Thirty miles away, the army set off in the morning and arrived in the afternoon.

Maybe they just returned, and if they want to perform well, the discipline of the army is better than the official army.

Looking at the dirt wall outside the town, which was less than a meter, Liu Guoneng smiled.

While sending people to explore around, while burying the pot to cook, he ordered people to go outside the town to shout, and let the Xiaohua King come out to greet the senior.

"Tai, listen, the little thieves inside, my left-behind adult asked your Xiaohua King to come out and answer."

"The bullshit guard sir, the eggless bully, don't put garlic in the nose of Laozi here to pretend to be an uncle."

"Tell that to break into the sky, there is a species to attack the town, if there is no species, go back and continue to be a dog for the court!"


Behind the dirt wall, a group of bandits scolded and laughed, and smashed Liu Guoneng's bowl on the ground with anger.

His face was red and green.

As the saying goes, curse people without revealing the short, what the bandits said happened to hit his heart.

But people can't help themselves in the arena, how do these little thieves know the suffering of wandering around the world for more than ten years?

"Brother, what is there to talk about with this bunch of bastards? I'll take someone to rush in and kill him a few hundred."

"Dog miscellaneous, catch that Xiao Hua Wang, I have to teach him what is senior!"

Both of the two brothers who drove through the sky gritted their teeth.

Liu Guoneng waved his hand: "No hurry, we are unfamiliar with the land. Let's cut some wood first, sharpen it and wait for a while before hitting the wall, and wait until the fourth general's surrounding situation is clear."

Although Liu Guoneng is cautious, but Qin Yu and the others are too familiar with this area and have long hidden in the forest on the mountain.

After some inquiries, I saw that the nearby villages and woods were nothing unusual, and at this time the army had finished eating.

Liu Guoneng gave this order, and more than a thousand big men rushed towards the earth wall carrying the wood and waving their weapons.

Of these five thousand horses, except for three hundred cavalry who are old thieves, more than one thousand are veterans brought from the north, and the remaining more than three thousand people are recruited in Suizhou, just shortly after they were picked up.



Neither side had any long-range weapons, so the bandit heroes in the town just stood on the wooden board behind the earth wall and threw a round of bamboo spears first.

Although Qin Yu left more than 500 firecrackers, the Orioles also knew that it was impossible for the opponent to throw firecrackers at the beginning of the attack.

The perimeter of the earth wall in the town was only two or three li. More than a thousand people attacked only a section of more than 300 meters wide to the east, and quickly rushed under the earth wall.

Several people worked together to carry a log and kept hitting the earth wall, some holding shields to cover, while the pikemen stab at it, and the people behind picked up rocks and smashed them.

The bandits also jabbed down with their long spears and threw stones at the same time. Both sides had a great time fighting.

For a time, it was all yelling and roaring, as well as the sound of hitting the soil wall, and occasionally it was mixed with one or two screams.


After being knocked out of several large holes, a section of the earth wall finally fell backwards, directly pressing the bandits on the wooden boards underneath, and did not get up for a long time.


Several big men rushed in carrying the wood, and others stepped on the clods and howled and squeezed in.


The bandit heroes, who had been waiting behind the wall for a long time, immediately went up to the gap.

The bandits are really good at this kind of chaos, and the gap is narrow, and within a moment, they will kill those who rush in and escape.

In other places, even though they collapsed in more than ten stages one after another, they were almost the same. Seeing that the defenders were fierce and could not rush in, the attackers swarmed back.

After a quarter of an hour in the war, only a hundred corpses were left behind, but the bandits only killed more than 20 people and injured more than 50. They were immediately dragged into the house by the female soldiers for rescue by the ambulance team.

"Big brother, it seems that King Xiaohua still has two brushes. Why not attack both sides at the same time!"

"Yeah! The other party is well-staffed. Tell the brothers not to rush inside. First, make the gap wider. It is best to knock down all the earth walls on the east side."

Liu Guoneng nodded, and then said that it was just a tentative attack. Although the opponent's combat effectiveness was good, it was just that.

Suddenly, another two thousand people were picked, carrying the wood from the east and the north to attack at the same time, the cavalry and the henchmen still did not play, just supervising the battle behind.

The manpower of the Orioles is indeed adequate.

Two thousand people, more than half of them stood behind the wall and waited, and at this time the dung was on the brink.

Therefore, although the earth wall on the east was hit completely unrecognizable and the opponent did not rush in, there were three or four hundred casualties, but the wounded were dragged back.

"Prepare to throw firecrackers."

Looking at several gaps more than ten meters wide, and dozens of small gaps, Orioles knew that it was time to throw firecrackers.

Otherwise, the opposing cavalry and elite veterans rushed in from the gap, and street fighting in the town would be troublesome.

Liu Guoneng didn't send cavalry to rush to kill. That was his housekeeping capital. He would never go if he was a last resort.

So it only sent five hundred veterans, led three thousand people, to kill towards the broken earth wall.

Before the attack, he made a final warning, but unfortunately he thought Xiao Hua Wang, who was defiant and disrespectful to his seniors, was not in the town at all.

At this time, Qin Yu had already smashed out of the mountains in the north, and was swiftly killing towards the town.

Although I wanted to hit the opponent by surprise, the surrounding area of ​​the town was open, and the target of more than a thousand people was so big that they had to hide and hide, but they were still discovered by the cavalry from far away.

"Brother, there is a team of people from the north, almost a thousand people, mother, I want to sneak attack."

"When I attacked the army, he didn't know where King Xiao Hua was, he played this trick with me, ha ha, were there any cavalry?"

"There is a base, it seems that most of them are still boys with no full hair, but the momentum is quite strong, the clothes are all the same, and they wear a hat."

"No matter how good it looks, there is a fart, it should be King Xiaohua and his little cubs."

Liu Guoneng disdainfully said, as he was about to make the three thousand attackers retreat first, there was a continuous explosion in front of him, and he was shocked.

Five hundred firecrackers bombarded more than three thousand heroes with howling ghosts and howling wolves. Hundreds of people fell to the ground and screamed. Even some veterans were hit and rushed backwards.

At this time, the bandit guarding the town also found Qin Yu's army a few miles away, and immediately reported it to the Orioles.

"Brothers, kill with me!"

The Orioles rode on the horse, brandishing a spear, and led the thirteen female cavalrymen to kill first.


Two thousand bandits also howled one after another, rushing out from the gap, killing more than two thousand people who had retreated and fled.

"Fourth old, you take a thousand people to meet the second and third, and the others will meet with Lao Tzu to meet the little Hua Wang."

Liu Guoneng also reacted from the firecracker explosion just now. Seeing that the other party took the opportunity to kill him, he immediately gave an order and charged three hundred cavalry and one thousand horses to the north.

Liu Guoneng knew that he absolutely couldn't retreat at this time, otherwise the people from the north of the opponent would also rush up, and the loss would be great.

Besides, he doesn't think they will lose.

Although the people who attacked the town were defeated and the situation was a bit unfavorable, a thousand people could still hold the ground.

They have more troops than the other, and with his three hundred guard cavalry, it is enough to kill the thousands of people from the north and pee in his ass, not to mention a thousand foot soldiers following.

It is not too late to go back and clean up the people in the town when the troops in the north have been cleaned up, and the guy named fourth also took the last thousand men and horses to meet the defeated soldiers who fled.