People are afraid of being famous, pigs are afraid of being strong.

He took down Heishi Town, destroyed the Qian family, and almost captured the magistrate alive, and slammed into Nanzhang County.

For a time, the name of King Xiao Hua was almost unknown to everyone in Nanzhang County!

It's all to the point where children cry at night.

It is even spreading to other states and counties. After hearing about it, the ambitious people in various counties went to Heishanzhai to defect.

At this time, King Qin Zhi Xiaoerye cried so much, but he looked at the uninvited guests in the hall and touched his chin.

"You really don't want to go away, so you dare to come. Haven't I heard that someone in Qin likes to drink women's blood?"

After Qin Yu finished speaking, his heart was extremely depressed, and he didn't know which bastard was so rich in imagination.

He actually portrayed him as a mixed world demon with three heads and six arms. He most likes to eat a child's heart and liver, drink the blood of a woman, and even put it in a way.

This time it's all right, the name of King Hua, who has been hoping for, has been beaten out. After he has gained his reputation, he can do things with less effort.

But how can he win the hearts of the people in the future?

At the same time, I understand that the public opinion of this era is indeed in the hands of the gentry.

They say that you are the demon, you are the demon, and they say that you have a few hands, so you have a few hands.

"If you have the ability, come and have a drink!"

Red Ying stood up, holding his hand on the hilt, staring at him, still a little frightened in his heart, obviously also affected by the rumor more or less.

"Speak, what are you here for?"

Seeing that even her was so nervous, Qin Yu waved his hand boringly, knowing that within a short period of time, this reputation might be over.

"I'm here to remind you that my foster father has secretly accepted the dog magistrate's enrollment and is ready to deal with you..."

Only then did the Orioles sit back, take a deep breath, and then explained that Wufengzhai accepted the imperial court's call for security and was ready to deal with the Black Mountain Village.

"Okay! That old thing really didn't know how to die, I haven't even gone to find him to settle the accounts, he even dared to be nosy!"

Qin Yu patted the armrest and stood up into the hall. He also served the old man named Liu.

Now he has got rid of the big troubles on the side of the bed in Heishi Town, and has temporarily dealt with all the gentry and landlords in Nanzhang County. He is about to sharpen his sword and Huohuo turns his head and cleans up Wufengzhai. Who ever thought that old thing was like guessing As he thought.

"What official did you give him?"

"Heishi Town...Inspection!" The Orioles blushed a little after speaking.

"What? Inspection? Is that old man crazy? A mere patrol broke himself and sold himself?"

Qin Yu's chin almost fell off.

According to the prestige of the old thing and the strength of Wufengzhai, if the court wanted to recruit security, it would have to give it to a thousand households, and even a hundred households at worst!

And for the Lao Shizi inspection, he still hasn't figured out who is the biggest head catcher?

"Not only that, but also spent ten thousand taels."

The red oriole clenched his teeth at the end, and hit the table with a fist. The dog official was clearly using them, but the foster father was so crazy.

"How big is this official addiction to be able to do such a stupid thing?"

Qin Yu shook his head with emotion, and then coldly snorted: "Humph, but even if it's a broken inspection, the little master will let him buy it and sit down!"

"What are you staring at me, what does it matter to me?" Hongying suddenly became nervous when he saw him staring at him maliciously.

"Aren't you his righteous daughter?"

"It's not anymore, hehe, you are killing me now. He is afraid that he will only appreciate you, and remove a headache and an eye-catching person for him. The fact is that I have been expelled from Wufengzhai."

The Oriole laughed at himself, his tone very lonely and bitter.

"I said why you rushed to report the letter. It turned out that you were driven out by that old thing."

Qin Yu rejoiced, then sat aside, staring sharply at her.

"Let's talk! Why do you want to defect to me?"

The Oriole stared directly at him with shining eyes, gritted his teeth and said, "Because you dare to kill the officials and rebel, and you are cunning and shameless. I think you are a human being, so I want to join you. I hope that I can go to Xiangyang in the future and kill Wang Yi. Pulse, kill all dog officials."

"Have a grudge?"

Qin Yu was also frightened by the murder intent hidden in her eyes, but asked calmly on her face.


Oriole nodded, explained what happened to her sister and father, and then looked at him expectantly.

Seeing that he was obviously moved, but still hesitating, he hurriedly said: "I heard that you killed the Qian family a few days ago and almost made it into Nanzhang County?"

"Yes, if the dog official hadn't run fast, I would have killed him with a stab."

"Yeah, so if you had cavalry at the time, even if you had more than a dozen cavalry, the dog officer would never want to leave, maybe he could still take the opportunity to rush into the city."

Oriole patted the table and looked at him.

This time, she made up her mind to report the letter and surrender. She did not agree that Zhao An was expelled from the cottage and had nowhere to go. Of course, it was a reason.

But the main thing was that they almost lay down Nanzhang County a few days ago, so she saw the hope of revenge.

"You are right! Can you ride on a horse and slash?"

Qin Yu glanced at her and nodded, this lady was almost on his heart.

All the while, the thing that depressed him the most was the more than fifty war horses, no one could ride it.

Walking on horseback is totally different from running on horseback.

The former can barely ride a trot in a month or two, but if the latter does not have professional cavalry instruction, he can only find it on his own, I am afraid it will take a year or two, or even longer.

Because of this, after several teenagers broke their legs, he gave up his plan to temporarily form cavalry.

However, the cavalry is definitely the most important unit in this era, and it is inseparable from the pursuit and escape.

If the Eight Great Kings and King Chuang couldn't ride horses, and didn't have the protection of confidant cavalry, they would only rely on two legs to mix, I am afraid that the bones will be cold.

So he also thought that his guards could ride on horses, and if they were defeated that day, they could also protect him to escape and make a comeback.

Rather than walking on thin ice every step like now, it's because he can't run wildly!

"Of course, I am a northerner, and my ancestor is still a Mahu. Seeing that your fifty-odd war horses have been locked up all the time, I am afraid that no one can ride it?"

The corner of the Oriole’s mouth curled up, with a trace of pride, and then he reminded: “Also, don’t blame me for not reminding you, war horses can’t be raised randomly, otherwise they will be abandoned.”

"Oh? There is also this kind of particularity. Isn't it just to give some hay every day, throw a handful of beans, let them eat, and then pull out for two walks?"

Qin Yu was shocked.

"Should you raise a pig?"

"It's over, you prodigal sons, I am afraid that not many of those war horses have been abandoned." Hongying looked sad.

"Nonsense, Lao Tzu has never missed them to eat. Everyone is as strong as a cow. How can they be abandoned?"

Qin Yu was furious. Those war horses are his treasures. Each horse eats three catties of beans and twenty catties of hay every day, which is more than the three strong men, but he still gritted his teeth and did not treat them badly.

"Can the cow run?"

The Oriole rolled his eyes.


Qin Yu couldn't help but frowned, thought for a moment, and stared at her: "How many people did you bring?"

"Just the thirteen sisters last time, and my bay red horse." The Oriole looked at him carefully after speaking, for fear that he was too few and did not ride a horse.

"Huh, the old man is really benevolent and hypocritical, and he even let you go out of the house. If I didn't give the BMW to you, I'm afraid I have to be left behind!"

Hongying lowered her head silently, it was absolutely false if she was not sad, but she didn't blame Liu Xiaotian.

Wufengzhai wants to go down the mountain for good, if she is allowed to continue to stay in the cottage, once the people in the Prince Xiang’s Mansion learn about her identity, it will definitely cause trouble to the cottage, and she was originally empty-handed.

"Originally, I didn't intend to recruit people from the rivers and lakes for the time being, but you are few and all of you are women, so I will make an exception, so let's give you more than fifty war horses in the future. , Take you to try."

"What? You asked me to raise a horse?"

"If you don't raise it, who raises it? Didn't you say that your ancestor was Mahu? Doesn't this happen to be useful?

Also, next we are going to fight Wufengzhai. I will talk about the ugly first. I will send someone to monitor your every move on the mountain. By the way, the little white girl last time was really the daughter of the old man ?"


Oriole nodded, as long as she can join, she doesn't want to care about it for the time being.

"Have you brought it?" Qin Yu's eyes lit up.

"Do you really think I'm a fool!" The Oriole said in an angry voice.

This kid is cruel, and Wufengzhai wants to deal with the black mountain village. How could she bring sister Lan'er and let him ruin it?