Qin Yu trot forward with the army.

However, it was a horizontal team, not a column. They ran a few hundred meters and had to stop, running on the drums, and with the usual training, the team was not far away.

The four hundred spear boys are in four rows, and the four hundred fire gunmen are also in four rows. The left side is the bull team, the right is the tiger team, and the last row is Qin Yu and the guards.

"Stop advancing, the whole team meets the enemy."

Looking at the cavalry rushing in the distance, Qin Yu immediately shouted.

As soon as the drums stopped, everyone subconsciously stopped and quickly stood up in the starting formation.

It took only twenty or thirty seconds for a thousand people, and the cavalry a few miles away rushed to a few hundred meters away in the blink of an eye, and rushed straight up.

"The Pikemen squatted down, and the firegunner prepared."

Although it was only three hundred riders, the momentum was still astonishing. The teenagers in the first four rows knelt down and pointed their spears obliquely to the front, while the tail of the spear was on the ground.

The four platoons of firecrackers behind quickly lit the match rope, and the three hundred adult soldiers on the left and right wings were still standing, with the sword and shield in front and the pikemen behind.

Chief Qin rode on the horse condescendingly, and was shocked by the movement caused by the three hundred horses rushing forward.

But he didn't believe that the other party would rush up directly, so he kept howling: "Don't be afraid, they are scaring people, hold on!"

"Who moves Lao Tzu to kill who."

Although Chief Qin was cheering up and threatening, the youngsters in the first four rows still showed horror.

Fortunately, Qin Yu kept instilling that the cavalry was just a paper tiger, facing the musket cavalry is a living target, so the teenagers also gritted their teeth and persevered.


The cavalry quickly rushed to a distance of 100 meters. Seeing that the opponent could still be stable, the cavalry in front of him was very surprised, and ran for a while, seeing that the formation was not in chaos, he was no longer calm.

Looking at the dense and cold gleaming spear points, the cavalry who led the horse turned their heads and rushed to the sides.

But at this moment, there was a burst of beans. The first two rows of musketeers pulled the trigger only one second apart, and the two hundred bullets immediately made the war horse neigh, and the man turned over.

More than forty riders fell down, because the cavalry in front of him just turned sharply, which made Liu Guoneng shocked and quickly evaded to the left.

He didn't expect that the other party was equipped with so many firecrackers, and it was so sharp that his intestines were almost regrettable, and he hurriedly summoned the cavalry to rush from behind.

Qin Yu also responded immediately, letting the youngsters in the back two rows turn backwards, a hundred guards squatted down with short fire guns, and the first two rows of fire guns quickly filled.

On the defensive side of the Bulls and Tigers, the first four rows of young pikemen also stood up.

With more than a thousand people, Qin Yu was already struggling to command, and almost his throat broke.

Fortunately, the captains of the teams are not fools, and even if they have practiced again, even if they didn't hear clearly, they probably guessed what to do.

After all, the cavalry was rounding to the side. The Bulls and Tigers were impossible. They were stupid and stood still facing the front.

Liu Guoneng thought that starting from behind, the opponent was an infantry, and their cavalry could not react as quickly. Seeing that there was no spear behind, he rushed up as soon as he gritted his teeth.

As a result, the two rows of musketeers in the back fired together again, knocking down more than 20 horses, and then the guards slapped the trigger again.

The bayonet was quickly mounted after the last two rows, and the first two rows were also loaded, and the muzzle was turned and fired freely.

After losing more than sixty rides back and forth, Liu Guoneng felt like a knife, and he never wanted to hit the opponent's muzzle again.

Although he rushed forward desperately and could definitely rush into the formation, even if the entire army killed by the opponent was wiped out, it would not be worthwhile to lose half of the three hundred horses.

I wanted to try again from the left and right wings, looking at the dense shield spears, and finally gave up.

In this way, more than two hundred riders surrounded the phalanx, spinning more than a hundred steps away, looking for the other side's loopholes.

It's a pity that they don't know how to ride and shoot, otherwise Qin Yu and the others will definitely suffer.

Qin Yu continued to encourage everyone to stay steady in the formation, but he was forced to panic.

He found that he still didn't know enough about cavalry, and he far underestimated the role and deterrence of cavalry in this era.

Now, let alone flanking each other's infantry, more than a thousand people were surrounded by more than two hundred cavalry running at high speed. They didn't even dare to move.

At the same time, I was determined in my heart to vigorously develop cavalry. If he has cavalry now, even if it only needs one hundred, no, only fifty cavalry, the infantry can follow the cavalry and fight to the death.

Although he knows that now he is changing the spears, swords, and shield soldiers outside, and the round formations with the firearms are tightly bound together, which is much safer, but under the eyes of the opponent, the change is a dead end.

At this time, a thousand infantrymen also rushed in, seeing that the horse was a little weak, so Liu Guoneng slowed down his horse and retreated with the cavalry.

He was ready to let the infantry charge, but he didn't feel distressed anyway when all these thousand infantrymen died.

Qin Yu also hurriedly took the opportunity to change the formation. The Bulls and Tigers expanded forward and backward. The young pikemen in the third and fourth rows jumped back from the gap between the pikemen, and the pikemen gathered in the middle.

Fortunately, there are only a thousand people, and the movement of changing the formation is not complicated. In just two minutes, a rectangular array becomes an oval.

Under Qin Yu's constant roaring and adjustment, the ellipse slowly closed in the middle, shrinking and getting smaller, and finally turned into a small circular array with a diameter of tens of meters.


"The Shield Soldier and Pikemen squatted down for Lao Tzu, and the Musketeers knocked out all the short swords for Lao Tzu and filled them with ammunition."

Qin Yu breathed a sigh of relief before riding on the horse again.

The thousand infantry soldiers a few hundred meters away were all dumbfounded.

Liu Guoneng was also horrified as if he had seen a ghost. He just greeted the infantry and divided them into two teams and charged from both sides of the left wing.

But with this blink of an eye, the opponent was like a trick, shrunk from a rectangular array nearly two hundred meters wide into a small circular array.

"Big Brother, this...this...this is too evil!"

"Send a brother to call out and tell the King Xiaohua to pay 10,000 taels of silver, and then hand over the Hong Luanying. Not only will I immediately retreat, but I can also make him a guerrilla general, saying that this is what the governor meant. "

Liu Guoneng took a deep breath, and then said to the guard nearby.

At this time, the fighting around the town was equally lively.

Two thousand bandits and more than three thousand heroes, you chase me, and don't know who has the upper hand, it's a mess.

If it weren't for the Hua Jun had cloth strips on his neck, I'm afraid it would be impossible to tell the enemy from us.

The Red Oriole rode up on the horse and looked far away, but found Qin Yu and the others in a dilemma. He ordered the black bear and ran towards the town with 13 cavalry.

Not long after, they brought three hundred female soldiers riding ponies to the north, and the horses just trot.

Even so, there are still many women stumbling, clutching the saddle and the reins tightly, but their faces are pale as paper.

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