"How? Now I believe women are more suitable for cavalry than men, right?"

The Oriole led the horse back to Qin Yu's side, threw the blood-stained saber to the black bear, and continued to flicker.

"Well, I will give you 300 places to try first. You have to train their equestrian skills in the shortest possible time. As for the courage, you don't need to control you. No matter how cowardly women are, I can make her change. Poisonous rose."

Qin Yu touched his chin and nodded thoughtfully.

"three hundred?"

The red oriole was overjoyed, secretly saying that this kid is really courageous and a man of great things, and then he said again: "But we only have a hundred war horses?"

"Hehe, the cottage has acquired thousands of mule horses and ponies, let's take a look first!"

"Well, that's the only way to go. I will pick the best two hundred horses now."

"Not two hundred, but three hundred. From now on, all female soldiers will ride ponies."

"What? Riding a pony? What about these war horses?" The Oriole opened his small mouth and stared at him firmly.

"These war horses will be rationed to the guards. Then I will learn equestrian skills with you. If I find that they are not as good as those women, and learn fast, then those women soldiers will serve the men."

Qin Yu squinted at her with his hands behind his back.

"You...you...really mean, how can those ponies be war horses?"

The Red Oriole pointed at him and was so angry for a long time before he suffocated a sentence. It was really sent under the fence and felt angry everywhere.

"How not?

Those tall short-legged horses are not much shorter than Mongolian horses, and they are more suitable for walking on mountain trails. Short-footed horses carry women and Mongolian horses carry men."

Qin Yu waved his hand, and the Orioles really reminded him that in the future, a female soldier riding a pony will definitely be a good way to hunt down the rout.

They don’t need to charge into battle, they only need to hunt down the enemy when they are fleeing, and they can also work part-time in the rescue team, just as each rescue team is equipped with a horse.

In a downwind battle, he carried the knife and rushed to chase him. If he was defeated, he could run away even on a horse, so that the male soldier would not be caught by the enemy.

The key is that the pony, the horse native to the south, is slightly larger than the mule, and is much easier to handle than the Mongolian war horse.

"Okay! A pony is a pony, you are ruthless!"

Red Oriole threw a word in a huff, then turned and left, all her saliva was dry, and she was performing hard again. Who ever thought it would end like this in the end.

"Miss, this kid guards us everywhere. Brothers eat differently from them. Now we have more people than them. Why should we stay here and be angry? Why don't we do it alone?"

The black bear followed, buzzing his airway, apparently with bones in the back.

The Oriole paused, waved his hand and said, "Rebellion is not just a matter of crowds, and no one can be a king. Although this kid is shameless and treacherous, he is born to be a king of rebellion. Don't say this later. , Tell my brothers to stop thinking and stay at ease."

She is self-aware, and she is sure to take down Nanzhang County, but she will definitely not take down Xiangyang City.


The black bear bowed his head and nodded, somewhat unwilling.

The Orioles first rode back to the Black Mountain Village. From the six hundred women rescued, they selected three hundred women who were small and had no feet.

Either the village girl or the little daughter-in-law in the village, all under 20 and weighing no more than ninety catties.

Then he picked more than three hundred pony horses with strong limbs, and taught them how to ride horses with the thirteen female soldiers.

Qin Yu also selected a hundred from the five hundred teenagers he bought last time and added them to the guard.

Fifty people were led by Qin Shuang to stay in the cottage, and one hundred people were led by Qin Tie and Qin Wen to learn horsemanship from Hongying and the others.

Lian Chuntao's dozens of rescue teams will also learn to ride with them. If Na Niu teaches these women's rescue teams and young soldiers to ride horses alone, I'm afraid it will be careless, so I have to work around and give her some sweetness.

Qin Yu nodded in satisfaction when looking at the 300 women who were still pretty and young.

After Hongying taught them that they would be married to their guards as concubines after the horse operation, if they wanted to play with him, they would play an axe in front of Luban and a big sword in front of Guan Gong.

In the end, she would cry and find that a woman can't tie a woman, only a man can tie a woman and let her die.

In the same way, in order to make the heroes and heroes work for their allegiance, in addition to meat and alcohol, women also need to be tied.


On this day, in the open space outside the town, two thousand heroes gathered around a ring, clamoring loudly than going to the fair.

Klang Klang...

The gong was almost broken, and the people were completely quiet.

Looking at the legendary King Xiaohua on the stage, everyone has different expressions, some disdainful, curious, and fearful, but there is no admiration.

"Listen well, you guys, this king will organize four teams, each with 500 people, with one captain and two deputy captains. Each team governs five hundred, with one captain and one deputy. One leader, one leader, ten each, one leader, one leader, two corps, and two leaders. These captains, leader, leader, and leader are in this ring today. Choose, the winner is the long, the loser is the pawn..."

"Okay! I am the first to agree, I'll come first, who dares...touch!"

Before Qin Yu finished speaking, a tall and magnificent man rushed out of the crowd and jumped onto the ring, but halfway through the conversation, he was thrown down by a sceptical life.

Suddenly, it caused a commotion among the heroes, and some even clenched their weapons, glaring at Qin Yu on the stage.

"Hold it down."

Qin Yu was holding the spear off, and then he waved his hand and looked at the heroes in the audience and said coldly: "I see it, this is the end of unruly, I haven't finished what I said. , Shit?"

"Listen well, the corps leader grants veteran treatment, even commander grants elite soldier, Bai commander grants squad leader treatment, team leader grants squad leader treatment, and above it is the small leader, the large leader, and the big king.

In order to adapt to the development of the Hua Army, Qin Yu modified the hierarchy a little bit, added a small team leader and king, and changed the leader to the commander, from the original seven to the current nine.

After all, the leader is easy to be misunderstood as the leader of an army, and is suspected of leaving the singles, and the leader can be understood as the command of a team of troops or a team of troops, a battalion of troops, which sounds much better.

Everyone has been here for a few days, and they have already understood the hierarchy of the Hua army. They have complaints about King Xiao Hua's delay in not giving them titles to eat meat, and now they are a little expectant.

"The four team captains who won in the end each rewarded a woman with a delicate skin and tender flesh. Of course, you should be respected by others."

"it is good…"

"it is good…"

"it is good…"

"The King Xiaohua is mighty!"

"Xiaohua Wang is a hero!"

As soon as Qin Yu's voice fell, it caused everyone around him to shout and shout, and almost swelled King Xiaohua's buttocks. As for the ghost who was collapsed just now, I still remember.

Immediately the contest began, and the two thousand men were beaten to the fore. There are many martial arts masters who are farting and rolling on the ground.

First there is a one-on-one draw and elimination rounds, and then a level-by-level promotion round. The selection is not completed until dark.

The next day, Qin Yu first awarded the title, the team leader was still purple cloth, but the big team leader was black cloth.

The nine young men surnamed Qin were all promoted to captains, and all the young men brought from Gucheng were promoted to the first level. Liu Hu and Wang Daniu were also promoted to captains.

The Bulls and Tigers still had only one hundred and fifty people, and Qin Yu wouldn't let this band of bandits mix with those farmers.

But it seems that the weather is getting hot, the wheat is green, and there is no one from all the villages and villages to turn around, making him want to expand, but he can't expand, he is really speechless to the extreme.

Of the five Musketeers teams, each team added 80 people, reaching more than 130 people, a total of more than 650 people.

With the addition of 150 guards, there are just over 800, but only half of them carry bird blunderbuss, and the other half can still only carry spears.