The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 105 Seeking Another Way Out

The next day, at dawn, Qin Yu ordered the army to clean the battlefield.

The three hundred women were taken care of, and they were tortured for a few days without food, and became sick when they saw meat.

According to statistics, more than 2,000 enemies were killed, more than 1,000 captured, and more than 4,000 pieces of pikes were seized.

He killed more than 300 bandits and injured more than 500 bandits. They were all treated in time.

For a thousand prisoners, Qin Yu adopted a voluntary principle and asked one by one. Those who wanted to join in the future would be able to marry a wife after eating, drinking and drinking, and serving as the captain.

If you don't want to join, you can leave after repairing the soil wall.

In the end, all of them were willing to join. There is no way, everyone is not stupid, but they will not believe the little leader's nonsense, and will really let them go.

Qin Yu recruited three hundred veterans into four bandit teams and more than six hundred recruits to the Bulls and Tigers.

Because these people are farmers who have just been recruited by Liu Guoneng, their bad habits are not serious.

And Liu Guoneng once again gathered nearly a thousand infantry, of which veterans accounted for the majority, and with sufficient food and grass, he felt a little comforted.

Seeing that the magistrate of Lu County refused to let them into the city, and worried that the other party would take advantage of the victory, he immediately retreated to Yicheng with people to the east, and did not forget to write a report to Xiong Wencan.

Seeing that the other party ran away, County Majesty Lu yelled at him, but even more panic, he quickly organized manpower to defend the city.

The Master Waiter on the side rolled his eyes and secretly said, you don’t let people go into the city, and you want them to be a barrier outside, really when others owe you nothing?

Inside the Governor's Mansion.

After receiving the battle report, Xiong Wencan was slightly surprised, but he didn't care much.

The reason why Liu Guo can be sent there is another purpose, which is to see which of the two anti-thieves is more powerful, and who would have thought that the little gangsters could be so fierce.

Even Liu Guoneng, an old anti-thief, is not his opponent, so he values ​​it even more in his heart.

"My lord, although he was inferior to the eight kings of the anti-thief, he is still an important person. Now that he is defeated by the gang of small thieves, the name of Xiao Hua Wang is enough."

"Well, let's make a big publicity in the city first, and then you will go there in person and let the Xiaohua King take the initiative to send someone to invite him to surrender. The governor can first grant him a senator! In the future, he will perform meritorious service in the court for promotion. "

Xiong Wencan nodded and said, as the governor of the five provinces, it is embarrassing that there is not a confidant in his hand.

The generals in various places are either mostly incompetent or unruly and reckless.

Those who were both obedient and able to fight were all subdued by Na Hong Chengchou and Sun Chuanting, not to mention that he couldn't draw them together, and even if they were drawn, they would offend them.

So I can only train a direct line of horses by myself, and from the current situation, Xiao Hua Wang is undoubtedly the most suitable.

Now your Majesty is mean and unkind, and at this time of internal and external troubles, it is very dangerous if a large official does not have a soldier capable of fighting.

Especially for a short-term governor like him who is responsible for suppressing bandits, there have been several examples of lessons learned from the past.

With the help of Xiong Wencan, the name of King Xiaohua is well-known in Xiangyang Mansion.

He just stepped on the head of Chuangkutian and climbed a lot up, and in the anti-thief rankings, he was only one level lower than the eight kings, Chuangwang, and Cao Cao.

The defeated were also the anti-thief who had just returned to submission, so it would not affect the majesty of the imperial army, and there was no need to even report to the capital.

However, Xiao Hua Wang, whom Xiong Wencan wanted to recruit, had other plans at this moment.

Inside the cottage room.

Mrs. Li sat in front of the bronze mirror, tense and shy, just unwilling to get up.

I saw her coat with a red mopping plum open shirt, lined with light pink brocade to wrap her chest, exposed on the breast skin, a piece of emerald green jade pendant, and a purple ribbon tied around her waist.

A pair of exquisite silver earrings fell on his face with a pair of exquisite silver earrings. A hosta held the black hair straight down his waist. The head was wrapped in delicate willow-leaf hairpins, and several small and delicate headdresses were inserted in between.

The whole person looks noble and beautiful, and the whole body exudes a sweet scent of bluegrass. It is elegant and refined without losing a hint of charm.

It really made King Qin an eye-opener, and the whole person looked silly.

He had seen a lot of beautiful women in costumes on the screen in his previous life, but compared with Mrs. Li now, they were really Firefly and Haoyue, especially in terms of temperament.

"My...My son, is that okay? My concubine is a bit cold and I want to change it..."

Madam Li lowered her head, seeing him looking around her left and right, her jade hands were placed in front of her knees, her nervous fists were all made into small fists.

"Madam, don't talk nonsense."

"How can it be cold so warm?"

"Come on, stand up and let me take a closer look. This is what you promised and cannot be denied."

When she said that she forcibly helped her up and pulled her to the middle of the room, but she was still wearing a thick cotton jacket and trousers.

After admiring her for a full quarter of an hour, seeing her holding her hands on her chest, her face was trembling, Qin Yu pulled her to the bed and sat down.

"Madam, am I that scary? Look at you, is it possible that you also suspect that I like drinking women's blood?"

"What kind of person is the son, the concubine can't understand it, so how can he believe those rumors?"

The implication is that although I know you don't drink women's blood, I know better what kind of person you are.

"Okay, madam, I have important matters to discuss with you." Qin Yu didn't want to tease her anymore, holding her hand in his hand.


Mrs. Li was shocked. Just now, she was nervous, and she was thinking about how he would be molested and how to take advantage of him. Only now has he discovered that his expression is a little abnormal today.

"We are probably already on the blacklist of Xiong Wencan. This Nanzhang County is right next to Xiangyang City. With our current strength, it is like a thorn on its back. It is impossible for Xiong Wencan to let it go anymore. It will soon send a large army to encircle and suppress. ."

Qin Yu was also helpless. He wanted to develop in a low-key manner, but it could develop to a certain extent and it was inevitable to attract the attention of the government.

Although the civilian officials did not act, it didn't mean that they were stupid. Instead, they were all ghosts and ghosts, just using the wrong place.

Ignore you because you can't threaten them yet, and you are too lazy to fight, lest you be caught by political opponents for impeachment, you can conceal it if you can, and never report if you can.

Although he knows their urinary sex, so many people just want to hide in the cottage, they can't hide, and if they don't develop in order to take into account the suspicion of the government, that will definitely not work.

"How can that be good? That gang of bandits shouldn't have been accepted at the beginning, now it's good, it's only a few months before they have a stable life!"

Mrs. Li forgot to withdraw her hand, her face was full of worries.

"Madam, don't be afraid, I have a plan in my heart, and I will never let you and Wan'er suffer any more."

Qin Yu took her into his arms and patted her back comfortingly.

"The concubine herself believes in the son. As long as the son and Wan'er are safe and sound, the safety of the concubine will not matter."

Xiao Xinru also struggled a little bit, leaning on his chest and whispered.

At this moment, the touch in my heart is far greater than shyness and tension.

"Nonsense, Madam's safety is as important as my own safety. In this life, I will never let Madam suffer any more harm. I won't be allowed to talk such nonsense again, you know?"

Qin Yu pretended to be angry.

Of course, as for someone's life-saving urinary sex, even he himself would not believe this, and he would even sneer when he changed to being a modern woman. However, ancient women just took this set.

Especially the sentimental mature women like Mrs. Li.

No, the eye sockets suddenly red, two teardrops slipped down from the corners of his eyes, moving his head to his chest, humming softly, his hands involuntarily wrapped around his waist.