The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 140 Headache Bear Governor

Left handsome last time although the loss of Qin Yu is a heavy loss, even hurt the vitality, but still more than 10,000 compelling soldiers.

In fact, the seven or eight thousand people lost, Zuo Liangyu is not painful, he is distressed is the 10,000 millennium, thousands of horses, bows and large number of cotton.

In order to place these home, not only, not only the land of the premium county is almost scraped, but also lost a lot of old bodies, but he did not think of a big idea, but it was full of cheap anti-thieves.

Therefore, I will immerse the hate of the anti-thief. If he took the soldiers alone, I was afraid that I didn't kill and revenge hate.

You can have Qin Ming to fight in the side, and the situation is big.

He killed his life in front of him, Qin Ming hanging is cheap in the back, this kind of stupid thing will do?

Therefore, Daming's military will not be able to get together, especially the same official position, and the strength is almost the same.

, Hong Chengge, Sun Zhiting three people know this, the transferring will avoid this situation, Nai Xiong Wencan came from Fujian, and did not understand this kind of market.

I thought that the more the soldiers and horses, the better, I have made a two-way, and the result will be sloppy.

If you change to Hong Contribution, Sun Chuanqi commander, will definitely let Qin Ming in Nanxun County, let the official army of Fuyang in Zhu Mountain, and strictly guard against death.

Finally, Zuo Liangyu took a brought trick.


Under the mountain, Zuo Liangyu is also fighting, and the old high high, the old high, and almost used to use mortar.

Why didn't a dozen children's fists, playing in the mountains, such as the stone seaside, and the replacement and bullet shooting is not enough, and can only listen to a sound, scare people.

Although the slope of the mountain, although it is still steep, only 200 meters wide, once a maximum of 3,000 people will be in the sky.

I have launched five attacks in a morning, and I have retired by a good man.

Zuo Shuai was originally wanted to cover the fire and the bow and archer, replicate the last mode.

Can Qin Yu also allows the fire soldiers and the archer to fight, and those behind the defenders, but also the supervisor team, who escaped.

The up to one thousand people in the mountains in the area of ​​two hundred meters are defensive, and the three battle troops are turned on, coupled with the construction of the work, and the wood, there is no pressure.

There is a thousand soldiers who have saved the wounded, so that the fighting power of the troops has increased in invisible.

No longer one thing I used to be hazelted to be cut with a knife, and it is better to die by big fertilization.

It is also because of this, the front of the siege battle, those thousand good people can hurt, so many still do not collapse, they dare to splash the big feces that are spapped, and hold the shield climbing.

Zuo Liangyu was injured more than a thousand people, even the thief army closed did nothing, and the performance of Qin Ming in the afternoon is not as good, only rushed to the mountainside.

Two days in two days, the official army killed three or four thousand people, but there was no signs of the mountains, and Xiong Wencan was black as a carbon, and the heart sank to the bottom of the valley.

"Guard, tomorrow, can't attack it like this, otherwise I am not a camp in my hand."

"Qin general soldiers, you are really a good soldier, more than 10,000 big troops, only more than a thousand people in the death injury, just say that the camp with this Callation?"

"The supervisor is not in the end, but this kind of add oil is not a taboo. The brothers are not willing to send death, forcing forced to change." Qin Ming's face is booth.

Zuo Liangyu saw Xiong Wencan to see, the same football: "The supervisor, these two days will be carefully observed, the thief army is very sufficient, the combat power is not weak, and my army is not open, if you continue This is stronger, and in the end, it will not only be damaged, but the morale will also lose, but they are on the dangers of the whole army, so they have to think about him. "

Compared to Qin Ming, Zuo Liangyu wants to see some deeper, knowing that again, it is not that they encircle an anti-thief, but there is anti-thief to play them.

"Where can I have a bad policy?"

Xiong Wencan saw him scary, his face was also lifted, and there were some complaints in these two Japanese army.

"For the time of this, it is either divided by the soldiers, or let the Fuyang organize the army again to hit the bamboo mountain again."

"So, left brother is willing to take the soldiers and horses to walk to the Sagama County City?"

"Surrounded by Qin, you are less than the dog, when is the Little Trent say this?" Zuo Liangyu became anger, pointed to his nose jumped.

Obviously the two have grown.

"The left, it is you mentioned, you don't go, don't you want to let Laozi?" Qin Ming did not show weakness.

"It's enough, is there a supervisor in your eyes?"

Xiong Wencan took a table and roared.

Both people will make their heads and silently, and Liu Guoneng on the side is squint, like sleeping.

"Fuyang Wei's soldiers just experienced the defeat, self-insurance and insufficient, where can I save the soldiers and horses hit Zhu Mountain? As for the soldiers and horses in all parts, the far water can't solve the near fire, so there is only one division to detour. "

The big account was silent, and Xiong Wenco said, then he looked at Zuo Liangyu on the left.

"Left staff, you have killed all the anti-thieves for many years, repeatedly integrity, experienced, and the soldiers and horses are also good at the fields, so this man decided to strike you to survey Zhushan County, can there be objected?"

"The supervisor has made it, the end will not dare not? But the soldiers have a cloud, the forest is Mo, everything is Mojin, the end of the small road will send someone carefully, it has been blocked by anti-thief, I want to detour the sneak attack I can only give up the grain and grass, the mountain, the mountain, but it is a matter of nothing.

Therefore, the end will be willing to return to Gucheng, then in the north, the sun, the white river, Zhuxi, but the end of the troops, please let Liu Shoujing will go together at the end. "

Zuo Liangyu said a punch, not humble.

If he takes the soldiers and horses to hit the Zhushan County, it is never possible.

"Guardian, Million is not, the thief army is big, once the left brothers take the soldiers, the anti-thief will kill, with my million soldiers and horses are afraid to stop!"

Qin Ming thought halfway, suddenly said, immediately understood, Zuo Liangyu is the key to him.

"Oh, Qin General said this, don't you feel ashamed? Those anti-thieves have not had a group of blacks, according to the mountains of the mountain, I have no way to take them, do you have a field, you can't play a group of anti thieves? ? "

"Oh, it is both a group of blacks, why is it almost all of the whole army last time?"

"Laozi said so many times, it is great, for a while, this is ambush, can you be the same? If I am in the same way, I can kill them without a piece of two thousand people."

Zuo Liangyu saw that he did not move his scar, and he hated tooth.

Seeing that two people don't move, they will pull each other, Xiong Wencan is also a headache, and the two said that it is reasonable. I don't know if I should not be divided.

And a few days, both people are constantly quarreling.

Zuo Liangyu killed and not willing to go to the mountains, and they will take the road.

Qin Ming did not agree to let him take Liu Guoneng and left the dozens of cannons and fire soldiers.

These cannon fires can all spend a big price, is his killer, will you give Qin Ming to command?

Qin Yu saw that the official army did not move in a few days. It was also happy, let the bulls in the mountains, and they will return to the county, continue to train the soldiers.

The hunters in the mountain have been bought by him, so they are not afraid of the official army to attack, but they can't sneak attack.