The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 126, playing, beautiful, smooth

There is an infantry team before and after, it is constantly squeezed in the middle, and there is a fire in the hillside. It shots the sky, the outside is a large water field.

After the horse lost the speed advantage, it was completely a living target, and the official road was all gunshots and fierce shouts.

This thousand cavers, when it is also unborn, the reaction is quite fast, see the road is blocked, do not have to take Zuo Liangyu command, and it will turn over the horse in the first time.

There is a shield, the shield is rushed toward the hillside, and there is a bow and arrow cover.

More people are rushing up towards the tiger team and the cattle team, there is no one in her face to show panic and fear.

It can make these cavalry have not been thought about that this time they encounter is not the so-called elite, but the strict training machine soldiers.

If the personal war, a family is afraid that it is not able to play three or four young, and it can be large after it is together.

I saw the eight hundred and strong people of the cattle team, the shield was in front, the long gunman was behind, and the intensive formation was placed on the seven-eighth m.g. push forward.

Tsing a fierce family to dine on the ground, catch the horse, and kill the family and have to retreat, and a martial art is completely displayed. It is not to do it.

The teenagers on the hillside are equally fierce, holding a boy, a boy, a lot of money, and a long gun is stamped.

The fire teenager continued to fire on the official road, and the three sides were hit, the family was hurt.

More than ten thousand infantry outside the outside, naturally heard the movement of the front, immediately understood that the handsome was ambushed.

What is it?

Several departments have always been urged, and they want to kill rescue.

But the army just ran out, on the official road of the number, there was a sound amazing ring, and the mountain was shaken once, and the flying sand was constantly.

This time, Qin Yu buried hundreds of fire medicine in the official road. Although there were only four or fifty pounds, this unexpected explosion, the shock caused by this era is too big.

After the explosion stopped, the laminar on the official path was broken, but more people were mournful, and everyone was scared by this scene.

"Haha, brothers, give me a kill!"


The bull two is also light on the hillside, and it is too much to react, and then laugh, the knife is rushed.

And six thousand good hamen, have also screaming, and instantly turned into a hill, the face is .

Just now, I was frightened to throw away the trolley. I'm going to climb up. At this moment, I also picked up the blade and rushed.

Because there is their cover, whether it is Zuo Liangyu, or the official army, I didn't expect countless anti-thieves running to escape on the hillside, but they still squatted thousands of volts, like this way of ambush, simply heard.

have to say.

This is a good fortune, when you really want a beautiful co-wind fight.

This is not, see the situation is good, all become fierce abnormalities, will have a brightened official army, in the moment, and flee.

I lost my arms, along the official path, rush, some came, I have to jump down the field under the road.

At this time, the young man who fled earlier, and one by one, I returned it back, and I played the wind.

Zuo Liangyu, who was in front, was also smashed by the surprised explosion, and I still don't understand. Today, I'm turning over the ditch.

"Haha! Left thief, this place this place is your buried bone."

Qin's leader stands on a big stone on the mountainside, the cloaks, the wind, the wind, and it is very good.

Looking at the following cavalry, it has been compressed to two or three hundred meters long, suddenly the long knife down, the crowd: "All bayoned! Give Laozi."


The young people heard the sound, gave up shooting, pulled out the short sword inserted in the gun, and rushed to the gun.

"Big handsome, the brothers behind are definitely being affected, the situation is not good, or it is still a quick share, otherwise it will not come."

Several home Ding will die to protect Zuo Liang Yujian in the middle, looked at the anti-thief, anxious.

Zuo Liangyu is red eye, biting his teeth, he didn't expect to fight their anti-thieves, not only training, but also equipped with a lot of firewriters, but also died.

At this time, I can only go to the field, but not only the horse will lose clean, say no more than half of the family, I can't go back, I called a hate.

"Fast! Protect your handsome to retreat."

The family around me is not ordered, see the anti-thief of the two heads, the more you kill, the brothers can't stop, the small thief on the hillside rushed down, and immediately greeted.

Immediately, the two cattle high horses, rushed to the left and right, and jumped to the field.

And other households saw the sound, and they also jumped to the field, and the tight protective guards were around Zuo Liangyu and escaped in the distance.

"This ... The official print of the business is still here ..."

Zuo Liangyu was taken behind the field, and she remembered that her total soldiers were still on horseback, and quickly called.

Dozens of Ding Wen said, only have to kill it, but the Tian Hao said not high, but there are more meters, just climbed up, the young boy who was rushing up was planted and planted back to the field.

"Hey! I am also!"

Zuo Liangyu was sprayed by this scene, fainted to the past.

"Big handsome, go!"

All the family is very surprised, rushing to the Zuo Liangyu to escape from the distance, and then pay attention to the big print.

"Don't chase it."

After Qin Yu kills the official road, there is still three or four hundred people around Zuoliangyu, and even the wounded is lifted away, and all the wounded people have gone, and suddenly stop preparing to prepare the lower field pursuit, and the young people who have already dawn.

Just now, he can clearly see clearly, Zuo Liangyu's family is almost a daughter, loyalty, and there are more than a dozen of the Zuo Liangyu shot.

So he knows that if you want to kill or live to catch Zuoliangyu, I am afraid that I have to kill all the family.

Once the field is under the field, I will kill along the Tian Hao, and finally, even if they kill these amenities, they are afraid not to pay a heavy cost.

"The leader, is it going to escape this, or I will bring my brothers to the front to block?"

Qin Tie looks at the family that is running away, not willing.

"What can I blocked? People can't help but flee? Or leave Zuo Liangyu's dog thief?

Forget it, we have already taken such a big cheap, there is no need to add casualties again! "

Qin Yu said that the last put it.

The more than four hundred families are definitely a difficult bone, just in the official road, it is because they have their own advantages, so that they can kill so much, despite this, the other party still does not collapse.

Now catch up, there is no advantage, I want to kill the other person, they at least two or three lives, I can't afford it.

After all, the fire broke the bayonet and knocked it. Let alone the other party will not stand silly.

"Mother, Daming's general warfare is not good, especially like Zuo Liangyu, this old fritter, I don't know what to do."

Qin Yu looked at Zuo Liangyu, who was carried out by Ming Ding, could not help but he, but he was envious of the mouth.

If you have such a thousand fathers, and then beyond, the future life can be said to be completely worry-free.

Qin Yu can not know that these families are desperate, they don't dare to leave Liangyu alone escape.

That is because they all have a small, and a family is in the Zuo Liangyu.

As long as Zuo Liangyu escaped back, they will get a rich compensation, and the son or brothers in the family can continue to do the left home, and the wife and children are still worried.

But if Zuo Liang Yu is dead, they escaped back, but not only they have to finish, but the whole family will have to follow.

So there is no one will escape, even if Zuo Liang Yu is dead, will also choose to die with Zuo Liangyu, or grab his body back, anyway, it will not be empty.

This is the fine tradition of Daming Wujigue.

Similarly, if there is no hundreds of houses in your hand, the military will not dare to board the battlefield.