Xiangyang City.

In the study room of the Governor's Mansion, the governor of the five provinces, Xiong Wencan, was slightly surprised after listening to the report of the aides.

"Yaozhi, is that King Xiang really willing to donate a thousand taels of silver and a thousand tons of grain for the purpose of suppressing thieves?"

"Yes, my lord, the long history of the palace really said that. It's just a verbal suggestion that I hope the adults can send troops as soon as possible to wipe out the small group of anti-thieves who are entrenched in Nanzhang County."


Xiong Wencan was even more surprised when he heard the words, and at the same time frowned slightly. Yesterday the Royal Palace Changshi invited his staff to a banquet, and he felt that something was wrong.

It stands to reason that King Xiang should avoid contact with him, not to mention intervening in matters of suppressing thieves. His Majesty is notoriously suspicious, doesn't he know it?

Or do you want to harm yourself?

Besides, we should also care about the big anti-thief in Gucheng, not a group of little-known anti-thief.

"My adults don't know. Recently, there have been rumors in the city of Xiangyang that Hong Luanying, the imperial criminal who injured the prince's son last year, was one of the leaders of that group of small anti-thief."

"How can you believe this kind of rumors? What's more, that King Xiang is also a person who knows the importance of things, how can he go to war for a criminal?" Xiong Wencan shook his head.

"It's true, but the student specifically inquired about it. There was a rumor that the eldest son was injured in his lower body at the time, and he got better after lying in bed for three months. Since then, his temperament has changed drastically, and the king and the princess have loved the elder son again, as the rumor is true. It makes sense."

"If this is the case, then the Governor is really not easy to treat at will!"

Xiong Wencan got up and carried his hands on his back, frowning tighter. If King Xiang was just dissatisfied with the local public order and complained, the big deal is to let Xiangyang Wei go.

But now it's sending money and food again, the son of the world may still be inhumane. If he is perfunctory, it may cause him to impeach himself to indulge in the anti-thief and do nothing.

In fact, he had noticed that group of little thieves a long time ago, and he thought it was the Eight Great Kings who sent him to fight the front stand, so he planned to wait for them to take the path to Nanzhang and then take the opportunity to encircle them.

Later, waiting left and right, there was no movement, and what the little bandit did was purely the act of banditry. It didn't seem to have something to do with the eight kings. On the contrary, it was like a bold thief coming from elsewhere. Too lazy to pay attention.

Who ever thought that in the past few months, they have intensified and developed rapidly, which attracted his attention again, and sent someone to Gucheng to inquire, which was extremely shocked.

Originally, if that group of little thieves were really under the Eight Great Kings of Gucheng, they would have to extinguish them, cut off the tentacle of the Eight Great Kings, and continue to encircle them in Gucheng.

But the facts are quite the opposite. Not only was that group of little thieves not under the Eight Great Kings, they escaped, and there was a big battle on the road, which is very promising.

The actions that King Xiao Hua had done this time can't be concealed from him. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as an evildoer. After weighing the pros and cons, he decided to recruit them and take the King Xiao Hua into his own use.

This not only prevents the army from being wiped out, it scares them into chaos and stirs up the wind and rain, and it can also make a trusted soldier in vain.

Wang Can, the staff member, had already seen the Governor's careful thoughts, otherwise he would not have paid such attention to the little gangsters after the beginning of the year.

So I thought about it and said, "Sir, it's better for the students to go there in person, and let King Xiaohua hand in the Red Luanying, and then explain the adult's kindness..."

"Isn't it right!"

Xiong Wencan hurriedly waved his hand to interrupt. He dignified the governor of the five provinces and took the initiative to pet a group of little-known anti-thief. That would definitely make people laugh.

With his status, he wanted to seduce him and his target was also the world-famous thieves like the Eight Great Kings and King Chuang.

Wang Can is also very painful, and the Governor-General wants to provoke others, but is also afraid of losing his worth. It really hurts his brain.

The last two combined.

Decided to do both soft and hard, both grace and power, let the defensive Liu Guoneng lead the army in Nanzhang, and then let him persuade King Xiaohua to return to the court.

After all, Liu Guoneng was also an anti-thief before, and he was only in Suizhou in the first month of this year, and he has performed quite well in recent months. It would be more appropriate for him to come forward.

"Yaozhi, you go to Suizhou in person, so that Liu Guoneng must grasp the yardstick and let the Xiaohua King know that this governor is not unable to destroy them, but rather cherishes his talents and cannot scare them to flee elsewhere. "

"Students, remember, this is the start!" Wang Can gave his hand, but he was also a little surprised. The governor actually valued the little gangsters so much.


at the same time.

There was a crowd of people outside Heishi Town. Looking at the four captains, two of them came from Wufengzhai. The black bear was also among them, and Qin Yu felt painful.

Naihe was decided by a contest, and he couldn't clearly change the suppression, so he had to look at the other two.

"Black Dog, the king has now promoted you to captain, and your unit is named the dog team. Come up with the leader flag."


All the heroes, I heard that the dog team laughed, and even the Orioles on the side couldn't help laughing, and hurriedly covered their mouths and turned their heads.

The big man named Heigou as his name is, his face is as black as charcoal, he stepped forward and knelt on one knee, scratching his head and said: "Xiao Hua Wang, can you change your name? This dog team is too damn bad."

"You know it's bad, too?"

"Then why did you have such a nickname in the first place?"

"Isn't this what the brothers barked at the beginning!" The black dog's face flushed.

"Well, the king will change your name. From now on, you will be called Black Wolf. How about changing to Wolves?" Qin Yu nodded, then smiled.

"Thank you, the king!" Heigou Daxi hurriedly thanked him, and even changed his name. After all, if he really called the dog team, he would not be able to look up in the future.

But each team is named by name, so I can only blame myself for not having a good name. Now Qin Yu has changed his name, which suits him well, and is very grateful.


Qin Yu saw his reaction in his eyes and was quite satisfied. The reason he didn't change it at first was to make him lose his ugliness first.

"Skinny monkey."


A short and thin man with a thief-faced and mouse-faced stepped out, arousing everyone's contempt, because this guy completely defeated all his opponents by insidious tricks.

Little did he know that Chief Qin liked this kind of vicious character, so he nodded.

"It performed well yesterday. From now on, your team will be called the Monkey Team."

"Thank you, King." The thin monkey was obviously satisfied with his nickname.

Afterwards, Qin Yu gave the black bear and another hero named Chuanshanbao the team flags, named the Bear Team and the Leopard Team.

The female cavalry of the Orioles also awarded the name of the Orioles and was promoted to the captain of Orioles.

At this point, the Hua Army has seven adult corps, including the Tigers, Bulls, Wolves, Monkeys, Bears, Leopards, and Cavalry Orioles, a total of seven generals.

It's not that Qin Yu didn't want to pick up a more elegant name, but that he had to use such a vulgar name with this band of bandits, because everyone can remember and distinguish them.

In the end, Qin Yu called hundreds of women in their thirties and asked the four captains and Daniel to pick one. Daniel's wife was killed by the gentry, so he planned to compensate one.

One hundred women, there are eight landlord concubines he took in.

There are also rescued from various cottages, even if they weren't the noble lady before, but the looks are good.

The five naturally rushed to those delicate ladies to pick them up first, but they were also worthy of others. These women were all literate and hyphenated, and Qin Yu didn't want to force them.

So in the end, only Daniel and Thin Monkey hugged the two beautiful ladies, whose mouths couldn't be closed with laughter.

Qin Yu looked at the two shy women covering their faces, and could only secretly say that the radish and cabbage had their own loves. The tastes of the two ladies were really extraordinary.

The rest of the heroes are envious.

Chief Qin took the opportunity to announce that in the future, as long as they are promoted to captain, those who are 18 years old and unmarried will have a chance. The young leader can take a concubine, and the high commander can also choose a maid.

But in a short period of time, he can't let people be promoted to the leader, even more impossible for the leader.

Because the captains command five hundred people, the small commander must command at least three or four thousand, and the high commander must command tens of thousands, so it is nothing more than drawing a big pie for them, which can be seen but not touched.