The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 132, the dead people do not pay


"Stop ..."

When the two armies arrived at the place, the Qin leader riding on the horse was only raised by the fist.

Immediately, I followed the wolf of the sound, for a while, the whole team was completely stopped.

Looking at it, I saw the wilderness of Zhu Mountain in the east of Zhu Mountain. The two horses like a big black fabric of two cars, let the scholars on the city, the scalp is a burst.

I just started a very noisy quarrel, and after a moment, I gradually became quiet.

Everyone converges laughter, and the look is more dignified, and unconsciously clears the blade in his hand.

For a time, the scene was very strange, but until this, I had a war before the war.

The horse is over 10,000.

The whole bamboo mountain is afraid that it is not close to the county town to accommodate so many people.

Looking at the huge lineup of the Ming army, a good man in a good man is a little drum, some of the joined you have just joined, the legs are more trembled.

I don't know the opposite sanitary soldier, I also have this feeling, I feel that there is too much anti-thief, I have to see the end, causing some people who have not war began to fight.

Obviously, everyone only saw the whole picture of the other's lineup, and could not see the lineup of oneself.

However, Dai Dongzhen on the city, but it looks truthfully, the people of the anti-thief are more than half of them, and they are full of confidence.

He didn't see it, and the anti-thief was long and the big hands were holding the blade. There was a small half of the people.

Anti-Guancheng, the soldiers under the city, in addition to the two thousand people of each military official, others have almost only take a roll.

"The governor has made it, the thief is one, and the silver is one or two.

When I was catching up, I was shouted at the city, and even some kinds of gents had twitted two sentences.

"The soldiers, they will be rewarded, they will kill me in this chapter!"

Yunyang command made Yan Yong, and also knows that he can't drag it, and he can't let the other party rushed over. After hearing the shouts on the wall, the

The martial arts have also drunk.



"Rush it up, don't stop, which one is behind, I am cut which ..."


Not much time, more than 20,000 soldiers finally under the urge of the military officer, such as the flood of the decissete, waving the blade, screaming forward.

"Brothers, drinking, drinking meat, sleeping brothers are in this chapter, killing with Laozi!"

Qin Yu also dared to stay in the land defense, waiting for the other party, pulling out the long knife and smashing, and slamming the horse.

The juveniles who have ridicosted by Qin Tie, which is the tight guards in him, then the eight hundred old teenagers, and the cattle tiger team.

The five thousand people in the Niu Second were located on the left, and the black bear and other bandits and more than 3,000 Qingzhuang were located on the right wing.

The field is not better than the attack and defense, you must be elite dare to die, take the lead in rushing, take the break, strive to defeat the other party, so Qin Yu does not dare to reserve.

Otherwise, the hero's hero and the young people who have just recruited, in case of pulling, even if they have a defense, will be overwhelmed by the mysterium.


Two tans quickly hit together, the sky is like a discoloration, and it is gloomy.


Qin Yu is also truthfully fighting, and it has a set of locks with a set of locks, and there is a set of cotton, plus riding on high-head, and riding a fifty ride. Zuo right cut.

Sure enough, the young people saw that Huawang is brave, and they danced their legs, and they will kill it.

Confused martial arts at all levels, although riding a horse mixed in the array, but almost all fell in the middle, even behind, only a few people took the lead in rushing.

After eight hundred years, after Qin Yu, it was back to the fire behind him. After replacing a long gun, after the rushing, it was a sharp stamp.

Plus the eight hundred Chinese Han of the cattle team, and he is not afraid of death. In the moment, the middle must kill the cold, escape.

This escape, suddenly caused a chain reaction.

This tens of thousands of people's melers, as long as one is turned to escape, the military officer did not slash in time, and the people around them will follow the infection.

The result is a pass ten, ten pass hundred, and finally evolved into the whole army, and then, then Sun Wu was only able to follow the foot, with the wave.



Looking at the two sides just gave a battle, his own party homewed into a pot of porridge, all around, leading to each other, and accidentally squatting, the city of the city opened his mouth.

"This ... this ... how is this?" Dai Dongzhen was stunned, and the busement couldn't say something.

Just now, he can see clearly, anti-thief is only the small group of people in the middle, and the lead in rushing into a chaos.

The result of the left and right wings were still running, and they have not started to kill, and the middle of the horses began to defeat.

When the two wings of the two wings were killed together, the collapse was just spreading, and the other people who were harmed did not ask the blue saple and fled.

"Adults, struggling, caught in the city, otherwise the anti-thief will also cover it."

"To pair, fast, close ..."

"Hurry and close, I can't let the thief rush back."

After the one is awake, it is anxious to go straight.

Dai Dongzhen also responded at this time, looked at the countless collapse of the entrance of the city, rushed.

In fact, do you need to greet?

The capture of the city gate, looking at the guards who rushed away, almost the first time, they were desperately intended to close the door and closed into the middle.

No way, once the striking of the soldiers is constantly moving into the city gate, I will not close.


"Don't be closed ..."

Run in the forefront of the soldiers, you will have to rush to the city, but see the two gates are rapid, and the urgent is big.

The servant caught camps, but they will not care about their death. Hurry up the door, and a few people hugged the door, quickly, and the cooperation is called a tacit understanding.

Until closed the door, the people were relieved, and then he quickly organized the people to move the stone, and the city gate was completely blocked.


"I fuck your mother ..."

"Dog Day, Laozi, 18th generation ancestors, open the door!"

The soldiers who rushed into the city gate, only had to slammed the door, while breaking up.

At this time, even if you want to turn to other places, you can't do it, because the people behind are squeezed up, and they are pushing the front in the door.

For a moment, Migrant City squeezed more than two thousand people, and the peripheral people saw this to escape from both sides.

"Trinity County, here is handed over, this official is going out to get rid of the soldiers, choose the day again."

Dai Dongzhen is just in a hurry, take a family and hundreds of personnel, and the fire in the West City.

Zhu Mountain Zhixian is a face, a unity of the landlord, and the same is to turn, and the heart is big.

Because the confidence of governors said, there are so many officials, leading everyone to have no running roads, now they are really damn.