The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 84 I'm Not a Crazy Dog

That night!

In the study of the county government office.

The vases and tea cups broke all over the floor, and pen, ink, paper and ink were spilled all over the wall, but County Magistrate Lu's anger still couldn't vent.

"Damn little beasts, this officer must smash them into pieces and cut them all to vent their hatred!"

"My lord, although that group of gangsters is hateful and bold, they are ultimately just a group of thieves who occupy the mountain as king. If you really write a letter to the governor, most of it will let the Xiangyang place take care of it by itself, and then the adults will not be afraid that they will be cured. Lax and incompetent words are extremely detrimental to the adult's future career!"

The staff aside, Master Hou, was much more calm, knowing that these little gangsters were nothing more than revenge today, and it was impossible to do big things like this every day.

"Huh! Is it possible for them to continue to be so arrogant? Do you want to have this official face?"

Although County Majesty Lu had calmed down a lot, he still gritted his teeth and hated.

The little thief was really damned and damned. He had gone away, and he had to scold him harshly, making him faceless and unable to step down now.

Master Hou's brows also frowned, and he felt that the little thief was too uneducated. After a long thought, his eyes suddenly brightened.

"My lord, why not cure a thief?"

"You mean... let Wufengzhai deal with the Black Mountain Village?"

"Exactly, it is said that Wufengzhai originally had a feast with the little thief from Heishanzhai, and that Liu Xiaotian had the heart to go down the mountain to be good, but he was suffering from nowhere. Why not use this to let him die?"

"Well, the band of thieves in Wufengzhai still talk about some rules, and the surnamed Liu is still quite interesting. They have defended themselves for the past two years. It's just that the last time they attacked the black cottage, they just came home. I'm afraid they may not be able to clean up the little bandit. "

County magistrate Lu touched his beard and nodded. He had a good impression of Liu Xiaotian.

After all, when he first arrived, he entrusted someone to give him a large sum of money, and his filial piety was no less than that of other big gentry.

"My lord, I don't think so, so I should give him a patrol in Heishi Town without reporting. Even if they can't beat the Heishanzhai, as long as they are stationed in the town, the little gang of Liang will not dare to fight like this in the future. Robbery."

"Yes, that's a wonderful strategy!"

"It's up to you to handle this matter. Well, although this inspector's job is small, you still have to go around Xiangyang to lobby for a while. The expenses are still a lot. I have to make it clear to him."

County magistrate Lu's eyes lit up, and he nodded hurriedly. He barely clapped his hands and danced.

As long as those little thieves don't come out in broad daylight from now on, he won't bother to care.

Anyway, half a year later, his term of office will come. When the time comes, he will take the money and hug his concubine and go elsewhere to make a fortune. What does the life and death of the Nanzhang County gentry have to do with him?

The reason why you are so angry is that the little gangsters are so unruly and unscrupulous!

Don't take him seriously.

Early in the morning, in full view, he did this kind of murder and arson, and it was still under his nose, so that he had to go out of the city to rescue him, and he got back in his crotch.

He would never send someone out of the city if he changed the night, at most the next morning he would take someone over to take a look.

"Students understand!"

Master Hou hurriedly replied that the county magistrate Lu just didn't remind him of this kind of thing, and he knew what to do.

At this time, the little thieves hated by County Majesty Lu had already rushed to Blackstone Town with his army.

They are slaughtering pigs and sheep, celebrating the feast, everyone is excited and full of energy.


The next day, before dawn, near the entrance of Heishi Town, there were several people and horses spying on their heads, sneaking.

These people lingered for a long time, and finally gritted their teeth and walked up.

In the Wu family hall.

Chief Qin yawned, looked at the trembling more than a dozen people below, and squinted his eyes and said, "Why did those old people send you here? Could it not be written to the young master?"

"No, no, don't misunderstand the little king. My master was deeply worried about the two previous attacks on Guizhai, so he sent a villain to explain and apologize, hoping that the little king will raise his hand."

"Yes, yes, my master sent a villain to explain clearly to the little king. It was the county magistrate that Lu used power to suppress people, and my master had to send someone..."

All the Ding Xiaosi hurriedly said, but their hearts were up and down, their timid legs trembled, for fear that they would be pulled out and chopped in the next second.

After all, these little evil stars are notoriously hot.

As for the little Hua Wang above, it is said that he eats his children's heart and liver every day, and it is rumored that he is the reincarnation of the demon king.

"Okay, okay, I have already understood what you mean, take the gift list and have a look!"

Qin Yu was upset by their arguing and waved his hand, as if he had see-through eyes, knowing that they all had the gift list hidden on them.

Everyone was overjoyed and hurriedly took out the gift form from the sleeve and handed it to a little thief who came up.

There were more than a dozen of them, and Qin Yu looked through them one by one. From time to time, he would revise and revise those useless things and replace them with useful ones.

It was not until after a stick of incense that he put down the pen, threw the list back to them, waved and said, "Go back and tell your master, since they are so sincere, this king is not the kind of unreasonable person. Let it be wiped out!"

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, hurriedly thanked them, and then picked up their gift lists and left.

"Chief, why promise them? Let's grab a house every few days, isn't it fun?"

Qin Shuang looked puzzled. Today, he took the opportunity to pinch a little maid fiercely.

"It's a fun ass, you really are a lamb to be slaughtered, the fat in the pot, you can eat it if you want?"

Qin Yu pointed at him and cursed, and then began to teach step by step.

"Remember, you have to talk about everything, arrogance is fine, but the degree of arrogance must match your own strength, otherwise you will have to make a big deal.

Besides, there are too many things in the cottage nowadays. Tell me, grab it every day, where to put it?"

"Leader, the subordinates understand." Qin Shuang scratched his head and replied thoughtfully.

"Well, there will be an endless stream of people who have come to deliver things these few nights, so brothers should pay attention."

Qin Yu nodded then.

After standing up the prestige, for the time being, it is natural to comfort the gang of gentry and landlords, otherwise it would be really troublesome for them to jump over the wall in a hurry.

Those guys want money and money, food and food, and people. Once they are willing to go out and unite with him, they may not be able to organize tens of thousands of horses. Their power is far from that of the county magistrate.

Therefore, when there is no strength that can kill them all at once, the exposed fangs still have to be collected to let others know that he is not a mad dog.

Anyway, he is not in a hurry, he is right to be the fat pig in the pen, and it is not too late to kill again during the Chinese New Year.

The next few days.

Chief Qin sat in Heishi Town, his hand softened after receiving the gift.

Satin silk, gold and silver jewelry, precious medicinal materials, salt and grain, chicken, duck and fish meat, you have everything you need.

Even the beautiful maidservant had a dozen or so, but Qin Yu had all returned, he wouldn't want a woman sent by others.

Although County Majesty Lu was angry and greedy, he was helpless. After all, all the houses were secretly gone at night, not to mention that if he interfered, it would definitely cause public outrage.