The beggar emperor at the end of Ming Dynasty

Chapter 144 finally provoked the cattle


It turns out in the deep mountain Laolin, Daming's five province governors and two general generals, finally returned to the county.

At this moment, almost everyone is tattered. The wolf is like the wild, which may be the five two silver sons who promised when the left party running, except for the family, there is still more than two thousand people, it is true.

And Qin Ming is terrible, only dozens of dozens of families and a gap will have a thousand people, and others are almost running or hunter.

"Adult, drink the water! I went to the county in front. Hey, I finally gone."

Wang Can used a bamboo tube to scoop some water, in front of Xiong Wencan, feeling a sentence, there is a feeling like the world.

Xiong Wencan's eyes were blurred, and it was still awkward, and it was so miserable.

More than 20,000 big troops, decent hardships, is not playing, running, running, horses, all, almost explained in the deep mountain forest.

What is this famous?

Why is the length of the paralysis in the soldiers?

Compared to Xiong Wencan and Qin Ming lost his soul.

Zuo University is very open, washed the face, he said, he will hear everyone quickly enter the city, first eat well, then find a few girls to press the surprise, and other things will be said.


"Kunshan, this Bao Kang City is handed over to you, must be held, otherwise it will be in danger, you can rest assured, I will immediately raise a batch of grain for you immediately."

After a break, after changing the clothing, Xiong Wencan recovered the true color of the Governor, and the temperament of Zuo Liang Yuli.

"The guards are relieved, as long as there is money to grain, if you don't have it, you will be able to train a big army again, and you will fight with the thief!"

Zuo Liangyu's chest was shouted.

No way, Baokang, without Xiong Wencan's money support, want to restore strength, I am afraid that I have to spend a year or two.

"This is good, the ability of Kunshan, the old man is still trustworthy." Xiong Wenne nodded, and some appreciate it for Zuo Liangyu's lost.

The two talked for a while, Xiong Wencan and Wang Cancai got a carriage, returning to Fuyang under a team of families, Qin Ming is behind a dozen people, if they are dead.

From beginning to end, both of them made Qin Ming as a dead, because this time I have eaten such a big defeat, I must pay someone to be a major responsibility.

Xiong Wencan could not play Chongzhen, saying that his command was improper, leading to the defeat of the army.

There are more than two thousand soldiers in Zuo Liangyu, but also rely on him to keep guard, so many Qin Ming left in the soldiers and horses will not come to the sin, who is?

As for Liu Guo, it is not qualified.

Anyway, Daming's general military officials cannot play directly to Chongzhen, and the official documents are delivered to the military department.

But the uncle of the Ministry of the Ministry will not care about you a brief Wushu, and most of them are too lazy to see, directly to burn, and perfuse each other.

The martial arts wants to contact Chongzhen that is dreaming.

Docked the contact of the emperor and military commander, this is almost all the consensus of all the Chinese people, who dares to believe in evil, kill who.

Wu will do not believe in evil, kill martial arts, emperor does not believe in evil, kill the emperor, this existing emperor has tried.

So, how to say that Xiong Wencan has said, only his official documents and cabinets will not be seized, and finally they can send to Chongzhen's case.

This consequence, it will lead to the preservation of the strength, not dare to die, because only in the hands, there is a sense of security, otherwise you are a fart in the eyes of the scholar.


Han Zhongfang.

On the official road of the Fuyangfu in the south, a team of Ming army is running in a hurry, and the team has two thousand people, and there are more than 20,000 people, but the people who speak in the middle.

And these soldiers are not like other officials, and they are very essential.

Although it is not a full armor, almost everyone has a blade, and the clothes are still clean and tidy.

Looking through the entire Daming, there is a military commander of the military, it is true.

In particular, the more than three thousand cavers in the middle of the team, almost riding a high-headed horse, and the knight on the knight on the horse, there is a big half horse back to hang a bow.

In the team, one quite luxurious carriage, a middle-aged male eyes dressed in the civilian costume squatted, the body shakes around the carriage, just like being asleep, suddenly opened the eyes: "Zhiyuan Where is it? "

"Adults, come to Jinzhou, passed the golden state in the south of Jincheng is Zhuxi County." The middle-aged scripture of the side quickly replied.

"The order, let the army rest in the same place, burn the pot."

Wen Jing heard, although some accidents, but rushed to open the curtain. He told the soldiers next to the car, and there was a sound in the car.

"Zhiyuan, I have seen it, how should I encircle the Xiaohua king this time?"

"If you want to have a policy in your heart, the students will not sell." "" Zhiyuan's scribes laughed.

"Hey! This time, let the thief go to the thief, it is a lot of regrettime, the account is a good fortune! So this time you have to have a good job, you must never stay again."

"Why do you have to blame it, then there are only more than ten rides left, and then in the mountains of the mountains, I have been insufficient according to the students' opinions, but I've been in the Tang Dynasty, the new rise of this anti-thief. Some are not simple, if it is not annihilated in time, I am afraid it is the second king, this great situation is afraid not to be erosive. "

"Well, that Xiao Hua Wang does understand, the decision of the decree, this is better, but it is probably that Cao Cao is afraid, but it is still that Xiong Wencan has taken it, otherwise it will not allow the situation to be ruined to now."

The middle-aged sergeant nodded and said that Xiong Wencan flashed a touch.

At this time, the carriage has stopped, and the car has passed a hurry.

Not much time, a general of Mingguang, tall and fierce, rushed to the past.

"The supervisor, the end will be invoiced, the hope of the iron ride overnight, bamboo mountains!"

"Don't you tell you, do you have to tell you? Fuyang is located in Chongshan Junling, the land of the province, unfavorable cavalry fight, you don't have to worry."

The shutofings opened, looked at the heart of the belly, the middle-aged sergeant not only did not have a little less than half, but the gas temperature and.

The martial artist named immediately called Cao Zijun, brave and abnormal, since the three-sided governor, Hong Zhen, the thief, has repeatedly worked.

Last month, I killed the king lost my wife. I took more than ten rides to the deep mountain. I thought that the king was destroyed. The eight kings took care. In the future, I wanted to kill the enemy. Only, who I once thought of Fuyang I have a thief.

The heart is big, so since natural south, it has already been very difficult, hate can't wait until the day and night, kill the thief army, the thief

The car Chinese official is a butcher flooding section of the rose military, and also knows the nature of this heart, afraid that he is broken, so he converges God:

"If you rush, the thief is afraid that it is not to have to go to the deep mountain, and you are chaotic, so this man is not intended to chase the block, but you should ask you to enter the mouth, this way, it is not far from Jinzhou, you rate The cavalry is in the north, to the White River, and then take the river to Nanyang ... "

Say it here, I took out a kit from the arms to give him, I said: "Remember, pass the Han River, disassemble the kit, act on behalf, can not be bike, do you understand?"

"The end will be understood."

Cao Shijun took the tips and took the slender. I didn't feel unexpectedly for this set. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms said that the supervisor likes to be a Zhuge Liang. It is already a well-known in the army. He is also happy Zhang Fei.

Although Cao Shifu, although the clouds in the clouds, the thief army in Zhu Shanfang County, the Governor is to go to Nanyang, but there is no more asking, with three thousand cavers to divide the soldiers.

After Cao Zhanou, Hong Chengwell is still not anxious to enter the state, Xia Zhu Mountain, but a continuous division of troops, sent to all places.