The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 128 is mad, Zuo Liangyu (seeking first)

Next day.

The light swept the battlefield, and the things that were packed, it took a whole day.

But the harvest is also huge, the weapons are all like the mountains, and the soldiers are still good, the most much money is also the five hundred horses and five hundred bow arrows.

Looking at the overall soldiers of the entire Daming, I am afraid that Zuo Liangyu has the ability and set up these homes.

It is necessary to in the most commanders that Daming, Zuo Liangyu can be rushed in the middle, but it is necessary to operate the most, Zuo Handsome said the second, absolutely no one dare to call the first.

In this era, the knife is bloody, the favorite of the wife, the wife of the wife, is also the weapon and the horse.

One by one of the weapons of the mountains, the mouth is happy, but more people are the horse's horse.

In the six thousand good hanging, he will ride a small number, and there is a horse and the good one, the battlefield survival is absolutely countless.

The key is to have this head. In the future, I have been defeated, no matter what other righteous leaders, or Mingjun Wu, that is all the existence of fragrance.

Which He Qin Yu, even if it is a horse with the horse, I would rather ride those female soldiers who will give Red, will never give them to the bull.

The weapon is appointed by them, and the last more than 6,000 people, there is a big half of the cotton, holding a good steel knife.

From the seven hundred books, the seven hundred pairs of cotton, all the equipment, all equipped to the cattle tiger team, five hundred arrows two teams are also half points.

From the more than two thousand adult warpers, five hundred people who will archery will be selected as the archer of the two teams.

Don't say that these big men have been hunting more or less to touch the bow, even if they have not touched it.

On the battlefield, you can don't need any arrest, five hundred people to open the bow pull the arrow, put it together, as long as it is strong, not a pig, you can shoot the arrow.

Niu Er didn't say anything, although I didn't have to go to the horse and bow, but I was divided into more than 3,000 fragrances, and thousands of steel knives, I feel that Qin brothers are quite generous.

The top ten captains under hand are quite a micro-word, and I feel that Qin Dawang is eccentric, but I haven't said anything.

At this time, almost everyone in the hearts of all people who want to run the road, decided to mix with Hua Wang in the future.

Although Qin Yu is young, the qualifications are not enough, and there are some unfair, but it is good than the other leaders of the righteous army.

The key is that this ambush Zuo Liangyu killed nearly 10,000, including more than 500 elite family, but it was extremely small, so that everyone saw Qin Yu's ability.

After all, the roster of the Rice Force before Zuo Liangyu, there is no less than a loss, even the eight kings Cao Cao's character, the wolf who has been killed several times.

So as long as Qin Yu can take them to win, every day, there is wine and drink, you will have a small point, and there is no need to play, the woman can't play, but there is always a turn on my head, but also It's a person who is here.

Qin Yu naturally felt that these thieves had changed their attitudes.

However, he didn't have a brain, and now I will constrain them.

If you want to completely accept these old thieves, you can't kill the chicken monkeys. People are afraid that you are running most, and you can't work, you can't get a small number of people.

The key to the iron still needs itself, then establish the prestige, show this, only play a few wins, do things on the surface, everyone will really serve you, willing to follow you.

Finally, in Ens, completely conquer them.


Qin Yu did not stay too much in the county.

On the third day, I cruelted the army, with things, the mighty killing Rongzhu Mountain County, male and female, nearly more than 10,000 people, like moving.

It is good to be a young man, and a teenager over the age of foul, and a woman who wrapped in the foot is basically sent away.

Although I really want to practice the soldiers and horses in Fang County, I will know that if he does not defeat Zuo Liangyu, quickly defeat the army of Zhushan, and the army of Zuoliang Yu and Xiangyang will kill again. The situation is still risks.

The Zuo Liangyu can have a lot of soldiers and horses in Googheng. This kind of ambush war is can't be two. If you eat such a big loss, Zuo Liang Yu must be more cautious than before, you want to take it again, absolutely Nobody.

This time, if it is not a big defeat than the real gold, I am afraid that it will not be so easy.

To be honest, even if it is now, the Tangliang is right and the left of the Legal Warm War, and Qin University has no smell. It is not to mention the Fuyang Dajun aircraft war.

Li Yang General Qin Ming did not understand, but it was not a universal generation, but he was naturally not afraid, but it was huge, and the threat was huge.

So he intends to take the opportunity to raise the soldiers of Zhu Mountain, and then buy horses in Zhu Mountain, and practice the army, and Zuo Liangyu will ring again.

As long as the army of Zuo Liangyu and Fuyang, the official army will not be able to assemble the army in a short time in a short period of time, and they will come to the bamboo mountain, Baokang, and Huixian.

Remove the North of the valley in the north, four counties have been connected, and it is really a refreshing pole, enough as a root base.

Qin Calais ride immediately, planning his own Wang Yica, and laughed all the way.

Zuo Shuai is turning over the mountain, finally escaped to the guarantee.

The armed generals above thousands of orders are not there, and there are three or four thousand people, plus the family and logistics, and the hearts of Zuo Liangyu have been dripping.

"Left brother, you are ... Do you want to tell the brother, you have a disappearance!"

Qin Ming looked at Zuo Liangyu, who was wrapped in white cloth, and a horrible way.

I have been happy in my heart, I obviously I have learned about the beginning of the matter from those who escaped, and I haven't left, I want to wait for him to come back.

"Hey! The victory or defeat is a frequent event, and if you don't care about it, let the Xiaohua king drilled the empty, there is nothing."

Zuo Liang Yu snorted, and it was a wave of noise, but his face was a convulsion.

"Hey! Left brother, not I said you, what do you say that you have a good end of the boys? ?

And if it is not Qinmou, it is a thief, with my two hundred rides, although I can't twist the defeat, but at least it will not let the left brother all the army! "

Qin Ming sighed, and said that it was the end of the thigh.

That kind, it is obvious that I want to laugh, but I have to hold back, I can't help but I have to use my thighs.

Zuo Liangyu's teeth bite giggle, rising red face, a word: "The surname Qin, what is your eyes see that Laozi is annihilated? Is it three or four thousand people? Is it a person? Is it a short leg? "

"Haha, for the right, Qin lost words, left brothers don't be angry, so as not to increase the injury."

Qin Ming quickly sorry, and did not manage Zuo Liangyu to kill the expression. He smiled and smiled: "When it is not early, the left brother is good in the guarantee, Qin wants to recover Fang County. "

After that, he stepped on it, he only got two steps, but it turned back: "Yes, forgot to tell the left brother, the neck thief has been withdrawn from the house and county, left brother to go to the snow shame ?"

"Don't have, then I wish Qin Zheng Bingqi to win, big killing four!"

Zuo Liangyu nostril was sprayed, but he still gave his hand.

"Haha, then I thank Zi Zi Zhi Yan Yan."

Qin Ming turned over the horse, throwing down, taking the family to the horse, and he can hear the cool laughter.


Zuo Liangyu is still no longer, and the ,,,,,