The whirring cold wind hit the face like a knife, causing pain. The surrounding snow was swept and piled on the side, and the open space was full of firewood.

Five hundred teenagers sat next to Qin Yu, warming up the fire and talking about their past experiences.

Of these five hundred people, most of them were beggars orphans, and some even fled from the north. They were talking and crying in the end!

Of course, there are also some teenagers with relatives who were deceived.

"Hey, originally I thought my experience was miserable, but I didn't expect them to be worse than me. This damn court will not die, it is really intolerable."

At some point, Red Oriole came over from behind, sat on a stool beside him, and said with emotion.

"It's miserable, who can compare to me?"

Qin Yu also sighed when he remembered the half month when he first came and the first three days in the rebel army.

In those three days, he rose up several times to give himself the urge to see if he could wear it back again, and he almost couldn't hold back several times, and went to eat meat with other people, but in the end he leaned on those pieces of cakes, Still persisted.

It is precisely because of this that he has an unspeakable feeling for Mrs. Li. At the beginning, he did not hesitate to violate his reason several times, and took risks to keep her and the last trace of conscience in his own heart.

If he doesn't rebel right now, maybe he is working as a small housekeeper in Li's family, drooling at the mature and attractive mistress every day, and hiding in the quilt secretly at night.

But now the plot is reversed. The noble lady has lost the slightest temper after being rubbed by him, and the delicate lady is also called by him as a maid. Therefore, in this era, only killing officials and rebelling is the only way to stand up.


Hongying stared at him with wide-eyed eyes, and his face was full of suspicion. Just this kid's cunning, will he suffer?

Qin Yu ignored her. Seeing that the grievance meeting was almost over, he stood up and said loudly:

"I originally intended that Guo Biaotou to rescue those orphans like me. For this, I spent thousands of taels of silver. Who would have thought that he was a scorpion heart, not only embezzled a lot of my silver, and caused many of your companions to freeze to death. It’s really hateful! Shameful!"

"However, after all, this matter is due to my inadequate supervision. So, if you want to go back, I will send some food, and how about the cotton-padded clothes and trousers and shoes on my body as a gift to you?"

All the teenagers shook their heads quickly, not to mention anything else, no one wanted to go back just for the two meals and the outfit they were wearing, even those with family members.

The Red Oriole curled her lips, and now she knows a little bit about the little Hua Wang. She is so shameless as to be outrageous. Apart from deceiving these little babes who have just arrived, I am afraid that he would not even believe it.

Also send cotton clothes, send food?She was sure that if anyone wanted to leave, she was afraid that she would be pulled into the snow, stripped of her clothes and buried as soon as she left town.

Qin Yu didn't know what she thought, and nodded to herself: "Well, since everyone doesn't want to leave, it's freezing cold, so stay.

But I have to talk about the shame, once you join, you will be an anti-thief!If you are caught by the court, you will be decapitated. Are you not afraid?"

"Don't be afraid, as long as you have food, you are not afraid of anything."

"Yes, just give me a piece of meat, rebellion will rebel."

"Decapitate the head."

All the teenagers shouted one after another. Obviously, they, who have been struggling with death for a long time, don't care about anything as long as they have food.

"Okay! I appreciate your relentless effort to pull the landlord off the horse. Why can they eat meat and drink and hug the wives every day, but we have to go hungry, cold and gnawing mud? Both shoulders? Is it so fair to carry a head?"

Qin Yu shouted hoarsely, and the emotions of the youths below were mobilized and shouted.


"Yes, it's not fair."

"Well, from now on, I will lead you to use the knife in our hands to make a fair come out, make a good day to have meat, wine and drink, and a wife hug..."

At the end of the talk, Qin Yu pulled out the long knife from his waist and waved it.

The teenagers were also completely crazy, and they responded hoarsely with their fists.

The red oriole on the side was already dumbfounded, and muttered: "It turns out that rebellion requires not only martial arts, but also good talk, which will deceive people."

The roaring faces of all the teenagers turned red, and then Chief Qin returned the knife to its sheath and reduced his expressions.

"Living in heaven and earth, whether you are poor or rich, you must pay attention to a knowledge of gratitude, and you must never forget your roots, otherwise you will be no different from beasts. After death, you will go down to eighteen levels of hell. beggar…"

After the eloquent and eloquent speech, the teenagers all understood what the grace of dripping water is, and the great truth of life that should be reported by the spring.

Qin Yu nodded in satisfaction, and explained the rules of the cottage, and the level reward system, and sent them to the black cottage to raise their bodies, learn, and conduct basic training.

After all, if you stay in the town, some trees are so big that they suddenly popped up for so many years. After a little investigation, you can find Guo Biao.

As the New Year’s Pass approached and the weather became colder, more and more villagers came to join their families in nearby villages.

One is the food at home, which was robbed by the bandits a while ago, and the other is that the villagers of the three villages are all in peace today, and it is said that they can eat every day, so some people who can't survive can't help but get up. Desperate mind.

For these honest people, the leader of Qin naturally refused to come. The young man stayed in the town as a soldier, and his family was sent to the cottage for resettlement.

In the end, a full two hundred families were accepted, and another two hundred adult soldiers were selected from among them. In the cold weather, the outside of the town was still shouting and training every day.


"Drive! Drive..."

The tall bay red horse galloped in the snow, the four hoofs splashed the snow, and the cold wind hit his face, but Qin Yu continued to howl.

This is the first time he has experienced the speed of the Ming Dynasty, at least thirty or forty yards, and the excitement in his heart can be imagined.

The only regret was that there was a lady sitting behind, but he believed that in a while, he would definitely be able to gallop alone.


Seeing that he was endless, the Orioles had to pull the horse's rein, the horse neighed, and the front hoofs leaped high. If someone stopped him, Qin Yu would have to fall down.

"What are you doing?"

"Didn't I say that I will ride by myself, and you will only take action when it is critical?"

"It's not your horse, you naturally don't feel bad about it, so come here today!"

Oriole blushed and had no good air, then turned over and got off the horse, and walked towards the town with the reins, trying to relieve the horse from some burden, but it was because of someone's chest tenderness just now.

Qin Yu didn't have such awareness, still sitting on horseback, recalling the feeling just now.

"There should be more than ten war horses in Wufengzhai, why don't we go grab them?" The red oriole suddenly turned back as he walked.

Obviously, he still wanted to avenge Liu Xiaotian.

"Fuck! How many times have I told you?"

Qin Yu was interrupted by her just now when she felt a little bit of feeling. He was upset when she saw her mentioning this matter again, and he drew a whip.

"Don't you want those horses? If you are afraid of casualties, hand over the hundred brothers who were captured last time to me, and I will lead them to the head line!"

Although he wasn't beaten, but thinking of his days, he worked so hard to teach him to ride a horse, but instead he was lashed every day, the Orioles was also aggrieved, and his tone was also a bit aggressive.

"Well, this can be considered, and we will talk about it after the beginning of the year."

Qin Yu touched his chin, nodded after thinking for a moment.

Not to mention that war horses are too difficult to obtain, even the two hundred young recruits have to practice their hands, plus there are cannon fodder, it is worth his vote.

After all, the surname Yang also had an enemy with him. His eldest brother killed him with a single shot himself, and finally he wanted to solve the fish that slipped through the net to avoid future troubles.

The Red Oriole was disappointed when he heard that he would wait until the beginning of spring next year, but he agreed, so he didn't say much.