"Nanzhang is wealthy. Although this valley has a good terrain, the exit is in the shape of a trumpet. It is too wide to cope with the encirclement and suppression of the army, so I plan to attack Baokang, and there will be a way out by then!"

On the edge of the bed, the two cuddled together for a long time before Qin Yu said slowly.

Although Baokang is barren and has a small population, it is located in deep mountains and the terrain is complex and easy to defend, making it very suitable as a root base.

When the future strength permits, you can attack Nanzhang first, then go down to Xiangyang, and then seek Huguang in order to dominate your business.

To the north, you can take Gucheng first, follow the river down to attack Xiangyang, and go north to capture Nanyang, and then compete in the Central Plains and win the world.

Even if you take Yunyang to the northwest, whether you go to Hanzhong or Bashu, it is the road of Pian An Wangye.

So Qin Yu had already planned Baokang's Xia County in his heart, and that was why he had collected so many cannon fodder.

"My son, can't it be avoided in the village like the previous two times?"

Hearing that he was going to fight Baokang, Xiao Xinru trembled all over, and looked up at him weakly. Once he hit Baokang, there was really no way out for the anti-thief.

"Madam, the first two times were just bandits and family members. It is not a concern, but the officers and soldiers are different. In my current name, if I really hide in the Black Mountain and become a little king, I am afraid that I will not only seek death by myself, let alone live in the cottage. No less, does Madam know how many soldiers and horses I have now?"

Mrs. Li shook her head. For a while, she has stayed in the back mountain to deal with affairs. She only came to Qianzhai every night to teach the new 1,000 young boys to read literature with those women. Although she knew he had recruited many bandits, she didn’t know. the specific quantity.

"Three thousand middle-aged soldiers, nearly a thousand young soldiers, and three hundred female soldiers. If you add these thousand young men and their families in the cottage, I'm afraid there are seven or eight thousand people. How do you live in this small black cottage? Got it?

Even if it can be squeezed, if the officers and army are besieged under the mountain for a long time, with so many people sitting and eating the sky every day, I am afraid that within half a year, they will have to run out of food and salt."

"Why... how can there be so many people at once?" Madam Li opened her small mouth in surprise.

"Haha, did Mrs. A while ago just remember to count the silver and grain?" Zhao Rui smiled.

Xiao Xinru also understood that they were all bandits of various villages who had been annexed, and so many people really couldn't live.

Although I really want to live a stable life, I also know that he has great ambitions in his heart, and I am afraid I can't persuade him.

So he didn't say any more, he sighed and asked, "When is the son going to attack Baokang?"

"I will leave tomorrow. After I leave, all the affairs of the cottage will be in charge of the wife. I will also leave Qin Wen. There are a hundred young people and a thousand new boys, plus the young and strong women in the village, enough to protect themselves. "

The cottage has stone walls and firecrackers, and there is no shortage of all kinds of materials. Once the officers and soldiers come to attack, the people in the cottage must be united and stick to it for a year or a half.

Moreover, with Qin Shuang and Qinwen leading a hundred young people to assist Mrs. Li in management, there will be no trouble.

After all, these young people regard her as a teacher, and their status in their hearts is only slightly lower than that of his leader.

"The son takes care of yourself, and the concubine will take care of the cottage for the son." Xiao Xinru nodded. During this period of time, the two of them had gathered together and had a lot of separation. Now that he is going to another county again, he feels a little bit sad.

"Well! Madam, don't worry, I will pick you up and Wan'er for one month at the most."

Qin Yu held her shoulders and nodded, then leaned into her ear and whispered: "Madam, or don't leave tonight!"

Qin Yu decided to eat her.

Even if she didn't eat, she had to be stripped and hugged to sleep overnight, ruining her innocence, and letting her follow her heartlessly in the future, lest she just walked away with her hind foot.

"No, absolutely not, but the son promised not to mess around with his concubine. If you break your promise like this, your concubine will never depend on you again."

Mrs. Li was so scared that she hurriedly pushed him away, shook her head and waved her hand, not forgetting a threat.

"Madam, don't worry, just sleep and don't do other things, I promise." Qin Yu hurriedly pulled her over again, and said softly.

"My son, you can spare your concubine body. The concubine body looks like a willow and is a survivor. He is so much older than the son. I really can't..."

Mrs. Li looked at him with eyes that were about to eat people. How could she believe his nonsense?There was a hint of crying in the anxious tone.

"Nonsense, Madam is not only beautiful, she is also kind, gentle and virtuous, and considerate. If there is a beautiful lady like Madam in this life, I will have no regrets in this life, Qin Yu, even if my body is broken."

Qin Yu looked at her directly, and then buckled her slender jade fingers with his own. On his face, apart from sincerity, where is there a hint of silvery evil?

"The son..."

Sure enough, when Mrs. Li saw the emotion he said, her hand was held by him again, and she was so embarrassed that she almost blushed.

But there was a hint of sweetness in his heart, his eyes became blurred, he couldn't help but stretched out his hand to stroke his cheek, and murmured.

How could Qin Yu see her picking like a gentleman?


"My son, we can't do this."

However, Mrs. Li was hurt by his rudeness and instantly recovered her clarity. Thinking of her daughter, she hurriedly tilted her head, then stretched out her hand to press his mouth firmly, with tears in her eyes:

"The son is very affectionate, and the concubine has all five inner factors. However, the concubine has been married as a wife, and only the next life will repay the son's kindness. I hope that the son will not be forced. In this life, let Wan'er stay with the son?"

As a mother, how could she fail to see that her daughter had already fallen in love with Qin Yu, and because of this, she gave up the idea of ​​sending her daughter away.

"Doesn't Madam still know my feelings? Don't worry, Madam, I will treat Wan'er like my sister..."

Qin Yu also hated him. He was anxious just now, and as he said, he hugged her and fell onto the bed.

"My son, don't... let go, or the concubine's body will pierce you."

Mrs. Li was so frightened that she hurriedly pulled out the hosta from her head and tried to stab him on the back.

Qin Yu ignored her at all.

After all, Mrs. Li still couldn't get rid of her hand, she just stabbed twice, without even piercing the skin, and the jade hand slipped onto the edge of the bed.

He closed his eyes in resignation, but tears overflowed uncontrollably and fell onto his cheeks.

"Madam, don't cry, is it okay to hug and sleep all night?"

Qin Yu saw her appearance, the evil fire was mostly extinguished, turned over and lay down and hugged her in his arms and coaxed softly.

"The son is serious about this?"

Xiao Xinru brushed open her eyes and looked at him with tears, as if grabbing a life-saving straw.

"Well, I've said before that I won't let Madam be wronged any more. Since Madam is unwilling in her heart, I will naturally not force it."

Qin Yu really didn't want to force her. Firstly, because he was still young, he could take care of it slowly, and secondly, he wanted to set an example for the teenagers.

If you have no choice, I'm afraid it won't be like this tonight. At most, I will hold each other and take a bite.

But in order to let her follow her heart and soul, she said tonight that she must not use all the modern methods on her.

"That's good, as long as the son keeps his promise and doesn't hurt his concubine's innocence, let the son hug him to sleep like this."

Xiao Xinru didn't know what modern people's methods were, and she naively thought that Qin Yu would really hold her like this.

In addition, there was an unprecedented level of comfort and tranquility lying in his arms, and the last time he bit his red lips, he agreed, and his voice was as soft as a mosquito.

But at this moment, after his mind was relaxed, he became shy again, and finally his whole body was trembling slightly, and his body was even hotter like a stove.

Qin Yu pulled the quilt over the two of them, while pacifying them, figuring out where to start.