The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 133 of the martial arts is more harmful than the landlord

Zhushan City is outside.

After the two gates of the things were closed, countless collapse only had to escape from around the mountains.

For a time, there are people who have escaped around the county, and the good Hans who have chased it, and each military officer is not wonderful, and I have escaped along the official path.

Two thousand soldiers who were blocked under Dongchengmen, have to surrendered, so they were blocked by Qin Yu, so they had a small life.

"Driving! Driving!"

When Red Radi rushed to Dongcheng with three hundred female soldiers, only the bodies and weapons left on the ground.

Qin Yuzheng took more than two thousand prisoners to the distant space, and started to bundle it and prevent them from slipping.

"Xiaohua king, do you also fight?"

Huaji rushed to him, looked at his blood, could not help but ask.

"Laozi rushed in the forehead, do you say that I have to fight?" Qin Yu said in the body of the cotton and said.

"just you?"

If the red hiped face does not believe, this guy has a great interest, she is clear than anyone.

"What is it? I'm going to chase! Give me a chasing along the official path, this time I can catch some captives, Qin Tie, you take people to follow them together."

Qin Yuyue is full of enthusiasm.

As the leader, the performance is still to express, this time this time, can he let?

He believes this time it takes the head of the charge, and the prestige will definitely improve a big cut, and the only short board is made up.

Of course, it is also bullying the bullion of the soldiers, if it is changed to Zuo Liangyu's military horse, he would rather eat defeat and escape, and will never install it.


Qin Tie quickly turned over the horse with a country.

Hung Yi did not dare to repeat, and a macrper went to the west. Everyone rushed to the horse, and the ride is almost all Tall Mongoluma.

Not much time, thousands of women and teenagers also held horses, pushing to the car to Dongcheng.

A thousand female soldiers immediately carry out the bag to treat the wounded, cleaning the wound, suturing the dressing dressing, all is a good.

For these trauma, the female soldiers are already very skilled, causing even those who are being cut on the chest, mostly can live.

Some simple surgical surgery, a few women such as Chuncao can also do it, the only thing is no, it is hurting the wounded by the bones.

Of course, if you have poked a hole in your stomach, or the knife is too deep, you can see the internal organs, almost all of them make up a knife to the heart, which is also these female soldiers to operate.

The remaining three thousand women and teenagers are the movement of the Aying Zhazhai, burying pot, and the cattle tiger team monitoring city.

This injured captive, Qin Yu also made the female soldiers helped the soldiers, and then sent two kind bread to each person, and started to clean the battlefield under the supervision of the veteran teenagers.

Sure enough, the captives gave them not only giving them wounds, but also to eat, suddenly understood anyway, they won't kill them, one of the hearts put down, and let go of live. Selling.

in the afternoon.

The land, resufficient, has started return, and it is a hundred people in dozens of teams.

Due to the Qin leader, there is more or less prisoners, just one of the nose eyes.

At dusk, everyone who came out almost came back. When the camp suddenly looked up, the opposite is a dead in the city.

Because Qin Yu is not intended to stay again, I will send people to the West City, and I decided to raise the rabbit.

"Girl, have there any fish?"

Qin Yu took them that nearly a thousand prisoners came back, and immediately asked.

In the three thousand prisoners, he tried in one by one, and even a hundred families did not, and it was very painful. It can be seen that this era is escaped, and it is necessary to fight.

"Do you see this big fish?"

Huangji grabbed a middle-aged year in the crowd, and his feet were on the ground and stepped on his chest.


"Pull the foot."

Qin Yuyue is sunny, and hurrys with her feet, one put it.

"Said, are you a Zhu Mountain, or the Yanyang Governor?"

"Hey! The aforementioned the up, I want you to be the first small Hua Wang, this official is advised you ... ah!"

Dai Dongzhen rose red face, got an eye, Qin Yu, cold, can be said yet, was arrested in the legs, screaming, fell to the ground.

"Shi ... can kill, can not be humiliated, you dare to treat this official this official ..."

"Old things, also with Xiaoye is here, it seems that you don't give you something, you can't tell the truth."

Qin Yu said out of the dagger, ready to first go to him, see if he is a soft egg or a Han.

"Live ... Stop, save your hands, the official is a Yanyang 8."

Who once thought that the knife had just left the ear, Dai Dongzhen was scared to have no color, quickly called, he didn't expect this thief to be so fierce.

"Haha, it is your old thing."

At the same time, Qin Yu is still laughing at the same time.

"Xiao Hua Wang, how this guy is disposed?"

Red scorpion is a soft staring at Dai Dongzhen in the ground.

"Don't worry, let's go, I have a big use tomorrow, yes, how did you catch this guy?"

"This dog is not riding, being tied to the horseback, and the result is fell down when he was going downhill, let me catch a positive, huh, huh ..."

Red, I can't help but laugh.

"Haha, old things, you won't ride the horse, there is no family, but also dare to go to the battlefield, now I know is amazing!"

Where is Dai Dongzhen still use him to remind? At this moment, the intestines have repented. If you know that there is a cavalry, he will stay in the county.


The next day, Qin Yu did not rush to launch an attack on the county, but intended to take four thousand captives.

The soldiers who were not more than Zhiliyu.

If you say that Daming the most worse wave, it is definitely not a military household.

Because the landlord wants to test the name of the official, more or less to take care of the reputation, prevent leaving the pen handle, and will be placed in the future.

In contrast, the military officers will be more bachelor, with iron rice bowls in hand, Laozi is dead, the son is replaced, climbing and climbing.

So don't care about the sound at all, there is no moral constraint, it is very terrible, and the martial arts almost didn't take the army of the hand.

Counting, most military ancestors have ancestors, and after being killed by the ancestors of the martial arts, the grievances of more than two hundred years have already formed two two classes of Daming contradiction.

The local scholar landlord and the civil servant, for those who are notorious military officials, not only don't stand out, and hosted the fairness, but they will watch the play.

After all, everything is afraid that there is no contrast. When the households take yourself and the military, you will feel that your happiness is incomparable, and the grievance in your heart will naturally disappear.