The couple can take turns to spend the night once a month.

In the future, those who dare to have sexual intercourse in the wild will be tied to the public for a day, and they will be tied up as they are when they are caught. The iron head guards will take turns to patrol every night. This unhealthy trend must be killed, otherwise it will be a major event in the long run. !"

Chief Qin shouted righteously, just like he didn't attend last night.

"That's also feasible."

Madam Li blushed and nodded. Seeing his appearance, she remembered what happened last night, but this time she couldn't help covering her mouth with a smile.

Nowadays, men and women sleep in the cottage separately, otherwise it would be too crowded. After the commander Qin issued the order, the villagers strongly supported it.

After all, it’s freezing cold, if it weren’t for the sake of it, no one would want to go drill into the woods, once a month, for them who had just eaten a few full meals, that’s enough!

However, everyone's enthusiasm for work is still very high, and they all want to build the house as soon as possible. Every day, my wife and children are warm and live a fairy life.

The large woods in the back mountain were felled, and rows of simple wooden houses stood up.

After staying in the town for a few days, the family members also dispersed and went back to their respective houses. After all, they finally drove the little thief back to the mountain, which can be considered accountable.

Wu Lao Er didn't dare to stay alone in the town, so he had to go to the county seat and hire some Wu clan members to guard the old house.

But as soon as he left, the tribesmen returned to the village on the back, apparently afraid that the little thief would suddenly come back.

For a while, the huge Blackstone Town turned out to be a ghost town, and it was terrifying and scary in broad daylight, and I really didn't dare to go in alone.

The people of Shiliba Village had to go to the nearby town to go to the market or go directly to the county town to buy daily necessities.

Qin Yu didn't move back to live, but sent people to wander around from time to time, as if to declare to others that this was his King Qin Hua site.