Qin Yu guess is right.

When Zuo Liang Yu looked at more than two thousand soldiers, and nearly thousands of anti-thief bodies, the heart was a bit surprised.

Waiting for many big men with a thick old man, even after some scars, it is impossible to stop them today.

After all, the past has been recognized, and the crops can recognize him, so it is called a disdain!

Extremely unbearable, the ordinary anti-thief that has just been wrapped, what is the degree of fighting?

And when the horses returned, Baokang County is actually moved, and even a ghost shadow is not, the material of the value is as not seen. The surrounding village is burned.

Zuo Liangyu was suddenly anger, biting his teeth said: "This is the dead anti-thief, which is so miserable, and the businesscery will be stripped with them to condemn the people who are harmful."

Being guarded in the heart of the heart, but the mouth was shot, and the handsome righteousness, the big thief was murdered.

The logistics officer is not suitable, please ask: "The big handsome, see traces, the thief army should be returned to the housing and county, said that the house is already attacked by them, our army is the army of Baoyang County, the army arrived. Reling together, or ...? "

"What are you waiting for?"

The Baokang County is not a mouse with a thief army, and what else is there? Is there a group of black in the district? Is it harmonious to pack the army? "

At this time, the evil fire in this time, seeing him, saying this, suddenly a horse whipped.

Then a hand: "The command will go, the army will open, and the meal will be more dinner tomorrow, and the five more dial the river, the army is straightforward, and the handsome is going to see where the anti-thief can escape."


The people will hurry to hold the boxing, and Du Pak can't drive to the Fang County before the Duyang army.

In the second day, in the morning, Zuo Liangyu led the army to spend the river and lightly installed straightforward counties.

At noon, the Fuyang General Qin Ming and the Guardian Liu Guo can reach the guarantee with more than 10,000 people.

Almost the front of Zuo Liangyu just got, they were behind.

Qin Ming saw that there was no rest of the Baokang City, and the same big is awkward, violent, and thought it was Zuo Liangyu.

Plus yesterday, the horse returned to the Zuo Liang Yu Dushe, and immediately led the army to catch up.

I haven't stopped almost a moment.

No way, now there is only a small .

Like this kind of good thing, I can make a good thing, I am afraid it is difficult to have.

And that Zuo Liangyu obviously wants to eat eating, this is how he not worried?

It's late, I am afraid I can only drink Zowiangyu's footwater.

Who once thought that Zuo Liang Yu was burn all the vessels, led to a ship that came to a ship, it was called a hate.

I can't wait to greet Zuo Liangyu's 18th generation ancestors, and it is really hard to eat too much.

However, more than 10,000 big troops, plus grain, a broken ship in the district, is totally a drop in the bucket.

No way, the army only had to hit the village and cut trees.

Qin Ming took the family to catch up with her family.

I am rushing to hurry, I know that Qin Ming's army is blocked on the river, and my heart is also a clear.

As far as Qin Ming, I still want to fight with him? I am afraid not to see the ghost.

"News ..."

"The newspaper, the commander of Qin General, chasing more than two hundred collaps, according to our army, only thirty miles." A riding horse came up from behind.


"Mother, the last name Qin, this is not the face! This is iron my heart and I am gratifying."

Zuo Liangyu is anger, and it is honest.

Finally, I left a full face to let the heart of the family, and the disguise into anti-thief hit him, and the Qin Ming was scared.

After all, Qin Ming wants to follow up. When you arrogate, you can't say it, and the battle work should be divided into him.

Social money, beauty, do not say five five open, three seven still, this will let him be willing?

But as long as he will ignore anti-thieves, or rush, Qin Ming people have not arrived, the credit of the recovery Bao Kang and Fang County is his one.

Money grain supplies are one point at him.

He believes that Qin Ming is thick and thick, and he does not dare to look at the words, lie to the military feelings and his fun.



"Boom ..."

Qin Ming took two hundred Ding riding a hot fire, just turned around a bend, and suddenly rolled down countless stone wood on the left slope, and will blocked the road.

The hillside is even more shouting, but also caught the sound of rumbling and fire.

Qin Ming was anger and angry.

Although I know Zuoliang jade is scared, but I don't dare to give my little life, I will return to people who are unwilling to return.

At this time, he was also calm.

Zuo Liangyu has always been arrogant, daring, and the governor is not in the eyes.

Now he is more than two hundred rides around. In case, he sneaked him, and then he played the court to say that he Qin Ming took a family in the army, and was killed by anti-thief, that is really to be alive.

Qin Yu can not know that he has become a fragrant, let Daming's two general soldiers have been to compete with the money and the beauty, and the ugliness has been cut, and they will tear the face.

With people, they finally arrived in the housing counties before the black, and others took a lot of money to grain materials from the time two days in advance.

"Qin brothers, you can finally come back, if you don't come back, you can't die."

"Cow big brother, do you want to scare me, is it that the official army in Fuyang has killed?"

Qin Yu saw him panic, suddenly shocked, chrysanthemums tight, brow it.

If the official army in Fuyang has also killed from the west, then it is really only to throw away everything, and the mountains will escape a road.

"Yeah, the horse is still not at the end, I am afraid that there is no hundreds of thousands. I just went to Zhu Mountain County, I just went to Zhu Mountain County. I can't kill today. What can I do?"

The bull two foreheads are so angry, and if Qin Yu is still not coming today, he wants to run with his brothers.

"Fortunately, okay, cow big brother does not have to worry, I went to Zhu Mountain yesterday afternoon, the official army didn't know that we were fashionable, Zhu Mountain went to the house and county, the road is dangerous and complicated, the gang army will never die, It must first take the next two days, send someone to detect the situation and will only kill, so let's have a chance. "

After Qin Yu listened, it was a heavy tone, and he waved his hand. As for a few thousand troops, I didn't have the end of the year. I was automatically filtered.

Then rushed to the red told: "The girl, immediately send people all the mountains in the housing county to Zhu Mountain, where the people can pass," must send people to hold. "

"Okay, I will go ..."

If you are guilty, he is said to be serious, and you don't dare to ask, just nod, you will tell the horse.

At this time, the Niu Er also saw it wrong, looking at it later, his face was shocked: "Brothers, this number is wrong, how is it a big half? Where are everyone going?"