The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 123 Failure is the mother of success (see no ticket)

Official road.

Qin Yu ride is right away, and the six hundred teenagers are behind the guns, stepping on the pace of neat, keeping up with the horses, and there is no shouting one or two.

In the back of the body, more than a thousand good hanging will be broken, some, even the guys throw away, almost a large half of the shoes are running.

And more people have already fallen on the official road, or the mountains have escaped, and the body is almost ten.

On the way, I listened to the screams sent from time to time, and Qin Dawang didn't have a short expression, just led the teenager.

In addition to the beginning, sprinting for a while, then, I gave the brady thief to the turtle race running.

"Stop advance!"

I ran more than 30 miles in a breath, until the dark, Qin Yu was only a fist, and the young people suddenly stopped.

"Standing, look at the right ...

"First, two, three ... 651."

The teenagers quickly followed the whole team, then reported the number, which made the cavalry came to pick up red, and the female soldiers were stupid.

Qin Yu nodded in a little, satisfied, and it did not say: "Disband, rest in place." Turning over the horse, remove the water bag and the big cake.

"Xiaohua Wang, are you not chasing the army by the official army? How did you still have anything about it?"

"I am not told you to bring people withdraw, what do you run back? Take them, think that Zowiang Yu is also Liu Guoneng, will you be scared by you?"

Qin Yu looked at the big cake, there was no good airway, although there was any cannon cushion, the teenager did not damage, but still smashed the evil fire.

"This is not a visit to the horse, saying that you are chasing the official army, I have just brought the cavalry to meet, what is going on? Do you say that you can block the official army? Is there anyone?"

There is no honeglass in Hunting, I looked at him in a horror.

"When the fart is the big urine, Sun Wu Han is coming, but also have to eat, see ... Isn't it come behind?"

Qin Yu hated a sentence, then pointed to the people in the road, the population of the thinlaughics.

"This ... is there, what is it left, how do you play next?"

Red screaming is a team of thousands of people, and seeing hard to see his face, do not ask again, but worry.

"Let's talk about the housing and county. Although people are less, the big waves are all the heroes."

Qin Yu was swaying. These people did not escape the mountains, and they went to the grass to have a happy and happy day. It means that the heart is still willing to follow him.

As for the losses, he didn't feel painful. After this lesson, he understood that this guy not only could not play wild actions, but even passive defense battles could not play.

Unless they are in the city, they block all the city gates, maybe they will truly fight.

In the brain of these guys, I am afraid that I will never leave the official army, or I will be killed by the official army, and the wolf fled.

So before the war, I will definitely tell them that this battle will win, not to keep up with a few days.

After a quarter of an hour, several good people running in the front, finally arrived, one ass fell to the ground, lie down at the big mouth.

The more and more people who come back, they are directly ignorant, and they have no strength.

At this time, more than 300 female soldiers have also carrying small bags, remove water bags and dry food, and no one is injured before.

"Hua ... Hua Wang ..."

Everyone saw Qin Yu's waist knife and did not dare to die, so that the female soldiers fed them to drink, and they rushed to sit down.

"His mother, one is also enjoyed, see if your bearish is like the murdered cold? Want to lying on the woman to find a sense of security?"

Qin Yu said in the end, when I really want to pull out the long knife, one knife, let them hack it here.

A good man felt some shame, all of which were low.

Black bear, thin monkey, wearing a mountain, black wolf four people, life is hard enough, actually a loss, hurry up, crying to Qin Yu.

It's not they want to run, but the old thiefs who have surrendered in front of the front, they want to stop, but also almost slammed the knife.

"Okay, this matter can not blame you, each of you have a lot of people left."

Qin Yu is in hand, and he is also a very pole for these four people. It is also good to listen to it.

Four people hurry out, there are more than 300 people left in the bear team, and only 120 people are left at least, add up to one thousand people, and lose seven percent of the horse.

It also includes 100 people.

Qin Yu knows that I am afraid that I am truly killed by officers and soldiers, and others are more than half of them.

After all, there is guys in your hands, it is not more than the north, just looking at the mountains, you can live.

Looking at the cocks with the fight, the cocks that fight defeat, in order not to affect the morale of the young people, let them have the courage to continue to fly with the official military, Qin Yu has to comfort again.

"Well, this time, although I ate a small defeat, it is not tight, the victory is not only the family, and a strong army will not only be able to win, but also can defeat, only the army that will be lost, can eventually become true and horizontally. The peerless army of the world.

The ancient language has a cloud: failure is the mother of success, so we fail today, it is preparing for tomorrow's great victory.

What is the defeat of today? It can't blame the seat, but the dog bear idiots dragged everyone, come, all the spirit, return to the house to eat meat, come again to fight the left thief. "

Qin Yu said finally, waving his hands.

"Left thief!"

Everyone quickly climbed up, some soldiers were not lost, and they waved a few times, and they were screaming.

The 600 teenager soldierside, but also a thief, the morale is not affected at all, after all, is small, thinking is also simple.

Plus Qin Yu's long-term teachings and instill, almost all Qin Yu said what is, anyway, following the leader, will not be starved with frozen.

As for the little life, it has been better than before, now it is better, so I cherish it, even if I have been trained and tired, there is no complaint between my heart.

"I also obey you, I have to give yourself a reason to find such a reason to find such a reasons, as you say, don't you defeat the battle?"

If you are eating, you are eating, walking to the tanguary of Qin Yu.

"What do you know? I thought I was pulling? Tell you, I have a disappearance today, but it is not all bad. Now I will think that we are a group of ubiquitous people, so, he will definitely not It is careless carefully like it.

It is the so-called arrogant to defeat, do you know how to go to Mai City? So only if the dog thief is very lighter, we have the opportunity to defeat them, and the effect of this defeat today can be much more than the scam. "

Qin Yu turned over white eyes, the theoretical knowledge is a set of sets, saying that the mouth is still showing a smile.

Those Han Gui used to be a slap in the hands of a good steel knife. Whoever saw it would only think that it is elite.

Even the elite is so unbearable, you can think about what other people's fighting power, what extent?

"Okay, anyway, I am saying, but what are you talking about, what is it!"

The red hormon is swaying, sitting next to him, but the heart is afraid that he just said.