The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 129 is rotten to the bones

Fuyang area is located in the junction of several provinces, and the mountains in the territory are very complicated. They have always been the best place to avoid war.

Similarly, it is also the first goal of the people who do not accept the people of Wanghua in all provinces.

In the year of self-intogenization, the rumor of the people in the Fuyang area broke out, the officials of the encirclement were heavy, and they were negative and returned.

In order to better manage this area, the people in the people, the Ming Ting not only set up a Fuyang government, but also specially added a Lake Bank, and sent a governor to take the town.

Although it is temporary, the Yanyang 20 has been replaced by another, and the jurisdiction has a number of more than 80 counties in the largest time, and it has been governed to jurisdiction over Tenzhou County, but it has been continued until it has not been abolished.

Half month ago, the current Yanyang 20 is Dai Dongzhen, I know that Baokang is broken by the thief army, and it is still angry after still in the middle of the house, and it is anger.

Immediately lend the governor's camp and Xianyang Wei, thousands of army rushed to kill.

At the same time, the surroundings must be brought to Zhushan County on the 10th, and the violations are seriously punished.

Obviously, although as a civil servant, Dai Dongzhen also towards the rhodiological military affairs to Hong Zheban, and the governor of the provincial military, and the rise of Xiahua Wang, just gave him a chance to show his fun.

For the Xiong Wencan, it is just a group of sea in the district, and the governor of Fujian is directly promoted to the Governor of the Five Provincial, and the heart is not anger.

In his opinion, there is no one in the title of the Governor of the Five provinces, and no one is more appropriate than him.

Because of the place of Fuyang, there is a government, the military has a command, and his Yanyang patrol, it is responsible for coordinating Sichuan, Shaanxi, Henan, and Hhu Guangfang, the four provinces, the military and civilian affairs, otherwise he wants him Dunyang Governor?

It is also because of the heart, so it is deliberately demolished, and the eight king occupies Gucheng in such a long time. In addition to sending thousands of guards, they will never organize the army to encircle.

But today, it is different from the past!

At this moment, there is a housing in the hill of Zhushan County.

Dai Dongzhen's big horse gold knife is sitting on the county big chair, watching the beard, looking at the martial arts below, browling micro-wrinkles.

"The situation of the commandment, the situation of the house and the county and the thief army have not been able to detect it?"

"Go back to the adult, the whistle that the despicism is not close to the county, and he was perceived by the other party, even some mountain trails, all sent people to guard against the death, so I believe that the people think that the neck thief must have a moment."

The reply is that Xiangyang Wei command makes Jong Yong, is the head of the part of the gang of Qin Yu and Li Dingguo last year.

"Hey! Therefore, it is true that it is true. It is true. The soldiers and horses have arrived, and it is the good time to enter, and the command will go, and the army will enter the housing counties. This is the first to live to catch the thief. "

Dai Dongzhi snorted, and the military officials were really annoyed. The leaders were dragged, and they were all in the case.

The commanding and thousands of commandments and thousands of households are very shocked, the thief army is more powerful, and the two army arrived, and they all didn't know. Only for guessing, they rashly entered the army. It is too bold.

Yan Yong saw it, only had a hard scide and stood up, be careful. Fangxian, waiting for the left general soldier and the Qin Bi soldiers to the house county, my army will go to meet again! "

"A sent a non-righteous, I have a two thousand official army, do you have a fear of the enemy, passive defense?

What is the majestic to the court?

And once this, the little Hua Wang will definitely walk to the mountains, then want to die, it will be difficult to add, so it must be quickly entered. "

Dai Dongzhen swayed and said that the last tone was very strict, he was a big bud, and he came here to not help keep a small county city, but a thief.

If Zuo Liangyu and Qin Ming's army soldiers in the house, he went to the county.


"The mind has been decided, don't have to say more!"


The martial arts only have to hold a boxing, and I can't wait to greet these people's daughters, but they don't dare to put one on the face.

In particular, Liu Qian, who has escaped from the county, has been bold and sad, and it is the end of the end, and it is afraid that Dai Dongzhen will investigate him.

Although they are all affiliated to the Lake Bank, they can be commanded. When they are in front of the governor, they will be like a dog, let alone these guards, and thousands of households who guard thousands of households.

Although the status of Fuyang governor is a very special, it is also a big branch, and then further is not a governor. It is also a six-way waiter, the inspectors of the Inspectors, the martial arts who want to kill them.

The next day, nearly 20,000 soldiers were busy from the morning until noon, they barely arrive and start.

The team is thin, noisy, and tens of miles.

A military household is wearing a rotten and dirty military uniform, the bone is thin, a face, stepping on the grass shoes, long-standing, just a lot of money to escape.

The martial arts ride, with her family, I will drink and drink, and I will take a few whip until time, and the army hitting the army.

It is said that it is more like a leader, and it is more like being driven a group of cattle and sheep, and that scene is simply unbearable.

This is not, Dai Dong, sitting in the sedan sedan, since the city, the brow did not stretch, good, this kind of scene has been used to these days.

For a whole afternoon, I went out to five miles, I had to make up the zizhai, re-collaborating, otherwise it is unclear who is unclear.

Even two days, I only walked more than ten, and because I entered the mountain, the road rugged, leading to the front of the mountains, behind the village near the county.

Along the way, the military houses walked, secretly slipping away, or went to find a bed to sleep, or went to the bird's poles to fight the wild, the lower river.

More but the village to go to the mountain steal chicken, touch the dog, the big girl is a little daughter, and it is not easy to play.

But when you work, you will be in the camp on time, and the time is called a quasi.

Dai Dongji is not a meal, where doesn't understand, this is the martial arts, and deliberately delayed, give him an eye-catching drug, but there is no way.

Compared to these officials, Qin Yu, they are more like a government, more than 10,000 troops can't say that they are in order, but they have not messy to open the way to do mysterically sleep.

The black bears opened in front of a thousand bandits old thief, and the bull two had followed the five thousand armies.

Then, the woman's young juvenile team, who was led by Hongjie, and Qin Yu took the cattle team and the teenager.