The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 141 is a half-way home

I have passed a half a month.

Time has come to the beginning of the 11th year of Daming Chongzhen, in previous years, Nanyang's winter wheat has been harvested again.

This year, I am looking at the wheat of the field, and some are more bare.

Because in the summer of last year, now almost a rain in almost the entire north, while winter than in previous years, not only the cold is more cold, most of the wheat seeds are frozen in winter.

The spring wheat, the old heaven does not open the eyes, the rain is not rain, now there is a wealthy weather in this 100-year-old, and the winter wheat is affected, and the large area reduction, even the particles are not received, it is simply not given.

As the heart of the Central Plains, Henan is the most populous, the most popular provinces in the field is also the preferred objective of drought disaster.

Since Chongzhen, in the past seven years, Henan has almost drought, and every summer, the Yellow River must decide, plus the disaster, the soldiers have repeatedly raging, all the rosters have repeatedly transit, and the court's continuous increase, so that the Central Plains has already been fully equipped.

Last year, the long and cold winter is undoubtedly the last straw of the camel.

Millions of people looked at the bare fields, desperate swearing, not relief, but not reduced the tax, all people sent anger.

At the same time, Daming's Five province governors and two general soldiers are still in the Liujiaqi.

After the probe secretly lurked into the county, after exploring the virtue, Xiong Wencan saw Zuo Liangyu's eyes changed.

Zuo Liangyu puts forward the soldiers, where is it only to die Qin Ming?

Dictionary is that even his governor is also killed.

So decisively gave up the idea of ​​division.

Instead, the general soldier in Sichuan, the inner hometown, who took the soldiers into the county, the south, the bamboo mountain, the bamboo stream, the white river, and the West 3rd counties, strictly guard against the death, prevent the thief to the West.

Obviously, Xiong Wencan has calmed down from the original impatient, and treats Qin Yu as eight kings, king and Cao Cao's giant.

At the same time.

On the wilderness of Zhushan County, the drum is rumble, and the horn is constantly.

I only saw three huge squares and five small squares, and sometimes scattered, sometimes closed, drilled, each square is a battles.


On the high platform, Qin Yu raised his fist and drums.

Looking at the wealth of thousands of troops under a pot of porridge, Qin Dawang face is like a carbon.

After the basic training for a while, the afternoon added half of the battle of the battle.

Ten thousand people, not more than one thousand people, want effective command, not to fall into a plate of shared sand, is not a general difficult.

Qin Yu is not a military home before.

The military common sense in the belly is also learned from TV series and novels.

In the case of the books seized, there were several books and books.

I feel that I should be a famous place. After all, Hong Zhew Kui liters them, and I watched a few books, and I have a few?

This is not, I have just started confidence full of confidence, formulated a detailed order, equipped with the flag, horn, drums, and , etc., but can be realistic but a face.

Because I want this to gain the big old, I understand each drum, the number, and the order representative, there is no three-year five years, I am afraid it is not possible.

So, it is repeatedly simplified, from hundreds of kinds of initial, cut to dozens of species, now, it has to continue to cut.

If Hong Zhewoko is liter, Qin Yu has made hundreds of battlefield orders, more than ten kinds of commandments, it is estimated that you have a thumbs up: Your cattle!

"I am here today, I will dissolve the rest!"

Qin Yu put his hand, it feels very stressed, this is only a person who has not been able to eat, there is no intercom with the era of the intercom and the treble horn, it is really inconvenient.

Tens of thousands of people scattered, and a good Han in the next side, and a smile and returning to the coup.

After returning to the county, after a deep thinking, Qin Yu decided to command the means and temporarily engage in three kinds.

Improving the drumping number, used to direct the whole army, as for commanding all camps and more complex orders, using the commander to convey, below the taxonomy, can only be played by the command and all level officers.

The order is divided into three categories, and usually, march and battlefield.

Copper and drums are used in the battlefield, and the horn is generally used in usual and march.

The sound is slow, and the whole army keeps the team slowly retreat.

The sound is rushing, and the whole army will rush, and all of all cumbersome things are lost.

The drums and drums, the drums are slow, the whole army keeps the formation slowly, the drums are urgent, and the whole army rushes.

The number is more complicated, such as stopping, moving forward, full speed, collection, emergency collection, arrays the enemy, dissolving rest, open meal, sleep, get up, and pass through the voice.

After all, the horns long, changing multiple ends, listening to hundreds of thousands of times, even if the stupid people can also distinguish.

After finishing these, Qin Yu will call the hand, and the drums are called in, first and they take a while.

The test started the next day.

This whole army must learn to listen to these orders, the soldiers who fight, all must learn to distinguish between, non-combatants, just learn daily works and marching orders.

After a few days of running, listening to the voice every day, sleep, rest, and the time of the emergency collection, the collection, another camp, and everyone will join together to simulate battlefields, almost clear.

After all, ten kinds of sounds, some difficult to distinguish, drums and sound is the pig.

In fact, a military, can do these for Qin Yu, have been able to carry out retreat, very rare.

Look at the whole world, now you can do this, whether it is a Ming army or a Qing army, after more than 10,000 people, rarely do this.

As regards the battlefield command, soldiers fighting power, will lead the ability, Huaxia is a generation is not as good as one generation, and it is not as good as one.

At the end of the Ming Dynasty, almost all don't know how to fight wild battles, all have to rush, a brain.

It is necessary to run the shakherring to run, since Yan Shao will die, can direct 100,000 people, the generals of the soldiers and horses, almost no.

Even if Hong Chengge, Lu Xiangsheng and others are also half-way, while studying the military book, while practicing.

Qin Yu believes, gives them 100,000 troops, in the wilderness, they can't play.

Because ordinary soldiers and military commanders at all levels don't know what to do, they are absolutely unable to effectively direct a military army of 100,000 people.

Qin Yu didn't know, he combined with the simplified command system of the ancient and modern modern, in the late Ming Dynasty, it was very great, and thought about how to continue to improve.

Finally, I decided to make a complex command, but I still need to communicate with the flag. After all, it seems to be used in World War II, and there is reasonable.

So he intended to cultivate a group of batch of batch of bunches of the bunch of bunches in three Arabic numbers.

At that time, two of the majority of the criticism, one person is responsible for receiving, one person is responsible for the bang language, and let thirty big men give a number flag.

Professor the common sense issues of low-level military officers, a tens of thousands of troops, can do such a aromatic, transform various types.

The reason why the governor of the bears has been in the top of the twelve points to respond to Qin Dawang, because he is pulling the drums outside the city every day.

Ten thousand people have a large half, they still wear unified costumes. One by one is not a knife, it is to hold the fire, and more scary.

After all, it seems that there is more than 10,000 people who have a heavenly drill outside Zhu Mountain, which is more like a government army, and they are like a government army, and they are like a thief army in the mountains.