The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 137 finally has a big lead

Zhushan County.

Qin Yu can not know that Xiong Wencan has rushed to Huixian to supervise the battle.

In the past few days, I contained the soldiers, while letting the carpenter build the ladder and a simple torch machine, it can be prepared.

As a modern person, he used to make these old antique stuff, I feel too much, too much, too much.

However, at this moment, watching a stone torch will take more than ten kilograms of stone, thrown into the city, and feel in the city, and feel that this stuff is troublesome, but it is very easy to use.

And those cloud ladders are more interstitials, which is better than the simple wooden ladder, just ten in the district, and the other party will not stop.

Compared with the wooden ladder in the city, the defenders have a support, or the left and right sides are pushed, not only the above people will fall, fall and fall, will die, the ladder is too safe. .

I don't move at all, except for the throttle to burn, there is no other law.

Two feet in the district, the ten cloud ladders directly became a slope, and a wave of good people in a wave of good guys will rush to the shield, threatening huge.

There is nothing famous in the city, there is no special soldier, the means of defensive, in addition to throwing wood stone, pouring big manure, just use a gun.

These means, used to deal with the crowds that have no professional siege equipment, but also use, but in front of the ladder, it seems that some power is not from the heart.

Even if the landlords will come out, take the wife and daughter, and if the anti-thief in the city is getting more and more, the Qingzhuang to catch fast and temporary organization has collapsed, and the family is not a long time.

People are really too much.

The whole county is going to see the general trend, and the treatment of the governor is got to jump, and you want to fall to the city, but I forgot the city wall to be two feet.

As a result, in a corpse, I was screaming, and the crowd that was rushed into the meat.

"Qin Tie, you have to maintain order in the city with the guard team and the young fire team, who dares to kill and fight, all the way!"

"Yes, the leader!"


After the Qin Tie collar, after the city came to the city, he did not expect Qin Dawang.

The military who came in first, and he was red and red.

Seeing men to kill, see women to grab, see the house will burn.

Compared to the old thief, it is more crazy.

Qin Tie has killed more than three hundred people, from Dongcheng to Xicheng, so that those military dozen calm down and began to save fire.

After the Zhushan County is attacked, the stone in Qin Yu is finally falling, and there is not much fire medicine, and the sulfur in the city of Chinese medicine is urgently needed.

In the second, the official army in the house and county once killed, if they have not attacked the Zhushan County, then they can only escape.

Now, you can deal with them, the field is not working, according to the mountains of the mountain, he will not believe tens of thousands of people can't hold.

He won't be stupid. The Yanyang governor will put the official army in the open space near the county, and finally fight.

It is only a carnival for a night, and Qin Yu began to complete the troops and prepared to respond to Zuo Liangyu and Qin Ming's army.

There were more than 10,000 militarists, and it was chosen for more than 5,000 people. It has set up a trade camp. In the future, it is specially built a weapon firewriter for the army.

In fact, these five thousand people are not big. If in other military, it is definitely the existence of the knife bones.

However, Qin Yu felt that these people had no sharpness and blood, which may be the oppression of all year round, and they have long been careful, and they are not suitable for a military person.

Strong Come and finally can only become a veteran oil, so it is better to use it as a logistical arms.

And the truly suitable for the soldiers, the young man under the age of twenty years old and seventeen years old.

These people can be able to work hard, and they are full of vitality. A few words can trite to slash, so they will be transferred to Qin Tie, and form a civil and demand.

These young men will not only have waist knife and short fire, but also learn to ride, more than 500 Monasters, temporarily two people.

The remaining more than 3,000 strong military doctors, and more than two thousand young people from the Guoang, and the seven hundred veteran of the cattle team, completely mixed into three infantry camps.

Two thousand people per battles, temporarily under jurisdiction, each team governs five people, ten people have jurisdiction, one of the two people, remove all levels of officers, a total of five hundred knives, five hundred archer , A thousand long guns.

The first camp leaders Liu Hu.

The second battalion leader big cattle.

The third camp stroned Zhang Yunpeng.

The military officers of the three infantry battles, the veteran the tiger's veterans only accounted for more than half, and the other half was selected from the military.

And each camp, Qin Yu also selected ten veterans juveniles, one of them served as a deputy, four teenagers as the deputy captain, and in the future, it is responsible for maintaining military disciplines and urges daily training.

The red monarch is also promoted to the female military camp, and the number of people did not increase, but the remaining more than 3,000 women were temporarily returned to her, named the post.

Mainly responsible for the logistics work of the army, the village woman is launched, and the little martial arts will manage the money.

Only in your hands, the helmingly will die with him, when you pick some blinds from time to time, you can hang your appetite.

Five teenagers, although only seven hundred veterans are more than 700, the new soldiers is more than a thousand, but these teenagers are Qin Yu real, in the future, so all promoted to fire arms camp.

From one to five, it is still in Qin Madi, Qin Yong, Qin Wu, Qin Zhong, Qinyi.

Each camp has been temporarily jurisdiction, 350 people, by the five people and the captain, and there is more cold, and there is no fire.

The people of Niu Second, Qin Yu also planned to move.

"Niu Big Brother, I intend to give you more than a thousand and Han, who will give you a troops in the future, and promote you for the big collar."

"Ah! Qin brothers, why did you have a old brother, I am afraid the brothers don't accept it!"

The cow two, the immediate is a big joy, but his face is modest.

The opposite Hongjun and Qin Tie and other reasonstrual collishers are very shocked, they want to stop, and they are afraid that Qin Yu is drinking, a red face on an urgent face.

The ten hands under the bulls are a proud of a face.

"Hey, the cattle big brother began to rebel in the year, and the qualifications are compared to the eight kings and Cao Cao, but it is only for people. Now, who is promoted to the big colleague who dare not convinced?"

Qin Yu said with a hand and said the last table.

"Big brother, Hua Wang said, you don't postpone."

"Yeah, big brother, you are a big life, who dares to ?"

Ten big captains hurried out and said that they also provoke opposite red and Qin Tie them.

"That's good, even the brothers can see the old brother, the old cow will no longer resign, this life is constant, no matter what the knife is still under the fire, never wrinkled."

The cattle two, the table, stood up and not in the style, to discuss qualifications, he is indeed the reaction of the team of the eight kings at the same time.

"Haha, good, I like the freshness of the cattle big brother, um, but so many teams are not well managed ...

This, six thousand people are all divided into three batches, two thousand per battles, the black bear, the performance of the black bear is good, and it is a hot scalling when it sieges, and it has been hot, and the promotion is appropriate, as for the other Two leaders, cattle big brothers, do you look at the ten captains? "

"This one…"

Niu Er looked at his ten brothers. Some distressed scratching, but ten people looked at him in the eyes of Baba, and they didn't say that the big brother pick me.

Black bear is a mouthful of mouth and laughing.

Almost everyone has no objection to the reasonable proposal of Qin Yu.

After all, the promotion is certainly unable to take a camp, and other captains are promoted to the leadership. Although their fourteen brigadiers have a little more, they pick a few people to promote promotion.

"Then, Zhao Brothers and Ye Brothers!"

In the end, the cow, I chose the two old brothers who came to follow my own, and the eight people were obviously flashing. Some people were more dissatisfied. I feel that the big brother is too eccentric.

"Well, the three battle trenches in the future are called black or camps, Zhao Yuying, Yeying, and the three battalions do not have to train, but the military law military discipline must also abide by, and the violation is severely punished, and the future Responsible for supervision. "

Qin Yu nodded, and then a face.

"Yes, Hua Wang!" Everyone is Qi Qi Huan Nuo.

Qin Yu can not train them, too lazy to train them, let alone, he feels that one army is, it is best to have something like.

This guy is used to attack the city in the future.

Three infantry camps and firearms camp play fields, female soldiers saved the wounded, chasing the soldiers, the transfers are usually built, and they are responsible for taking the camp, and the bridge is lifting, and the laundry is cooking, and the seam is supplemented.

No one has nothing to say, after all, if the war is envious of the treatment of the teenager, then you will train every day, learn at night.

The treatment of envious fleshires, when there is a case of cavalry, you take the shield to squat in front.