"The king, some brothers who fled to the mountains to go to the mountains, they want to go, they want me to ask, the king wants not to people?"

"Oh, how much?"

Qin Yu eyes bright.

How can he not people? Nowadays, Zhu Mountain County Chengcheng has a hard bone, and it is the cannon ash.

This person was the first monk of the name of the last name that stands out. For the Qianjin City, I gave him a big captain, the real name is Zhang Yunpeng.

See Qin Yu, this reaction, Suddenly, a boxing: "There are more than 500 people."

"So much? Don't they fight back?" Qin Yu is a little strange, those collapse is still in the mountains? "

"The king, the road is too far, there is no brothers who have not eaten, they will not go back, stay in the mountains, and the people nearby will not be seen. I listen to them, there are already many brothers who have been killed by the hunter, many brothers I am hungry for a few days. "

Zhang Yunpeng explained that the front of them will not be light in the nearby villages, and now the weapons are lost, the brothers also ran, plus the topography, but they all hunter Qing Zhuang.

And each village is jointly packed with them, digging the trap, and the set means is endless, as long as it is caught, it is in the dead.

"So, you pick some brothers to go to the mountain, tell those military households, as long as you are willing to go to the mountain, I am welcome, I have a meat every day, I still have meat to eat, this is a good time, come back, come back, let you level."

Qin Yu took his shoulder.

The villages and bandits in the mountains have not much difference. In the past, they used the army's hat on the army, they could only endure.

Now become a collapse, there is no concern, and there is no concern, plus the terrain is not familiar, there is no military elner to win?

So, I will have a collapse that will escape into the mountains, all of them.

In fact, he even wants to recruit the hunter in the mountains, but they all take the mouth, even if they are willing, the burden is too big.

"The king is rest assured, and the little must bring them back."

Zhang Yunpeng quickly excitedly held his boxing.

However, Zhang Yunpeng has not long until the mountains, and there is a deep mountain, and it is coming to the county.

After three days, the foot recruited more than 8,000 people, almost lived, a large piece of black pressure, so that the landlords in the city were very shocked.

"Adults, how do you have so many people?"

"This is the dead Qiu eight, but I will rebel with the thief, simply pass the kill."

Trinity County is angry to bite teeth.

The clothes on those people have not changed, they will recognize it, and they understand what is going on.

"How can this be good? At the beginning, he should not be a dead battle!"

"Hey! Now, the more you do more, the more you are really a big joke ..."

The unmanal thigh is almost swollen, and the heart is full of Dai Dongzhen.

Ok, then they did not agree to let the Jia Ding hobby will come to the city, and I still have a blood, otherwise it is true for everything.

"You don't have to worry, a group of blackcomes, people also want to attack the city, left generals and Qin Bi soldiers and horses, should come on the road to Zhu Mountain, this helpful thief is crazy."

I have to comfort the county, and this person is scattered, and I can't stand it, I have to finish the easter.

After everyone listened, the face finally looks great, which is their only hope, but also to the current unique motivation.

It can look at both sides of the things, and the anti-thief complicated, it is a horrified battle, knowing that today is absolutely the most difficult day.

However, they don't know, they expect Qin General and Left Soldiers, at this moment, all in Housing and County are being pulled.

Both people gave Xiong Wencan's constant books.

Zuo Liangyu's biting Book and Huangxian is he recovered, but also kills the thief army else more than 3,000 people.

At the same time, I accused Qin Ming's killing and lie, lie, as for the things that were defeated by ambush, did not mention.

Qin Ming is a bit biting Zuo Liangyu, and the enemy is inquiry. It is always done by anti-thieves. The company is lost.

Fortunately, he rushed in time, not only reversed the defeat, but also took the flight to the Baodang County, and finally the anti-thief was killed to the Huang fled to Zhushan.

Fuyang, the Governor's Office.

Looking at the two distinctive battle reports, Xiong Wencan is a big fight, and he can't wait to clam the two.

Finally, I only had a helpless way: "Yao, see you, the two battle reports, that is true?"

"Adults, students think that I am afraid that both are not true." Wang Can laughed.

"Well, the Zuo Liangyu and Qin Ming are really unable to be no, but it is still necessary to rely on their two people to die, the two are now obviously dispatched. What do you see if this is good?"

Xiong Wencan nodded, Daming martial arts did what urine, will he be unclear?

"Adults, now, now, it can only be deducted, the speed of the left master is faster than the Qin General, and Baokang County must be that he is taking people.

The Qin General is later, first takes a step to account for the county town in the county. The only explanation is that the left master is really defeated by the anti-thief, and then he is cheaper by the Qin General. "

Wang Can took two battle reports to think halfway, analyze.

"I can only have this."

Xiong Wencan sighed a sentence, decided to make a credit for half a minute, one person recovered the house county, and one person recovered to Baogang, let the two immediately join hands to enter Zhu Mountain, he will succeed that the court will be in the court.

As for Zuo Liangyu to eat the loss of losing, Qin Ming kills the power, the same word is not mentioned, just like never happened.

If you change the usual, this means of this and the resort are really feasible, and it is also a customary means of civil media mediation.

But this time Zuo Liangyu lost half of the soldiers and horses, nearly a thousand horses were cleaned, the fart did not fish, but also to give the merits half to Qin Ming, where is the promise?

Therefore, after picking up the back of Xiong Wencan, he was angry with smoking, and I thought that Xiong Wencan was in front of Qin Ming, and he did not want to enter the army.

Are you not biased by Qin Ming?

That's good, let him bring the military and horse advanced military, and he is also in the back.

Qin Ming wants to enter the army, but the house county to Zhu Mountain is the mountain small road, there is Zuo Liangyu's front car test, Zuo Liangyu does not move, what will he move?

And when I got to explore the news, I replied to the two thousand soldiers of Zhu Mountain. It has been defeated by anti-thief. At this moment, tens of thousands of tens of thousands of troops are being siege to Zhu Mountain County, and they will not die more.

After all, I have a few pounds, and he is still clear, compared with Zuo Liangyu's soldier horse, and his person under his hand is indeed a difference.

Xiong Wencan saw that the two were dead, and it was an anger. Immediately, he would place it. If you don't enter the army, you will blame him to go to the book, and the two people are like a tiger, and let the crime of abroad.

The trust is sent out, and the Yanyu knows the urgency. Fuyang 20,000 troops will be defeated by anti-thief before recently, and the governor Dai Dongzhen will not know, the falling is unknown, suspected that it has fallen into the thief.

Xiong Wenge suddenly scared a cold sweat, and the whole person sat on the chair. Where did you sit still?

It's immediately to prepare a car, kill the housing and counties with the scene of Wang Chan, and prepare to personally go to the war.