"Uncle, don't deny you. You and Sister Lan'er have known about the fact that Orioles relied on the Black Mountain Village, and I also know that Orioles once took Sister Lan'er to Blackstone Town, and wanted to defect to King Xiao Hua. Erhei, tell the adults what you saw that day."

"Yes! Master Kai..."

After the man called Erhei finished speaking, Liu Xiaotian slumped directly on the ground, and then stared at Yang Tianlin and said bitterly: "The old man treats you so badly, why betray me?"

"Huh, old stuff, you not only ruined the marriage, but also guarded me everywhere, and you are ashamed to say that you are not treating me badly?

There is also that little bitch, I have a deep love for her, but she would rather marry Li Meng that black pig than marry me. Okay, good, don’t worry, I will take good care of Lan for you. My son, haha..."

After Yang Tianlin finished speaking, Yang Tian laughed, but his face was hideous and scary.

"You beast, it turns out you were last night..."

The daughter is the flesh of Liu Xiaotian's heart. Hearing this, he suddenly felt like a crack, and suddenly violently slammed into Yang Tianlin. The thick and thin rope of his little finger was actually broken.

"Protect your lord..."

The servants in the hall were taken aback and hurriedly stopped in front of the magistrate Lu, and the arresters outside also drew their swords and rushed in.


It's a pity that Liu Xiaotian had injuries on his feet and no weapons, so he couldn't perform 30% of his force.

Although he drove Yang Tianlin out and broke the necks of the two government officials, he was slashed to the ground by the hunters who rushed in, and his eyes twitched.

"Pull... pull out, hang your head to the gate of the city to show the public."

Only then did County Majesty Lu regained his composure, waved his hand, and looked at Yang Tianlin who was getting up with a grim look.

"Can you really help this official capture that Wufengzhai?"

"Yes, my lord, most of the people in the cottage who were loyal to Liu Xiaotian were killed and injured yesterday, and the remaining half are people over half a hundred years old. Together with the people who are attracted by the villain, if you close inside and out, you will definitely be able to break Wufengzhai! "

County magistrate Lu's tone slowed down a bit: "Well, if you can really break Wufengzhai, the officer doesn't mind letting you be the inspector of Blackstone Town."

"Thank you sir, the villain is willing to serve the adults in the future!"

Yang Tianlin quickly said with excitement.

County magistrate Lu thought that Liu Xiaotian had easily put out ten thousand taels last time, and this time he put out another five thousand taels without any further delay.

Immediately mobilized the three squads of government officials and hundreds of young men recruited, and let Master Hou and Yang Tianlin attack Wufengzhai.

In order to settle the Wu family's affairs, his savings over the past few years have almost been spent, and the major households are not very much now, so they have to subsidize the bandit.


Heishi Town, Wu Family Mansion.

After listening to Qin Feng's report, Qin Yu was also stunned, and once again confirmed: "Are you right? Is it really that old man's head?"

"The chief can't be wrong, and there is also a servant on the side explaining that Liu Xiaotian, the bandit leader of Wufengzhai, has harbored imperial violations and colluded with anti-thief in plotting wrongdoing. Yesterday, he attacked the county magistrate in the court. "

"Deserve it, the old man will not die if he doesn't do it."

Qin Yu sneered again and again. Then Liu Xiaotian had lost the battle and dared to go to the county office. He was really confused as he got older.

The red oriole on the side had already almost crushed his teeth, smashed the table beside him with a punch, and stood up.

"King Xiaohua, let's smash into Nanzhang County with all our troops and smash that dog official's body to pieces..."

"Niu, don't say that we still don't have the ability to conquer the county seat, so there is, and it's my shit?"

Qin Yu looked at her like a fool, and the old thing died to him without harm.

Among other things, just by raising his arms, he attracted two to three thousand heroes, which was a huge threat to him.

I don't know that County Majesty Lu also thought so.

Hongying's pretty face flushed red, staring at him and opening her mouth, and finally fell back on the chair.

Thinking that Liu Xiaotian had treated her well before, but now he ended up like this, his eyes became red.

Suddenly something came to mind. Just about to stand up, Qin Tie trot in and reported: "The leader, brothers on patrol have caught a little lady and a big black man in the forest outside the town."

"Oh, little girl?"

"Bring in."

Qin Yu let out a shock, then waved his hand.

In a short while, a young girl who was shattered and embarrassed was brought in, followed by a big man who looked like a black bear.


The Oriole looked at Liu Ruolan who had been brought in. She was shocked and rushed up. The latter rushed into her arms and burst into tears.

"Sister, daddy... daddy, he... he woo..."

"Sister, don't cry soon, I will avenge my adoptive father and smash that dog official's body into pieces."

Red Oriole hugged her in his arms, patted her on the back, and pushed her away for a long time, wiped her swollen eyes, comforted, and then looked at the black bear on the side.

"Why did you do it like this?"

"Miss, it was Yang Tianlin who betrayed the village owner. Not only did he inform the dog official surnamed Lu, he also led the officers and soldiers to break our Wufengzhai overnight. They were all killed by him in the second master. I saw that the situation was not good, so I took Miss Zhu escaped from the secret road down the mountain..." The black bear explained with grief and angrily.

"That beast, I really should have killed him." Hongying was so angry that a pair of pink fists were almost crushed, but Liu Ruolan held her and wept again.

"Okay, don't cry anymore, Xiao Bai Niu is not your Wufengzhai here. I don't believe in tears."

Qin Yu was upset by her crying, staring at her and began to figure out what to do.

When Liu Ruolan heard his voice, her whole body trembled, and her shoulders kept shaking, but she didn't dare to cry again, so she buried her head in Orioles' arms and sobbed.

"King Xiaohua, let's send our troops to retake Wufengzhai now. With our strength, it's easy."

Although the Orioles resented this guy for not showing any sympathy, she had to calm down her sister while saying to him.

"What is worth fighting in Wufengzhai? There is no shortage of money and food, and I look down on those heroes. Now that old man is dead, and there is no threat to me. Tell me, why should I go? Fight this kind of unjust war?"

Qin Yu rolled his eyes.

The most taboo thing in rebellion is to use a hammer in the east and a hammer in the west, like a mad dog, but each fight must have a clear purpose.

What's more, Guo Biao has written to him that sulfur and orphans will arrive soon. It is a good time to recharge and expand his troops. Unless his head is caught by the door, he will fight those useless battles.

"Okay, then you lend me some people, I went to the head office by myself?"

"Next time I hear such things, you will find another job! My little temple can't accommodate you, a hero of female middle school." Qin Yu's face suddenly sank, and he said coldly.


Red Ying was panting, staring at him and almost biting blood on his lips, but finally he didn't dare to say more.

Instead, she comforted Liu Ruolan in her arms and said, "Sister, don't worry, the enemy sister of the foster father will help you in the future. You will follow me first, no one dares to bully you."

"Well! I listen to my sister."

Liu Ruolan nodded lightly, glanced at the little thieves in the hall, and hid in her arms.

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