"Little white girl, your name is Liu Ruolan, right? I don't raise idlers here. Your sister can raise horses and ride horses. The big black man is also a good hand to carry wood. What about you? What can you do?"

"My sister knows all the characters, and her knowledge is no worse than your wife." Hongying said proudly, as if she knew it herself.

"Is it great to recognize all the characters? There is no shortage of women who are literate and hyphenated in Shanzhai nowadays, let alone look at her, can I let her teach her?"

"Sister, do you dare to teach them to class at night?" Hongying asked in a low voice while looking at her in her arms.

Liu Ruolan shook her head quickly.

Red Ying's brows are also frowned. She also understands the rules of the cottage. If her sister is afraid to teach, she is afraid that she can only get the treatment of a recruit or a soldier. She now only has a hundred dollars a month, just thinking Taking care of fear is also difficult.

"By the way, my sister can also embroider female red, and the embroidery is much better than those little concubines."

"Oh? Really! But I see her hands, at most embroidered bellybands, let alone sew wounds to the wounded, even the padded jackets may not be able to sew them. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of bellybands in the cottage, but the padded jacket military uniforms."

Qin Yu nodded, then shook his head again.

Seeing what he said so bluntly, let alone Liu Ruolan, even Hongying's pretty faces were hot.

Qin Yu beckoned again, just like a strange millet holding a lollipop and coaxing a little girl.

"Come on, last time you lowered your head, Xiaoye didn't see clearly, come here and let me take a closer look and see what kind of work is appropriate for you."


Liu Ruolan was so scared that she held Oriole and shook her head.

Hongying patted her on the back: "Don't be afraid, girl, those rumors are all false, not to mention that there is a sister here, and he dare not do anything to you. Let him see in the past, maybe I can seal you up. veteran."

Seeing that she was not letting go, he had to sigh and hugged her to Qin Yu.

"Boy, you can take a closer look, just like my sister, you have the heart to let her sew a quilted jacket for rough work?"

"Well, not bad! The small look is really nice, tender and white, but unfortunately it hasn't been opened yet, otherwise it would be suitable to warm the bed.

Qin Yu picked up her chin and shook it from side to side, finally seeing what the little lady looked like.

A melon seed face is crying with pear blossoms, cherry lips are small, red lips are tightly pressed, the thin eyebrows are squeezed together, the eyes are closed and only the eyelashes are trembling.

"Open your eyes."

"Boy, don't go too far."

Oriole knocked off his hand and pulled Liu Ruolan into his arms again.

"Huh, I'm too much? What about her father? She didn't have the life of a lady, but she was raised as a lady. You see, she still bound her feet. Is it possible that she wants to marry his daughter to a big family to be a regular wife? Don’t you know what your identity is?"

Qin Yu stood up and snorted coldly.

Like this kind of delicate, horribly weak-tempered little lady, she can really only sleep for one purpose. Even so, she will have to be raised for two years. It is not worthwhile to settle the account.

However, for the sake of Orioles, after thinking about it, he said: "Send her to the cottage and give it to the lady. Temporarily seal a soldier. If you don't dare to teach after half a month, I will wash my feet and back for this leader in the future. "

Hongying was relieved to see that a soldier was finally sealed.

She also knew that her sister had such a temperament, without the shelter of the cottage, it was really not easy to survive in this troubled time.

And she is a daughter's family, and she has to take revenge. It is impossible to protect her all the time, so if she can really be a concubine for this kid, it would be a way out.



On the mountain road connecting the Xiangyang official road to the north of Heishan Town, the large open space where the grain was robbed for the first time was brightly lit.

"Great King Qin, due to limited time, Guo only raised five hundred catties of sulfur, one thousand catties of copper, and more than five hundred teenagers."

"Well, well, Guo Biao has his hands and eyes open to the sky. After half a month, he has found it for so many years, where is it? Let me go and see..."

Qin Yu was overjoyed. The orphans in Nanzhang County were all taken away by them, and only over a hundred were taken away. Who would have thought that this guy could get over five hundred in half a month, so why not be excited?

He wanted these orphans and little beggars more than the teenagers in three villages, not to mention that there was not much gunpowder left. Five hundred catties of sulfur was enough to match him with three to four thousand catties.

Immediately, Guo Biao took Qin Yu to the side, and saw that the densely squatting on the ground were all young people, all in ragged clothes and shivering.

His face is quite clean. Obviously, although Guo Biao is reluctant to buy them a cotton jacket, he still washes his face.

"Guo Biaotou, tell me honestly how many freezes on the road?"

"Here... Back to King Qin, these teenagers were found by Mr. Guo from various counties in Xiangyang. When Guo sent someone to pick him up, he didn't prepare so many cotton clothes. It happened to snow in the past two days, so almost half of them. Right!" Guo Biao replied carefully.

Qin Yu was in pain after hearing this, and gritted his teeth and said: "Guo Biaotou, I will give you an extra one or two dollars for each person, and bring all the teenagers found alive. Can this be done?"

"King Qin, don't worry, Guo must do his best." Guo Biao replied hurriedly, feeling a little ashamed.

"Well, besides that, you can get me some more blacksmiths. I will give you thirty-two for one. Of course, I will have to take an examination at that time, at least a master who has been ironing for more than ten years. If you have a family member, bring your family together. Come, each person will be compensated two taels of silver."

"Okay!" Guo Biao had already spared it, even if it was kidnapping, he would do it.

Seeing that most of these teenagers were almost freezing cold, and no longer delayed, I quickly settled the account with him and settled the balance.

In the end, he paid a large deposit and asked him to find another batch to bring him in the spring of next year. He hurriedly ordered people to cut wood and make a fire, and then sent people back to the town to pick up the quilt.

There was something that started the fire, and soon piles of fires started to burn. The teenagers didn't need to say hello at all, as long as they could move, they hurry up.

After daybreak, the dispatched personnel returned and drank a bowl of warm broth. Only the two of the five hundred teenagers put on a quilt and began to set off in the snow.

After crawling out of the death line, the teenagers had the intention to look at the people around them and began to discuss carefully.

After returning to the town, everyone took a comfortable hot bath and washed their bodies clean. At this time, the cotton-padded clothes, trousers and shoes from the cottage were also delivered.

After a beautiful meal, five hundred teenagers were neatly dressed and recovered a little energy, and they were concentrated on the open space in the town.

"Introduce myself first. I am the leader of the Rebellion Army, King Hua Qin Yu. I am your savior and your only support for survival in the future...

Let me talk about what I did before...Let’s start with you first, come on, don’t be afraid, come up... here, you won’t go hungry and cold anymore..."