The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 109 Crash with the Eight Kings

Blackstone Town.

Xiao Xinru has been waiting nervously. If it were not for mobility issues, she really wanted to chase Qin Yu herself.

From the response of that Mr. Wang, she could see that the governor of the five provinces, Xiong Wencan, really liked the son, otherwise the other party would not stay in the county to wait.

With the support of Xiong Wencan, coupled with the talents of the son, the future is bound to be immeasurable, and maybe he can become a famous general like Qi Shaobao.

If this is the case, I will secretly accompany him for a few years, and when he gets bored, I will entrust Wan'er to him.

Then leave quietly, so that not only can he live up to his kindness, her daughter's future happiness will also have a place, and she can also have no worries.

This was what Xiao Xinru thought in her heart.

However, I thought about it more than once, if Wan'er didn't have her favorite son, it would be great.

But the fact is that the daughter's heart is afraid that she will not be able to tolerate other men in this life. The girl understands her feelings. If she is not married, she must agree with her body and follow her to death.

However, the son didn't like the young girl, but he never forgot about her as a woman, and wanted to play tricks on her.

And under his teasing, he unknowingly fell into a deep emotion, and he couldn't continue to lie to himself after that night.


When Xiao Xinru received the words from Qin Yu, she was also heartbroken, but she was helpless. She knew Qin Yu's temper too well.

In the end, the endless sorrows and fantasies could only be turned into a sigh. I wanted to send someone to inform Mr. Wang, but I thought about it.

However, Wang Can waited and waited and no one came, so he was anxious.

He didn't care about being reserved, and hurriedly came to town again.

But this time, I didn't even see the lady. Why didn't I understand what was going on?

That Xiaohua King was obviously determined to fight the court to the end, and immediately rushed back to Xiangyang.

Mrs. Li didn't embarrass him.

at the same time.

In a valley twenty miles east of Baokang City, Qin Yu was repairing with a large army, but when the person sent to inquire about the news came back, he suddenly dropped his jaw.

"What are you talking about? There is also a brigade from the north heading towards Baokang County?"

"Yes, the leader, they have more people than us, at least ten to twenty thousand, men and women of all ages, and the mighty ones. I'm afraid they will arrive under the city tomorrow."

"It must be the bastard of the Eight Great Kings, mother's. He didn't fight early or late. But I want to fight, he also fights, and he is so fanatical that he will come to bring the people around, so I am so angry!"

Qin Yu was beating his chest and his feet, and cursed. To the north of Baokang was Gucheng, which was almost close to Nanzhang.

And from the valley city along the river, there is an official way to go, not the eight kings, he chopped his head.

"Aren't you under the Eight Great Kings? Isn't that just right?"

Hongying looked at him who was jumping and roaring with a puzzled face.

"Silly girl, my name is King Hua, and he is the Eight Great Kings. Do you think I am his subordinate?"

"I understand, you dare to escape from Gucheng to Nanzhang because you want to go it alone, okay! You shameless little thief, you have been bluffing and frightening people all the time."

Orioles suddenly woke up, thinking that everyone had been deceived by him at the beginning, and he was even more worried for several days that the army of the Eight Great Kings would suddenly be killed, and he wanted to rush to him twice.

"This is so good that the soldiers are not tired of fraud, understand?"

"Then what should we do now? How about we go sneak attack overnight and shoot down Baokang City first?"

The Red Oriole was also half-dead with anger. At the beginning, he rushed to him, but a large part of the reason was because of the name of the Eight Great Kings, but now it is done and I have to ask.

"Also sneak ass. Those guys must have been burning and looting all the way. Do you think the people in the city will be unprepared?

And I'm afraid that it wasn't for help that the inspector had been sent out long ago, it's hateful, his eight great kings actually bad things to me."

What Qin Yu hated was the itching of his teeth. He had originally planned to attack Baokang and took it in one fell swoop.

Then recruit troops, train soldiers, and block road news.

With the speed of information transmission in this era, it would take at least ten days for the officials in Xiangyang and Yunyang to react, and to send out reinforcements after a while, he has at least one and a half months to prepare.

During this period of time, he could not only take the opportunity to take Fangxian again, but also had sufficient strength to deal with the encirclement and suppression of Xiangyang Yunyang officer army. As long as he repelled them once, he would stand still.

Who ever thought that he had collided with the Eight Great Kings now, and the whole plan was really beaten up.

"Do you want to fight?"

"Why don't we go back and fight Nanzhang County?" Red Ying's eyes suddenly lit up.

"Nonsense, there is a reason to turn back the arrow when you open a bow? Also, I have told you how many times, now the time to fight Nanzhang is not ripe, why don't you listen?"

Qin Yu reprimanded, then rubbed his chin and thought for a while, "In this way, pass the order so that everyone can hide it. First find out the strength of the Eight Great Kings."

Baokang is no better than Nanzhang. Almost all gentry and landlords live in the city. Even if they find them, ordinary people will not go to the county town to report.

Similarly, since the gentry and landlords live in the city, it is definitely several times more difficult to attack Nanzhang County without a sneak attack.

What's more, Baokang County was built by the river and backed by the mountain. Although the city wall is short, it is built of stones.

He could only attack from both the north and the south. He had already sent someone to investigate these situations when he was in Blackstone Town.


The second day, afternoon.

Sun Kewang brought a large number of people to the north of Baokang City. Looking around, it was densely packed with cows and cows.

This time, the old grandson not only brought three thousand men and horses of his own base, but also four leaders, with a combined force of more than eight thousand, plus the young and strong women, children, and the weak, a total of 16,000.

But Lao Sun was still dissatisfied. He felt that his troops were too small. While setting up camps and building siege equipment, he sent people to attack more people to serve as cannon fodder.

In the original history, the Eight Great Kings would not go south to Baokang and take Fangxian until next year, but now they are ahead of schedule.

Obviously, Qin Yu's pair of small wings finally instigated the wheel of history and began to deviate from the track.

It may be that Qin Yu kept saying that he wanted to fight Baokang, seek Yunyang, and try to dominate his career, leaving a deep impression in the hearts of the Eight Kings.

So after Qin Yu left, Luo Rucai and Ma Shouying and other thirteen families also went to Junzhou. After shaking for half a year, Zhang Xianzhong finally made up his mind to take Baokang from the south, thinking of retreat, and then cross the river to fight Zuo Liangyu to the death.

It took half a month to quarrel just who was sent to fight. In the end, the strong and powerful Li Dingguo still failed to win his eldest brother Sun Kewang.

Three days ago, Sun Kewang sent his troops upstream along the river, burning houses and destroying farmland along the way, encumbering half of Baokang's population in a short time.