After Niu Er rushed over with someone, the atmosphere in the hall was so lively!

It's a pity that something is missing, which makes everyone feel a little awkward.

Qin Yu explained the hierarchical system of the Chinese army and the military laws and regulations with Niu Er, and finally said: "Brother Niu, for the time being, you will be under one commander. Your original two thousand men and three thousand veterans outside the city are all under your command. How about dividing into ten teams?"

"What Brother Qin said, it's as good as it is, and my old cow has nothing to say."

Niu Er patted his chest.

He thought that Qin Yu would divide the three thousand prisoners away, but who would have thought that he would give them all.

Qin Yu also had a bitterness and couldn't tell. Who would bring those captives if he didn't bring them to him?

"King Hua, where are all the ladies in the city? Are they all killed?"

"No way, which animal did it?"

"No, no, don't talk nonsense, I didn't kill none of them."

More than a dozen big men drank and looked at Qin Yu.

"Brothers, don’t be restless, it’s like this. My Chinese army doesn’t eat a big pot of rice. You can choose one above the captain. In addition, this time I fought such a big victory. I decided to choose 50 meritorious brothers. Choose one as well. As for the others, they can only wait until they are promoted to captain, or the next battle performance."

Qin Yu pressed his hands down. This is fine for playing with women, but you must not play randomly. You have to make a rule, otherwise the army will finish playing. If these guys disagree, he would rather not.

"This... King Hua, brothers pin their heads on their waistbands and work hard, aren't they just pictures of those beautiful ladies?"

Several big Hans suddenly became a little unwilling and looked at Niu Er, while the four bandit captains were also a little unhappy.

"Brother Qin, look at this...?"

Niu Er is also a bit embarrassed, so how can so many people choose only fifty?The brother below doesn't fry the pan yet.

"Brother Niu, there is no discussion about this matter. The army must look like an army. I, Qin Yu, rebelled in order to fight the world and live a happy life in the future, instead of living a day now. If Big Brother Niu and you brothers cannot Accept, then I won’t force it."

Qin Yu said with a solemn expression. This time Sun Kewang was slaughtered by his ass. Although there were some Niu Erli, but they were too indulgent. He didn't want to be like old Sun one day. He doesn't have that ability.

"Okay! Then listen to Brother Qin, come and drink."

Niu Er was also a little embarrassed. In the end, he gritted his teeth and waved his hand. Although his brothers were not talking, the atmosphere in the field was obviously not lively.

After a short while, the banquet was over, Niu Er took the people back, and planned to divide the people into ten teams according to Qin Yu's instructions, and then select fifty heroes.

But Qin Yu came to the place where the prisoners were held, and picked out more than a hundred craftsmen, and picked out some small bosses, and then began to consult them.

Everyone naturally expressed their willingness to drink and eat meat with King Qin in the future.

These people were either guards or veterans, and Qin Yu didn't want to kill them all, so he distributed the remaining 1,200 people to the four bandit teams.

As a result, each team, after excluding the seriously wounded, had a total of eight hundred, and the four captains were immediately overwhelmed with joy.

Afterwards, under the leadership of Hongying, they came to the place where the woman was imprisoned. There were thousands of Yingying and Yanyan, all of them miserable.

Chief Qin immediately turned into a savior, softly soothing, and assured that no one would bully them in the future, and the women's emotions became a little more stable. They knelt down, weeping gratefully.

Qin Yu first picked out a dozen regular wives and ladies, because these talents were the talents she really needed.

Before they could, these women would not take refuge in him, but now their husbands and sons were all killed by Sun Kewang, their innocence was ruined in a mess, and they could only confuse with Qin Yu.

If there are one or two people, I am afraid that they will not think about committing suicide, but so many people are better. After all, people have a herd mentality.

No, it's just a bit of a refreshing mood. Each of the fifteen wives assigned ten literate concubines and their daughters, and began to count all the seized items with tears.

Qin Yu picked out those young ladies and girls with better faces, more than 300 people, and sent them to the county government to hide.

For the rest, I can only wait for a blind date with a man at night. There are 50 people on Niu Er's side, plus 10 captains. The bandits also pick 50 people. The Bulls and Tigers also pick out the never married people. Fifty people, there are not many left after counting.

The two women who were occupied by Sun Kewang were given to Niu Er. Brother Le De Niu called Brother Qin for justice!

As for where the men in the city have gone, I can only ask the grandson!

Worrying about the unbalanced hearts of the teenagers, Qin Yu made another promise to reassure them, suggesting that the young and beautiful will be kept for them as long as they are 18 years old, so don't worry.

After roughly handling the matter in the city, Qin Yu led people to kill the refugee camp outside the city.

There are more than 10,000 people, and there are only 3,000 young and strong men left, and the other 8,000 are all old and weak women and children.

Three thousand men, excluding more than a thousand people who are technically weak, and the remaining two thousand are all supplemented to the Bulls and Tigers, bringing the two teams to 1,400 each.

Among these 10,000 people, from 14 to 16 years old, as long as they have no physical defects, they are all selected as juvenile soldiers. There are more than one thousand people who are trained first and then assigned to each team.

"Niu, this time I have seized more than 3,000 mules and ponies. I will give you another 1,000 places. From these village girls, I will select people to join the Ying team. It is best to be the young wife who was killed by a man yesterday. ."

"I heard you right! A thousand, seriously?"

Hongying sucked in a cold breath, staring straight at him, breathing a little fast.

"Hurry up?"

"After selecting the people, quickly take them and the young people to bury their bodies. They must be able to ride horses within half a month."

"Okay, okay, let's go..."

Hongying couldn't close her mouth with joy, and the female soldiers beside her were equally excited.

Looking at their backs, King Qin smiled bitterly and helplessly.

Although the number of soldiers and horses under his hand is over 10,000, Big Brother Niu alone accounted for 5,000. He wouldn't think that this group of guys would really be heartbroken to him, it was nothing more than a temporary teamwork.

Whoever is serious loses.

The four bandit teams have more than 3,200 people. Although they have to be a little more reliable, they are also limited. Once the situation is wrong, they can't say that they will break up.

Therefore, it is reliable to be the farmers of the Bulls and Tigers, because these people have families and are relatively easy to manage and train.

And those eight hundred young men are the true direct descendants, and those one thousand new young men will be reliable in the future, but whether they are new farmers or young soldiers, they need time to grow up.

Nevertheless, the total number is only 5,000 people. On the other hand, Niu Er and the four bandit teams add up to more than 8,000, so I want the Orioles to form more cavalry to balance it out.

After all, Hongying and his ideas are still on the same line, and they are considered obedient. The key woman has no ambitions, and other women can only survive by relying on him.

If he now has more than a thousand mature female soldiers riding ponies and knives, and a thousand well-trained young fire soldiers, whether it is against Niu Er and the four bandit teams, it is a huge deterrence.

At least let them have a double heart, secretly get out, instead of making ghosts and attacking him.