On the official road.

Qin Yu has long been waiting.

Two hundred guards and one hundred juvenile fire fighters were responsible for rolling wood and rocks on the hillside.

Five hundred teenagers are going to put guns on the official road. In order to prevent the other side from shelling, rows of sacks are piled behind the stones for escape.

And the three thousand two hundred bandits and old thieves are responsible for defending the paddy field and the river bank, which is almost three to four hundred meters.

The paddy field is separated by mud. The water on one side is full, but the water on the other side is already drained.

Three rows of sharpened wood are staggered and inserted in the field, densely packed, at least half a person tall.

A lot of wooden straws were laid behind for standing people, and each of them was equipped with ten sharpened bamboo spears, inserted in the mud on the side, and a shield hung on it, which was enough preparation.

The full-faced and bearded President Qian, named Liu Ta, took the man until he stopped within fifty steps.

If it weren't for the rolling wood and thunderstones on the hillside, I'm afraid they would kill them directly.

Liu Ta greeted the people with a cannon while lighting up two hundred soldiers and horses, asking them to attack the hillside first.

Obviously, I also knew that rolling logs down from the hillside was too threatening, and the slope was steep and the artillery was out of reach, so I could only fill it with human lives.

The two hundred officers immediately climbed up the hillside with big swords and spears in their hands, but only halfway through the climb, they were beaten by the firecrackers of the teenagers and fled, leaving more than a dozen dead bodies and wounded.

"Mother, this group of anti-thief even has firearms, fired at Lao Tzu, beat them fiercely, and killed this group of bitches."

Liu Ta was furious, and pointed his long knife at the wall of stones and sacks on the official road ahead and shouted.

He decided to ignore the gang of guys on the hillside. With a distance of dozens of steps, he fired a round of cannons, the army rushed forward, and he could kill them in a moment.

"Boom boom boom..."

At this time, more than a dozen bowls of guns had been loaded, and they roared with more than 20 tigers.

Wankou Gun fired solid projectiles, aiming straight at the pile of wood and stone walls.

The tiger squat gun is loaded with shots, the muzzle is slanted forward, and the two front paws are supported on the ground.

If Qin Yu saw this scene, he would definitely drop his jaw, because this was already the prototype of a mortar.

The guns rumbling for a while, at a distance of fifty steps, the quasi-head of the bowl mouth was still very large, and the wall hit was splashed with stones and sawdust.

After a short while, the ground blasted and collapsed into a one-meter-high rock pile, and the shot bomb hit the sack with a popping sound.

The teenagers are clinging to the sacks, squatting with their heads in their hands, nervous to death, but due to angle problems, they are rarely recruited.

At such a close distance, Liu Ta could naturally see the other party hiding behind the sack, with little lethality. He couldn't help but secretly said that these anti-thief brains could still live.

"Give Lao Tzu a solid bullet to see how they hide."

Because the pile of stone walls blocked, the solid bullets could only be fired in a curved direction. More than a dozen bowl guns all raised their muzzles a bit, and more than 20 tiger squat guns were directly replaced by larger projectiles.

One by one, the children's fist-thick projectiles were thrown out, hitting the ground heavily, then leaping high, and finally hitting the mud bag.

"Mother, kill Laozi..."

Seeing that Liu Ta had been busy for a long time, the projectiles had no strength when hitting the mud bag, and they were not as powerful as the shotguns, so he couldn't help but yell and attacked.


Two hundred big men rushed forward immediately.

The teenagers hurriedly stuck their heads out and put their guns on the mud bag, but the stones and wood blocks on the hillside still did not roll down.

The two hundred men on the charge saw that they rushed to the front of the stone wall unharmed. They were all overjoyed. At a height of one meter, they collapsed into a slope and climbed over directly on the rocks and wood.

It only affected the speed a little, but it was the pause at this moment that caused people to be crowded.


"Boom boom..."

Rows of teenagers opened fire one by one, and then knelt on the ground to fill. The officers and soldiers near the stone pile wailed and screamed, and dozens of people fell in a short time.

Seeing that these anti-thief firearms were so sharp in the back, they all hurriedly fled back, making Liu Ta jumped with anger.

But the official road was so wide, and the artillery had to continue the bombardment.

Qin Yu saw that this group of officers and soldiers were only as powerful as that, so he didn't care about them anymore, but instead focused on the fields below.

This kind of terrain has six hundred fire soldiers and rolling wood and thunderstones on the hillside, plus the defense line of mud bag piles, how many people come to die, so whether you can defend it depends on the performance of the heroes in the fields below.

But he believes that it can still be blocked, after all, he has made so many arrangements.

Moreover, more than 3,000 talents defended three to four hundred meters wide, and almost all of them reached ten men to defend one meter.

But the facts made Dashuai Qin stupid on the spot.

I saw a team of officers and soldiers holding their shields, gathering momentum on the ridge and the ten-meter river beach.

However, more than three hundred officers and soldiers lined up, Shimoda was carrying fire blunders, walking forward with one foot shallow and deep, followed by a row of archers.

After advancing to forty steps, the firecrackers in the front row shot straight, and the archers behind bowed their bows and threw arrows.

After almost three rounds, I didn't know who was leading the head, and fled back after throwing away the shield. Other people rushed back after seeing this.

In fact, only a few dozen people were shot with arrows. Although the four captains tried their best to stop them, no one shot them at all.

"It's his mother to come back to Lao Tzu, withstand..."

King Qin's face turned blue with anger, and he roared while waving his arms while jumping on the official road.

"This bunch of bastards, they usually raise them with good wine and meat, but at the critical moment they are so rare for Lao Tzu...

Like running, right?That's good, it's fucking faster than anyone's legs."

Qin Yu's face was grim, panting heavily.

He was already cautious and cautious, but found that he still overestimated the combat effectiveness of these heroes.

If the casualties reached 10 or 20%, he would recognize it, but the opponent only released three waves of arrows and fired two rounds of guns. More than 3,000 people died and injured dozens of them, and they collapsed.

How can this battle be fought like this?

Immediately, he ordered people to send a signal and ran backwards with four hundred teenagers.

The two hundred big men and young people on the hillside were shocked when they saw this. They cut the ropes and put all the wood and stones down, then turned around and rushed to the official road.



The officers and soldiers on the ridge and the river beach all laughed and chased after him. Liu Ta wanted to lead people to chase him, but he had to wait for the wood and stones to fall down before chasing.


"Marshal, these anti-thief are totally vulnerable!"

"Huh! This handsome originally thought that King Xiaohua was a human being. Who would have thought that he was not even as good as the eight kings. After all, the gangsters are gangsters and cannot be on stage."

Zuo Liangyu snorted coldly, his face was full of disdain and mockery.

The opponent's line of defense was arranged in a decent manner, and the formation was also full.

One by one, the knives and guns are tall and magnificent, and they look like a strong and strong appearance, but who would have thought that it is completely ostentatious, and they are not useful.